15 Best And Most Secure Email Providers

With the rise in technology, various features and other advances have made communication easier. Moreover, email is seen as the best and most professional way of communicating for business. 

However, along with its pros, there are several other cons. The majority of them are privacy-related issues. If you wonder whether your emails are secure and encrypted, there is a high possibility that they are not. 

Hence, there are a few secure email providers and ways that you can make sure that all your emails are secure and encrypted. One of the ultimate ways is by changing your email provider.

Even though there are various email providers on the internet, you must know which one of them provides the best features and, at the same, guarantees the security of the communication.  

secure email providers

Government Privacy Policies

Several government policies pose a threat to society as they have an easy way to access citizens’ data and other information. This can easily be done through several internet activities and emails. 

This is one of the main reasons why having a secure email provider is integral. Using mainstream and popular email services might lead you to more danger. You must have noticed several ads that you get based on one search history. 

This is mainly because all your internet activity is being tracked, and the conversations and emails are exposed to the server and others as well. It is integral for you to keep your email and other chats secure; this is why end-to-end encryption is significant. 

Along the same lines, several activists have also protested against the privacy policies present under numerous governments. There are quite a handful of email servers based in Switzerland and other countries with strict privacy policies. 

Hence, using email services based in those countries is considered very safe. 

Factors To Consider Before Using An Email Service

As mentioned earlier, there are several email providers on the internet, and it might be difficult to choose the right one. Hence, if you are planning on creating a new email account or switching to a different email provider, here are a few factors that you have to consider before you choose one. 

Along with encryption, there are also security, privacy, and jurisdiction that you will have to keep in mind while creating an account with a certain email service. Once you can protect the email communication, all your data and other activities will also automatically be kept safe by the provider.

There are several reasons why you should create a new account with a secure email provider. A majority of them are for security reasons and added features as well. 

1. Encryption

First off, you will have to check whether the email service provides encryption or not. The entire chain of communication should be end-to-end encryption. Moreover, this helps in keeping not only the communication but also all other attachments secure. 

At certain times, the sender, their email headers, and other email content are also not safe. Email providers that support IMAP and other end-to-end encryption are very integral. 

2. Better Privacy

Using secure email service providers based in privacy-friendly countries is the simplest way to ensure data privacy. Since there are no mandatory data retention laws in such countries, providers guarantee maximum data security, often with zero access, which they can easily follow. 

As a result, you can be confident that neither your government nor any other surveillance authorities will ever have access to your emails. 

3. Location of the service

Additionally, it would help if you saw where the email service is located. This will provide you with an idea of where the data is collected. Once you are aware of the service’s location, how your data gets affected by it is something that will help you if there is any problem.

4. Policies and standards of the email provider 

Along with the jurisdiction, you will also have to understand the email service’s policies and standards. This will also allow you to know where and how the data is saved. If you have understood the service policies, it will be easier to know whether your data is getting saved or not and for how long they store it. 

5. Features

Most email services provide several features to the users about files, contacts, calendars, and such. Due to this reason, checking the collaboration tools and other features that the email service provides is very integral. 

Importing all your existing contacts and emails to the one you are currently using is also essential. PGP is generally used to increase the security of the emails and provide encryption. Hence, if the email provider can provide all these features along with good privacy and security, you can go ahead and start using the same. 

6. Two-factor Authentication

This is yet another integral part of a secure email provider. With the help of two-factor authentication, hackers, or anyone, will not be able to log in to your email account just by entering the password. 

It is important to enter additional information, which could either be through a recovery email address or a phone number. The code sent to either of these should be entered first to log in to the account. 

Only if this is done will the user gain access to the account. Hence, if the email providers have the option of two-factor authentication, it becomes much safer for the users to access their accounts and secure their data. 

7. Metadata Tracking

While regular email services such as Yahoo and Gmail allow you to encrypt your emails, you are vulnerable due to insecure metadata. However, your metadata may not contain your entire message. 

It does, however, include other important details such as the sender’s information, timestamps, and the overall gist of your message. Despite encryption, anyone accessing this data with malicious intent can still get a sense of your email. 

As a result, using secure email services is preferable because it conceals your metadata completely. 

How To Keep Your Emails Safe And Private

If you use a secure messaging service with end-to-end encryption, you’ve taken an important step toward making your communications truly secure and private. You can take a few extra precautions even after choosing a particular secure email provider. 

You should be aware that certain software captures what you type directly from your keyboard.  A majority of the time, hackers will only require your password so that they can access your account. 

During those times, if they use software like the keyloggers, encryption will no longer play an important role, as hackers will easily be able to get access. 

Another integral point that you have to keep in mind is that you should leave either your phone or computer unattended in no situation. You have to ensure that all your devices have either strong passwords or other biometric data that will be difficult to get through. 

Not allowing unprotected or guest accounts will block access, and there are fewer chances of your phone being hacked or data getting stolen. It would help if you also kept an eye on social engineering. 

Certain phishing attempts can be made frequently through instant messaging, social media, or emails. Most of the time, hackers can carefully curate such attempts so that they will go unnoticed for a long time until the damage has been done. 

You should also not share any password or even write it down, for that matter. Writing down the passwords of emails that can easily be decrypted will make it easier for others to access your account. 

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The Most Secure Email providers

Since you now know the various features and other services that email providers should offer, you will be able to go through the checklist and filter the ones that do not seem as secure. 

Here are some of the most secure email providers which offer several features and many more. 

  1. Protonmail
  2. Hushmail
  3. StartMail
  4. CounterMail
  5. Tutanota
  6. Runbox
  7. Zoho Mail
  8. Post
  9. Mailfence
  10. Librem Mail
  11. KolabNow
  12. Criptext
  13. Disroot
  14. FastMail
  15. Ctemplar

1. Protonmail

Protonmail is considered to be one of the best-encrypted email providers. This email service is a Swiss-based company, and it provides several features and, most importantly, top-notch security. 

The data centers of this provider are underground, and it is protected by Swiss law and is nuclear hardened as well. It is stored under 1000 meters of granite rock. This email provider also has a policy of no access and knowledge. This means that none of the staff or the provider can read or access any of your emails or attachments. 

One of the major features of this email service is that it self-destructs the emails. After the expiration date has been fixed, the emails will automatically be destructed from the inbox. 

proton mail

Additionally, the users can only acquire 500 MB of storage unless they pay for it. The email service also offers paid versions wherein the users can store up to 5GB of messages, and the daily limit for the emails is also 1,000. 

If you are an individual user, the free version will have enough storage and daily emails that you can send up to 150 messages. Additionally, they also offer premium versions, both professional and visionary. 

The former provides unlimited messages along with 5GB of storage per user. However, the latter offers unlimited messages with 20GB of storage. Some of the most important features of Protonmail are zero-access encryption, open-source, end-to-end encryption, paid plans, and self-destructing emails. 

2. Hushmail

Hushmail is also one of the most secure mail providers with proper encryption services. They generally use an OpenPGP protocol so that all the emails are confidential. It is a very easy application to use and one of the simplest. It can also be used on a mobile device and is considered one of the best secure email providers. 

They also have the feature of sending and securely receiving emails even if the other recipient is not using Hushmail. Moreover, another great feature of this email provider is that before you send it to a different email recipient, you will be asked additional security questions so that the entire chain is encrypted. 


Since it is regarded as one of the simplest email providers, creating an account and logging in is also very simple. After logging in to your account, you can easily access your account, either from the desktop itself or the phone application. 

Additionally, there are different plans available. There is a free version and five other paid versions that serve different purposes. They include personal, small businesses, healthcare, law, nonprofits, and enterprise. A majority of these paid versions have storage up to 10 or 15GB. 

Personal- This version provides 10GB storage, two secure web forms, and several layers of security. It also provides ad-free accounts with unlimited email aliases. 

Small Business- This version also provides 10 GB storage per user and provides OpenPGP encryption. It allows users to use their domain name and other administrative tools. 

Healthcare- This version has slightly more features than the rest as it allows 1-10 email accounts and 2-10 web forms. It also has a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with email archiving. 

Law- This version is tailored towards attorney-client privilege and has self-hosted secure forms, including email archiving. 

Nonprofits- Hushmail provides both mobile and desktop access along with administrative tools. 

Enterprise- Some of the features for this version include email migrations and enforced password complexity. It also provides API access and White label solution access control lists with an enforced password complexity. 

These are some of the available versions, and along with that, users can opt for a free account if it is for personal use. 

3. StartMail

StartMail is slightly different from the rest of the email providers. One of the main reasons is that it only uses Pretty Good Privacy instead of end-to-end encryption. However, this email provider consists of two-factor authentication, and overall the data is protected by the Dutch privacy laws. 

However, you will have to keep in mind that there is no free service, and before committing to this provider, you can take the seven-day trial. This provider also allows its users to access disposable anonymous email aliases, which are completely unlimited. 


The email storage that a user gets is about 10GB, and the paid version starts from $2.50 a month. Moreover, you cannot access the email from a mobile application, and you will have to use the desktop version itself or create a shortcut browser to your email on the phone. 

One more noteworthy feature of this email provider is that none of the ads is forced, which would mean your email activities are not tracked either. The only downside of this particular email provider is that they do not provide free versions; however, they do provide a free trial for seven days. 

4. Countermail

CounterMail provides safe and proper support to the users, and there is no need to pay for the provider at all. Additionally, this email provides users with both OpenPGP along with end-to-end encryption. 

One of these email providers’ most popular yet unique features is that they do not store the data on the hard drives since the server is diskless. Additionally, this service is headquartered in Sweden, a country under the jurisdiction of the 14 Eyes. 


Since Swedish authorities could potentially legally compel CounterMail to provide full access to its servers, it’s a good thing that users can delete their private keys from CounterMail’s servers and store them locally on their computers. CounterMail would not be on this list of the most secure email providers if this option were not available.

5. Tutanota

Tutanota is a secure email provider that is open-source and cloud-based. It is very easy to use and compatible with most devices. There are no ads as such and have end-to-end encryption as well. 

Additionally, it has a 2FA for emails and is integrated with your contacts and calendar. Tatunota has both free and paid plans, including Teams and Premium. The free version provides 1GB storage along with a domain. 


The staff or the provider also does not have access to the messages, which is also termed the zero-knowledge platform. There are some limitations in the free version, which would generally be in terms of searching only one month’s worth of stored emails. 

The paid plans are slightly more affordable than most email providers. If you have opted for a personal plan, it comes up to $1 a month, whereas for business accounts, it’s $5. 

6. Runbox

Runbox is also considered a very secure email provider that protects the email and the user with the help of two-factor authentication and PGP encryption. They also provide a feature of both failed, and successful times someone has tried to log in to the account. 

To use this feature, you must allow Runbox to access your IP address. Another interesting thing about Runbox is that the servers are powered up with the help of hydroelectric power plants. 

Additionally, Runbox focuses on powering the servers only with renewable energy and is environmentally friendly. All their servers are based in Norway. It also has IMAP, SMTP, WAP, and POP support. 


Runbox, however, does not provide free plans to its users. They have various plans starting from $19 per year to $79 per year. The plans include Micro, mini, medium, and max. The email storage also depends on the plan; micro has email storage of 2GB along with file storage of 2GB. 

The medium and max plan provides email storage of 25GB and 50GB, respectively, with file storage of 2GB and 5GB. Moreover, Runbox also has IP allow listing and spam and virus filters. 

7. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is available for all users, either personal or business use. The business plan has more features, including tools like a webinar platform, spreadsheet software, word processor, and chat features. 

Zoho Mial ensures that the email is not spoofed simultaneously, mainly through the digital signature of each user, which is unique. S/MIME is asymmetric cryptography that the Zoho servers use, and when the email is in transit, it gets encrypted. 

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This email provider is more popular among business users due to these features. Moreover, if you are using your business’s mailbox, you can also manage certain settings with the help of the control panel. It allows you to store all the emails in one specific folder. 

Zoho mail

Some of the major features of this email provider are the collaboration tools, especially for business purposes, along with contact and calendar portals. They also have end-to-end encryption with a feature of email recall. 

The pricing of the plans is as follows, for Mail lite, it is $1.25 per month, which provides 5 to 10 GB of storage every month. On the other hand, the Mail premium costs $4 per month for 5GB of storage. The Workplace plan has the feature of custom pricing, which starts from $3 per month. 

8. Posteo

 Posteo is an email provider well known for its servers being provided by Green energy. This green energy is known as Greenpeace Energy and it provides renewable energy, a German cooperative. 

This email provider is also very popular among journalists and activists since it provides the feature of registering for the email account and paying for the plan anonymously. Additionally, all the data gets encrypted when it is in transit. 

Posteo does not have end-to-end encryption at default, but it does give its users the option of enabling it.  Along with that, it also gives an additional layer of privacy with TLS-encrypted access and transmission. 

The hard disks are all encrypted along with the mail storage. They have an advanced spam and virus filter with 2FA and S/MIME and OpenPGP inbound encryption. You can also easily switch from a different email provider without any hassle. 

The email provider will transfer all the contacts, calendar details, emails, and other folders. One drawback of Posteo is that it does not have the E2EE since this is an integral part of encryption. 

Moreover, this email provider supports anonymous payments, and all the emails, including the subject, content, and recipients, are protected. They also had daily backups and secure storage with no logs and frequent deleting of logs. 

Some of the drawbacks of this email provider are that the custom domains are unauthorized, and there is no spam folder. All the spam emails are either directly sent to the regular inbox or are rejected straightaway. 

9. Mailfence

Mailfence is considered to be one of the most reliable email providers. It has an OpenPGP and digital signature and provides several features for business and personal use. This email provider comes under Belgia. Hence all the data and email are protected under the Belgian Protection Law. 

Due to the end-to-end encryption of the emails, the staff at Mailfence cannot access any of your data or emails. Due to this reason, there aren’t any advertisements from third-party applications, and your activity does not get tracked either. 

Along with the other added features, Mailfence also provides 500 MB of file storage and a built-in Keystore. Signing your emails digitally helps you log in without any difficulty and prohibits anyone from hacking into your account. 

mail fence

Mailfence allows you to store all your documents and edit and share them when needed. It gets integrated along with other messages, contacts, and calendars. This email service’s level of security is the same for all plans.

Whether you are using the free version or the paid one, the data will be equally protected by the provider. Mailfence also allows you to certain custom features or the interface to meet the user’s needs. This is especially helpful when the user is in the business or paid plan. 

Apart from that, the paid version also provides more space for its users depending on the purpose of their usage. If they have to send out bulk emails or if the email is their usual mode of communication, certain settings can be changed, and it can also have more flexibility. 

One of the significant features of Mailfence is that it does not allow anyone to decrypt the messages, which is why it is considered to be one of the best private email providers. 

Some of the cons of this email provider are that they only offer 500MB storage for the free version, which is not as ideal for business purposes. Additionally, you must have a different email address to receive the activation key. 

Along with that, a source code is generally unavailable for any inspection, and the Mailfence servers also keep the private encryption keys. 

10. Librem Mail

Librem Mail is one of the best American email providers, which is very secure and provides encryption for all modes of communication. These would include video calling, voice calls, and chats aside from emails. 

This email service is the newest addition to the Libre One, which was initially under one of the License versions of Apache 2.0. They have the K-9 Mail and were an Open Source Android Software. 

They have a data backup system and cloud storage, and VPN services. Librem Mail provides a secure email service that is also free for its users. However, they also have various price plans, which include a basic and complete bundle and a family pack. 

librem mail

The basic bundle is $1.99 per month, while the Complete bundle and the Family pack are $7.99 per month and $14.99 per month. Even though this email service is available on Android, it hasn’t been made available for the iOS version yet. 

Since it does not track the users, it is also decentralized. This would also mean no ads and a proper VPN system that provides security. However, the drawbacks of this email provider are that the entire platform is only based on free software projects. 

This is also one of the main reasons users often face the problem of coming across several bugs and glitches, leading to the application crashing. 

11. KolabNow

Several secure email providers are Swiss-based companies. KolabNow is one of them, providing several features and additional security to its users. It provides 5GB storage to all its users, and all the data is protected under Swiss jurisdiction law. 

Since Switzerland has very strict laws about privacy, it is open-source software. They have a free and a paid version, and the latter is $9.90 per month. KolabNow also ensures that all the data is kept safe, especially when it comes to advertising companies. 

They offer both individual and group plans that differ in features and storage. The group plan offers several customizable settings and other tools for the admin to cater to their business needs. This plan allows up to 100 users and is $11 per month. 

On the other hand, the individual plan is $5.5 per month with the same features mentioned earlier, but it does not provide access to several users at the same time. They also provide a money-back guarantee which is up to 30 days. 

This Swiss-based company also supports Perfect Forward Secrecy, which has a text search and powerful tagging feature. Some of the rules under which your data is protected are PCI-compliant, HIPPA, and GDPR. 

Additionally, the collaboration tools are very helpful while sending emails and customizing the control panel. The only downside to this email provider is that the debug report records are saved only when needed. 

12. Crip Text

Criptext is a free encrypted email service with open-source apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. However, the service is still in beta testing. Initially, this email service was built to be an extension of Gmail for encryption purposes. 

However, after a year, when they faced several interventions from the government of Panama, there were a lot more issues about privacy invasions all around the world. This led them to create their service with proper encryption and security. 

crip text

Criptext is also considered one of the pioneers of the most secure email providers. The best feature is that there is no need for the recipient to have a Criptext account. Moreover, there are no paid versions, so that anyone can use this service for free. 

There is no tracking of activity and storage of data as such, which results in ads. Another significant feature of this email provider is its unsend option. You can also track your emails through this provider. 

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The only downside to Criptext is that the server saves certain information. That information mainly includes the user’s details like recovery and primary email addresses, name, last active date, and the number of approved devices. Additionally, Criptext does not allow you to use the same on Outlook or Mail. 

Even though this email service does not offer additional storage for its users, the data is not shared with anyone. Even the staff cannot access the data, and the remaining stored information is secure. 

13. Disroot

Disroot is a secure email provider which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The data is encrypted with SSL, which stays between the user and the email server. No other party can access it. 

Through the TLS protocol, the email provider’s server keeps all the data safe. However, one more thing that should be noted is that the recipient’s email server should also be able to support the encryption. 

Disroot also offers 2GB of free storage in the mailbox. In addition to that, they also support up to 10MB of documents through attachment. The user interface is also multi-lingual, making it easier for users to go about this email server. 

This email provider is available on different platforms and can be accessed by web page, IMAP, and POP3. Along with the email service, this provider also has other features, including chat, forums, social networks, and cloud storage. 

The only drawback of this email provider is that the storage space is limited. Even though it can be upgraded, it might be slightly more tedious for some users to pay for the extra storage. 

Disroot provides a comprehensive set of productivity and communication tools in the form of an Office-style web service. Unlike many of its competitors, Disroot is decentralized, open-source along with multiple federated services. 

Disroot’s email service is steadfastly private. The service has been in operation since 2015, though usage is difficult to track because the company does not keep track of the active users. 

14. FastMail

FastMail is an Australian private mail service, ad it has offices in the US as well. The provider encrypts every operation. This includes email sending and storage, account access, and more. 

FastMail is an email service that provides email accounts for businesses and individuals. Customers can use it in over 36 different languages. The company does not participate in any monitoring program hosted by the government. 

They are committed to being open and honest with their users if any authority requests information from them. Fastmail is not a free service. The payment plans from the email provider range from $3 per user per month and $9. However, you can also use the service for free for 30 days before you pay anything.

Additionally, you can also select your Virtual Path Identifier. Along with that, the email address can also be customized. You can also easily search for the required email information without any delays. 

Since FastMail is a part of the jurisdiction of Australia, it comes under the Five Eyes surveillance agreement. This is an integral feature of FastMail as it not only has IMPA access but does not have any complicated or hidden policies. 

The user interface is also very simple and easy. The only drawback of this particular email provider is that there are no free plans available. 

15. Ctemplar

Ctemplar is yet another excellent private and secure email service. Its servers are physically located in Iceland. Iceland is also known for its strict privacy laws, which safeguard citizens’ privacy and freedom. 

The email service provides a free subscription for limited use. The free plan includes 200 emails a day, 10MB attachments, 10GB storage space, full encryption, and unlimited folders. 


Subscribe to their paid plans to increase or boost your limits. Ctemplar is currently only available by invitation. To obtain an invite code, you must either know a paying user and ask him for one or contact support and request one.  


Many free email providers either do not protect your privacy or actively work to undermine it. Switching to an encrypted email account is a worthwhile change. However, it is critical first to assess the provider’s encryption methods, means of financing the service, and server location. 

Each of the secure email services listed above is far superior to Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, and others to keep your communications private. However, ProtonMail is the best service that deserves to be recommended. 

Of course, no online service is completely secure, regardless of the provider’s ethics. There will always be hackers and spy agencies looking to expand their ever-expanding databases. Some other email providers are based in Germany and Belgium, and Yahoo mail was also considered a very safe provider. However, other more secure email providers emerged as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Secure Email?

There are several ways that you can secure your email. First off, you have to make sure that you are using a secure email provider so that your data is end-to-end encrypted and is kept safe. Certain keyboard recording software makes it very easy for hackers to gain access. Hence, it is integral for you to be careful of the same. 
Additionally, you should not leave any of your devices unattended and watch social engineering. Storing your password in a secure password manager is very safe, and most people recommend it. 
Additionally, while choosing a secure email provider, you will also have to ensure that the service can secure sensitive data and block all unwarranted access to your information or email. Keeping these in mind is integral if you are trying to keep your email safe. 

What’s The Most Secure Free Email?

There are several secure emails on the internet in this day and age. Even though there are many free and paid versions of those email services, Proton is regarded as one of the most secure email services. 
This email service is based in Switzerland and offers a variety of features, the most important of which is top-notch security. This provider’s data centers are underground, protected by Swiss law, and nuclear-hardened. 
It is hidden beneath 1000 meters of granite rock. This email provider also has a no access and no knowledge policy. This means that neither the staff nor the provider can read or access your emails or attachments. 
One of the most notable features of this email service is that the emails self-destruct. Once the expiration date has been set, the emails will be automatically deleted. 

Is Gmail A Secure Email Provider?

Even though Gmail is considered one of the most popular email services, there is no guarantee that your emails or your data are not accessible to the staff or the server. There is a high possibility that your data is being secured only to a certain extent. 
The encryption is through TLS, and the service protects most of your data while it is getting transferred. Gmail has several features that ensure security to a certain extent, but there are bots, and staff that scan and store your data and information. 
Additionally, privacy-conscious email service providers make money by selling premium plans rather than advertising or selling your data. They are also end-to-end encrypted, providing you with maximum security. 

Which Is The Best Secure Email Service?

Some of the most secure free email services are Protonmail, Hushmail, StartMail, etc. ProtonMail is an encrypted email service based in Switzerland. It is compatible with iOS and Android mobile applications. The program is designed as an open-source service with end-to-end encryption. 
Hushmail is also the most secure email service provider, offering proper encryption. They typically use the OpenPGP protocol to ensure the confidentiality of all emails. It is also one of the simplest applications to use. 
StartMail differs slightly from the other email providers. One of the primary reasons is that it only employs Pretty Good Privacy rather than end-to-end encryption. However, this email provider uses two-factor authentication, and Dutch privacy laws generally protect the data. 
However, keep in mind that there is no free service, and you can take advantage of the seven-day trial before committing to this provider. This service also provides its customers with unlimited disposable anonymous email aliases.