Fix: Script Hook V Critical Error in Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, better known as GTA V, is the second most sold video game, with over 150 million units sold, as of May 2021. This game is known for its incredible graphics, elaborate storyline, enormous open world, and an even better online multiplayer element.

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Though there are a huge number of amazing attributes added to this game by Rockstar Games, a lot of gamers like to insert custom scripts in their game files to customize the gameplay to their liking. A lot of them find the Script Hook V tool very useful.

However, this can cause a headache by showing you an error dialog box titled “Script Hook V Critical Error”. This article will help you fix the Script Hook V critical error on your Windows 10 application. 

Panorama shot of the Murrieta Heights overpass, Los Santos  in GTA V

What is the Script Hook V app?

The Script Hook V is a Dynamic Link Library (dll) file that permits the inclusion of customized game modification .asi script native functions, into the game so that the gamer can enjoy the game in the way they want to.

This is one of the tools that can be used to add mods that are in the form of .asi plugins. This is a tool that does not allow users to use mods in a GTA Online session. If a user tries to join an online lobby the Script Hook V, ends the GTA V task, immediately.  

ScriptHookV - downloaded zip file

This might sound like a lot of fun but Rockstar Games is not a big fan of this feature.

What does the Script Hook V critical error message mean in Grand Theft Auto V?

As mentioned above, Rockstar Games frowns upon this .dll file and considers using this on a game session cheating. Their anti-cheat system detects this file as a cheat and with every patch update, Rockstar removes this tool’s ability to latch on to the game and run custom scripts in-game.

To equalize this, AB Software Development, the developers of the Script Hook V tool, release a new update for this tool every time Rockstart pushes out a patch or DLC update. When the Script Hook V file is removed from the game and you try to run the game, you will see the Script Hool V Critical Error dialog box with the details of the error.

Redditor's complaint of the Unknown game version error

Methods to Fix the Script Hook V critical error in Grand Theft Auto V

There are only two known methods to fix the Script Hook V critical error in GTA V.

  1. Download the latest version of the Script Hook app
  2. Go back to an older version of Script Hook

Follow these steps to fix the Script Hook application critical error in GTA V on your Microsoft Windows 10 computer. 

Fixing the Script Hook V critical error in Grand Theft Auto V

Before getting into these workarounds, you will have to reboot your system and reset the network equipment, that is used to connect the device to the internet. You will need an internet connection to download the Script Hook V application’s zip files on your computer. 

These are your solutions to resolve the Script Hook V critical error in your GTA V game.

Download the latest version of the Script Hook app

The first solution is to dissolve the Script Hook error on your computer by updating the Script Hook application on your system. Since this is not a usual .exe application, the steps to install this tool are slightly different. 

Use this procedure to update the Script Hook application to the most recent version of this tool. 

  1. Download the Script Hook app from a trusted website. We downloaded it from a mods website and it worked without any issues, till the next patch update was released for GTA V.
  2. The file will be downloaded as a zip file. Extract the downloaded zip file to any location. 
  3. From the extracted files, go into the bin folder and select all the contents of this folder. 
Two .dll files and one .asi file in the ScriptHook bin folder

You should see these downloaded files – dinput8.dll, NativeTrainer.asi, and ScriptHookV.dll.

  1. Copy these files and paste them into the Grand Theft Auto V game installation folder. If you are a Steam user, your game can be found in this location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common

GTA V installation location in the Steam folder

For Epic Games store users, this is your GTA V directory:

  C:\Program Files\Epic Games

If you have a cracked file, you can have any random game installation folder. You have to right-click on the game shortcut and choose the Open file location option from the context menu. 

  1. The files might exist already, choose the Copy and Replace option from the Replace or Skip Files dialog box. 

This will update the Script Hook app on your computer. Make sure that you download the correct version. Adding a banned version can cause the game to identify you as a cheater and cause launching errors. 

Go back to an older version of Script Hook

If a newer version of the Script Hook V tool is not supported by the game, you can go back to a version of the application that was not blacklisted by the GTA V developers. This is your solution if there are no workaround updates of the Script Hool tool related to the latest patch update of the GTA V. 

These are the steps to roll back the available version of the Script Hook V tool.

  1. Go to the GTA V game location directory.
  2. From the extracted files, copy and paste the GTAV and GTAVLauncher executable files into the game directory. 
  3. Click on the Replace the file in the destination option. 
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The original executable files will be removed and replaced by the ones from the Script Hook zip file. 

  1. Then, copy the Update.rpf file and paste it into the Update folder in the installation folder location.
  2. Choose the Replace the files in the Destination option and this file’s genuine namesake will be replaced by the one with the bin folder. 

These steps will give you an older version of the game that does not cause any trouble for the newest version of the Script Hool tool. Though this is a valid workaround, the platform which hosts your GTA V game will search for available updates, every time the system is booted up or when the game is attempted to be launched. 

  1. Now, download the No Launcher mod from any GTA V mod website and extract it to any location. 
Zip file for the NoGTAVLauncher
  1. Then, copy and paste the extracted files into the GTA V game installed directory.
  2. Run the No_GTAVLAUNCHER.exe application and the game will be launched, without any checking for updates. 
NoGTAVLauncher shortcut on a Windows Desktop

The No_GTAVLAUNCHER is a very important aspect. This will prevent the GTA V game from searching for available updates. If an update is downloaded, you will not be able to use the Script Hook tool as a new patch update is most likely to prevent the game from launching, even in offline mode, when it detects the Script Hook files in the installation folder. 

These are the two methods to fix the Script Hook V critical error in GTA V. We recommend that you be very careful. Replacing the wrong files can make the game crash and you might have to install the game again for it to be launched without any errors. Happy Gaming! 


How do I fix Scripthook v critical error?

The Script Hook V critical error is inevitable when the GTA V game has a new patch update. It has to be updated to the latest version of the files or you will have to go back to an older version of the game to fix this error and avoid this error for a considerable amount of time. If you roll back the game, you will have to use the No GTA V launcher to run the game or your updates-free game will be updated and you will have to repeat the above steps. 

How do I get rid of Scripthook V?

To get rid of the Script Hook V critical error on your computer, you will have to update the files or go back to a previously installed version of the game. You will need the No GTA V launcher tool to run the game if you revert back to an older version.

How do I fix script hook V error Menyoo?

To fix the Script Hook V error Menyoo.asi error, you will have to update the menu trainer or move back to an older version of it. You might need a no launcher mod to run the application without any errors.

How long does script hook take to update?

Updating the Script Hook tool involves extracting, copying, and pasting the application files into the game’s installed location from the bin folder. Since these files aren’t very big in size, the process of updating the Script hook file shouldn’t take more than five minutes, in total.

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