Screenshots taken during “Steps Capture” cannot be edited during the capture

The "Steps Capture" capability is a new feature of Sprinter 11.5 that enables users to create test steps by capturing user actions in the application under test (AUT). This feature allows the user to add screenshots to the test steps that can be taken during the capture process.

The screenshots can be opened during the capture process by clicking on the camera icon next to each step containing a screenshot. The user may want to edit them to suit his needs for example cropping parts of them. However these screen captures modifications are not saved when done directly during the "Steps Capture" process.

To reproduce the problem:

· Open Sprinter and in the "Plan" tab select to create a new test.

· Click the <Steps Capture> button and record any user action against the AUT.

· Click the camera icon to take a screenshot of the AUT.

· Click the image icon next to the recorded step to open it.

· Make any modification to the image and save it.

· Click again the image icon next to the recorded step to reopen it, the modified image will be displayed.

· Stop the steps capture by pressing the <Stop> button.

· Open the image saved with the test, the original image will be displayed with the changes discarded.

This is the behavior by design, the screenshots should not be modified with an external software.

It is possible to work around the issue by modifying the images once that the "Steps Capture" session is over, from Sprinter "Plan" tab. In this case, the modifications will successfully be saved.

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