Easy Guide To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify

Many of us spend a generous amount of time carefully curating a playlist which often starts being followed by other people.

It makes us feel popular and creates a need to know who is following us and liking our Spotify playlist. 

In our post, we will answer various questions related to the Spotify playlist, including how to see who liked your playlist on Spotify.

However, before we get into knowing how to see who liked your playlist on Spotify, let us quickly go through important points to note:

  • You can check the number of followers on your Spotify playlist by checking the follower / like count near the title of your playlist.
  • If your playlist has 0 followers, it will only show the creator’s name, not the count.
  • The position of the follower / like count will change concerning whether you are using a web browser, smartphone app, or desktop app.
  • On your desktop app, the count’s name will be “Followers,” while on the smartphone app and web browser will be “Likes.”

How To See The Count Of Likes / Followers Your Spotify Playlist Has?

The one thing Spotify allows its users to do is to check the likes or follower count on their playlist. You can follow these simple steps to view the number of people who liked/followed your playlist.

  • Please launch the Spotify app and navigate to the Your Library section.
  • You can see a list of recently played songs and artists. On the top of the screen, you can see your profile icon. Tap on the profile icon.
See Who Liked Your Playlist on Spotify
  • You could see your name, and below it would be an option called “View Profile.” Tap the View Profile or Profile (for desktop users).
Check Spotify follower count in View Profile
  • You can check all the playlists, followers, and artists or playlists you follow. 
  • Tap the Playlists option to see a full list of all the playlists you created. Next to the playlist title or below it, you can see the total number of likes/followers.

You can use the above steps to check the follower count on Mac or Windows PC, web browser, or Android.

How Can You See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

Currently, Spotify does not allow playlist creators to see who liked/followed their playlist. Instead, you can check the follower / like count under the Playlists section on the View Profile page. You can find the steps for checking the follower count in the previous section.

In 2013, Spotify introduced a feature that allowed users to check who liked their playlists and followed them. But unfortunately, they removed this feature.

Now the only feature that lets you get any information on the followers/likes is count.

You can check the total number of followers/likes on your created playlist on Spotify but not the individual names of people who follow it.

Will Spotify Add The Ability To See Who Follows My Playlist?

Numerous Spotify users have requested the Spotify development team to re-introduce the feature that allows playlist creators to see who liked/followed their playlist.

The feature request started in 2013, shortly after Spotify removed the said feature. For almost a decade, the users have been actively voting and commenting on the feature request, asking Spotify to release the feature.

As you can check on the ticket here in the Spotify community, there are 24,519 votes with over 1700+ comments asking Spotify to make it real. 

However, the official status of Spotify is “Not Right Now.” Spotify last addressed the ticket in January 2019, where they gave the following comment:

Hey folks,

Thank you for coming to the Community and adding your vote to this idea!

We’re keeping the idea as ‘Not Right Now.’ since this isn’t something we have any immediate plans to implement. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts with our team.

If we have any new information, rest assured we’ll check back here with a new status.


From the comment on this ticket, it is clear that Spotify has no intentions of providing users with this feature anytime soon despite all the public pressure.

That said, there is no reason why you can’t go ahead and add a comment and vote to the feature request ticket and ask Spotify why the feature hasn’t been added to date.

It isn’t sure that it will make a difference, but it will surely give more power to the numbers. And if the feature does happen, you would have contributed to it. Hence, it’s worth a shot.

Are There Any Hacks To See Who Follows My Playlist On Spotify?

As with any other problem, many articles and YouTube videos claim they can show the followers’ names on your Spotify playlist. 

However, the harsh truth is that they are all clickbait. There is no reliable workaround or hack or trick that you can use to know who liked your playlist. 

We have watched countless YouTube videos and articles and followed what they say as a workaround, only to realize that they click baits to increase their views and reach people.

However, if you wish to try one of the hacks, here’s one we found that was remotely helpful. The trick is to check who follows your personal Spotify account.

Usually, Spotify playlists are created by Spotify users, and those who follow the playlist can see the playlist creator’s name next to the playlist information and title.

You can use this information to get a vague idea about who follows or likes your playlist but not the exact number of users.

Some playlist listeners might like more than one of your playlists and would like to stay up to date with your new playlists.

Spotify allows users to follow the creator’s account and allows the creators to check who followed their account.

You can check who followed your personal Spotify account using a few simple steps:

  • Please launch the Spotify app on your mobile phone, Desktop, or web browser.
  • Log in to Spotify using your creator account or the account on which you have created playlists and navigate to your profile section. You can do that by clicking on your profile name.
Check who follow your Spotify profile
  • Tap the Followers tab, and you can check who follows your account.

The trick is lame, as there is no way to prove that the person who followed you also followed or liked your playlist.

Additionally, it is time-consuming to sit around all day watching the Spotify follower count and keeping a minute-by-minute track of changes in the number of likes on the playlist and personal account.

All in all, no hack allows you to see who followed your playlist. We suggest you put your bet on votes and comments on the feature request page.

How To Make Money From Spotify Playlists?

Spotify doesn’t pay the playlist creators, but you can earn money from the artists directly. It would be best to increase your playlist follower count with real listeners to achieve that.

You can then use it to get paid by artists for reviewing son submissions, selling your playlist, or for song placements.

Spotify playlist creators can earn money from Spotify playlists in three ways:

  • Song placements: Artists will pay you directly to place their songs in your playlist.
  • Reviewing song submissions: You can get paid for reviewing the songs and considering placing them in your playlist.
  • Selling the playlist: Someone else might be interested in your playlist and can buy it from you.

But first and foremost, you must increase your playlist’s follower count with users who are real, genuine, and, most important active listeners.

PlaylistPush to help earn money from Spotify playlist

Websites like SubmitHub and PlaylistPush are a good places to start once you increase your follower counts to 1000+.

These companies will pay you based on every song you consider for your playlist. You would have to provide genuine feedback and listen to each song for at least 30 seconds before deciding.

How To Grow Spotify Playlist Followers (The Legit Way)

So far in our article, we have discussed how to check the number of followers/likes on your playlist and what you will benefit from if you increase the total count. Now let us understand how you can increase the Spotify playlist followers legitimately.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are great opportunities to expand any business if you know how to use them. 

Your best friends regarding growing the Spotify playlist followers are the Instagram and Facebook ads that annoy us so much.

You can also promote the playlist on various online and social media platforms.

Thus, the primary three methods to increase the Spotify follower count are:

  • Target your Facebook and Instagram ads by targeting listeners likelier to listen and enjoy your playlist.
  • You can use your social media accounts to promote your playlists.
  • Use subreddits and online forums to increase your reach and grow your Spotify playlist followers.

However, ensure you get more genuine and active listeners who will engage with your playlist.

Spotify is working on removing playlists powered by bots or click farms and generating artificial streams.

Irrespective of your number of followers, if Spotify finds your playlist suspicious, it will be removed.

Additionally, if you are using the Spotify playlists to earn money, artists would only like to pay playlist creators who can make them reach real users, not artificial bots.

The playlist submission companies also favor playlists that have more engaged and active listeners.

How To Organize Your Spotify Music?

Various third-party apps such as “Organize Your Music” by Playlist Machinery will allow you to organize your songs on your playlist properly. Alternatively. You can organize the Spotify playlist manually.

Use Organize Your Music to help organize Spotify playlist

However, updating the playlist manually requires you to know how you want the playlist to be ordered. You can do it by genre, specific moods such as studying, partying, meditation, etc., or by the release year of the song recording.