10 Fixes If The Screen On Your Device Is Flickering

It is frustrating when your phone screen starts flickering continuously. It interrupts a lot of work. There can be several reasons for phone glitches and bugs that cause this.

In this article, we will talk about the solutions to screen on your device is flickering. These fixes can be applied when the screen is flickering green.

Also, the phone turns on and off when blinking at the top or bottom.

screen on your device is flickering

Causes of Flickering Screen In Android

None of us likes flickering or shaky phone screens. Not only does it interrupts working, but it also can be harmful to your eyesight. There can be many reasons cause screen flicker.

The most common one is the operating system’s inability. The systems sometimes fail to differentiate between software and hardware. The other causes can be:

  • When the phone switches between the Graphics processing unit (GPU) to the central processing unit (CPU).
  • Screen glitching might be because of a hardware malfunction issue. It can be due to the LCD panel used.
  • When your mobile apps need a higher resolution of the screen than GPU can provide to them.
  • If the apps which are installed on the phone are outdated.
  • The operating system you are running on your android phone is outdated.
  • If you have stored too much cache.
  • When the third-party apps conflict with phone and other features.
  • Physical sources can also be the reason for flickering or glitching of the mobile screen, such as:
  1. Water damage
  2. Dropped phone
  3. Power source or charging cable issue
Screen Flickering In Android

Solutions To Fix If Screen On Your Device Is Flickering

Here are the methods available you can go for to fix the flickering or glitching issues:

  1. Make Sure All Apps are Updated
  2. Clearing Device Cache
  3. Internet Speed Check
  4. Disable Hardware Overlays
  5. Restart the Device
  6. Boot Device in the Safe Mode
  7. Check for Android OS Update
  8. Uninstall Any Application at Fault
  9. Turn Off the Adaptive Brightness Option
  10. Perform Hard Reset on Your Phone

1. Make Sure All Apps are Updated

The operating system and your apps also need to be updated from time to time. It is to avoid any issues regarding the screen or any other problem.

For this purpose, you should follow the given instructions to keep all your apps updated.

  • Go to the google play store.
google play store
  • Click on the profile icon at the screen’s top right corner.
 profile icon at the screen's top right corner
  • Go to the manage apps and device option.
manage apps and device option
  • Go to updates available, where you can see all the apps that need an update.
updates available
  • You can update all apps together by tapping the update all button.
 update all button
  • Or update a specific app by clicking the update button given next to that particular app.

2. Clearing Device Cache

Clearing the device cache can fix the flickering screen issue. Just as your app has cache memory stored, your phone also has cache files. It is necessary for working of phone, and its safe boot up.

If, for any reason, cache files are corrupted in GPU. Then a flickering screen issue takes place on your device.

To fix this, all you need to do is to clear the cache, and here you go. For this, follow the guidelines given below:

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Press the volume key and power button to turn the device on. If this match does not work, check for a suitable key combo.
Press the volume key and power button
  • Now insert the lock screen PIN or password to unlock your phone.
  • Now, search for the clear cache or wipe cache option.
wipe cache option
  • Clear the cache from recovery mode.
  • Now, you will see reconfirm the decision promptly. Once you confirm, the cache will be cleared because it is an irreversible process.
  • Now go to the reboot option from the recovery mode screen, and switch on your device on the Android home screen.
  • If it fixes the issue, it’s good. Otherwise, go for the following solution to fix the flickering problem of the screen.

3. Internet Speed Check

If your screen is flickering while making a video call, it can be due to a slow internet connection. If your internet connection has a good speed.

But the recipient on the other side of the call does not have a good internet connection. You will face the same issue again.

If any one of you has bad internet signals, then it will cause disturbance in data transmission. GPU will flicker the screen due to this reason.

Contact your service provider. To fix this issue and resolve the slow internet connection issue.  Now, check whether the screen glitching issue in android has been resolved.

Internet Speed Check

4. Disable Hardware Overlays

When your phone renders graphics, it dynamically decides who will handle the job. CPU or GPU. When the transition is usually seamless.

A damaged or aged phone can struggle with screen compositing (layering images).

When the phone doesn’t have anything to display, there is a minor delay between tasks. Hence it flickers. But to disable hardware overlays can help. For this, you will first need to enable developer options.

You will have to follow the given steps to unlock developer options on Android:

  • Go to settings > system > about phone.
about phone
  • On the Samsung phone, go to software information.
 go to software information
  • Hit build number repeatedly. It would take almost seven taps. Do it until you get a message displaying. You are now a developer!
Hit build number repeatedly

Once you are in developer mode, go back to phone settings. And scroll to the bottom till you find developer options.

Then, scroll down to find disable HW overlays and toggle it on. Remember that it will consume extra power. Since disabling overlays forces the phone to use GPU rendering.

5. Restart the Device

Like other problems, restarting your phone is the first and easy fix. You may apply it to solve the android screen flickering issue.

Restarting your device will solve many software-related issues. And it does not require much of your time.

So, if a flickering screen is a temporary issue, it can easily be solved by rebooting your device. So restart it at the first prior solution.

To restart your phone:

  • First, turn off your phone with a long press of the power button.
  • Wait for 2 to 3 minutes to let the device shut down completely.
  • Then, restart your phone.

6. Boot Device in the Safe Mode

What if you are searching for how to fix my Android screen from flickering? You might have installed an app with some wrong codes.

It could the reason for the display blinking problem on your android phone. It can draw some colors on your screen frequently.

You have a quick way to check that and stop your android phone screen from flickering. Do so by booting your device into safe mode.

As you know, booting your phone in safe mode will only load system apps. And will pause every third-party app on your phone.

So, in this way, you can diagnose effortlessly. If an app you installed earlier causes your android phone or tablet screen to flash on and off.

To make it easier, follow the below-mentioned steps to boot your phone into safe mode:

  • Press and hold the power button on your mobile screen to bring up the power menu.
Press and hold the power button
  • From here, press and keep holding power off button on the screen until you observe a pop-up screen.
press and keep holding the power off
  • Then, you will see a prompt to reboot your device in safe mode. Simply hit OK to confirm the action and wait for your device to reboot.
prompt to reboot your device in safe mode
  • Once the reboot in safe mode is done, check your phone. And observe if the flickering screen problem has been resolved.
  • Now, if you observe nothing like screen flickering, you already have the issue. Restart your phone manually to exit safe mode.
  • Now, you got to the point where you have to work. Go through the recently installed apps. And start uninstalling them one by one until you fix the flickering screen issue.
  • You can check the apps permitted to draw on your screen in the setting. Select apps, then go to special app access. Then select display over the apps and start by uninstalling the strange ones.

7. Check for Android OS Update

In case of a flickering screen issue, you might need to look at the operating system. Maybe there is any software glitch issue you are facing due to the outdated operating system.

If this is the reason, you should check for new updates available on your phone.

Updating the operating system may fix the issue. And you will get rid of the flickering screen on your android device.

To update OS, follow the guide given below:

  • Open Settings of your phone
  • Go to about phone > system update
  • If any update is available for your android phone, you will be given an update option > tap on the update button.
  • Now, wait for the task to be completed, and your phone will be updated.

8. Uninstall Any Application at Fault

You may face flickering screen issues due to some incompatible apps with Windows 10 or 11.

First, look back to see if you have installed any new software. Was it done before the flickering screen issue or recently updated any app? In the past, three problematic apps have been Norton Antivirus, iCloud, and IDT audio.

Check all your apps thoroughly, and ensure you are running the latest versions. Then, either update the app yourself or head to respective official websites.

And download the most up-to-date release. On the other hand, check the developer’s support page. Look for recently updated apps to observe if screen flickering is a recent bug.

You should uninstall the program to fix the problem if it does not work. For that:

  • Press Windows key + I and open the settings
  • Go to apps > Apps and features
  • Click sort by and choose an installation date
  • Click the problematic app and hit uninstall
  • You should restart your system to take the full effect of the changes

9. Turn Off the Adaptive Brightness Option

Often, the android or tablet screen flashing on and off is due to the Adaptive Brightness feature in your phone.

Adaptive Brightness, also known as auto-brightness, adjusts screen brightness in different light conditions. But sometimes, software issues may cause the display blinking problem.

In most android phones, you should find an adaptive brightness toggle.

It is on the right side of the brightness slider in the notification bar. Just tap the toggle to turn the adaptive brightness feature turned off.

You can also do this by going to settings > display > adaptive brightness to disable it on your phone.

Screen flickering issue about adaptive brightness is more transient than instant. If it does not fix the flickering screen issue, go for the next solution.

adaptive brightness

10. Perform Hard Reset on Your Phone

An essential tool for troubleshooting is rebooting the device. Hence it is the solution to all the problems.

Problems in a display like flickering etc., may not be fixed by it, but it would wipe out your phone by hard reset.

After doing this, the phone would be set to the Factory settings with zero caches. A hard reset will clear everything if any unclear data is disturbing the phone’s performance. Make sure to backup your data before doing this on your android or iPhone.

A Samsung phone would demand a Microsoft account, so making a backup in it is a little bit different.

Follow the following steps to reset your phone:

  • Go to setting>System>Advanced.
  • You may search for the option of reset options.
search for the option of reset options
  • Tap Reset and erase all the data (factory reset).
factory reset
  • Select Reset phone. Enter PIN if needed.
  • Everything will be erased, and the phone will be reset to Factory Settings.
  • For Samsung Users, the same steps to factory reset your Samsung phone.

For Apple devices, iOS users should follow these steps:

  • Open Settings>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone.
  • Tap Erase All Content and Settings.

It will take a few minutes to reset your phone depending upon the data it has stored.

How to Recover Files when the Phone Screen Keeps Flickering

When your phone screen flickers, you need to save the files to avoid their access when the screen flashes.

Many android data recovery apps can help retrieve files on the phone. When you cannot touch the screen to operate it.

  • When you have downloaded android data recovery software. Open it, go to Android broken data recovery, and select the files you want to restore.
  • Then, you will have to choose your phone model, file type, and fault type to retrieve your data.
  • The software will then analyze your device.
  • Then the software will start retrieving the files. And their name displayed will be able to be seen by yourself. The details include size, artists, album, etc. Of the music format of the pictures.

There is not just one way to back up your Android devices. Many options are available, and you should be aware of all those options.

Check our guide on how to backup your android device so that you may have all options on the table.

Some things are more frustrating than an android device when it doesn’t work. But flickering screen issue in a device is not the end of the world.

When you have caught the faulty apps, test out the sensors. And check it up from the nearest service center if needed; you will get it fixed in no time.

Meanwhile, using the process and hoping that android will release a permanent solution. It is for retrieving data and getting rid of the flickering screen issue. This fix mainly works on Android devices.


Unfortunately, it is not guaranteed that these steps will always work out for you. Sometimes, it is a problem with the hardware. And its malfunctioning causes the screen to flicker.

If you have tried all these possible solutions and the problem has not gone. Then it’s time to submit your android phone to a professional because maybe you are facing a more complex issue.

Since our phone plays a significant role in our life. It may contain some important and delicate components which we can not lose.

So try all these methods explained above to eliminate the flickering screen issue. Because sometimes, it is a software malfunctioning issue.

And can be fixed through any of these methods. And it can save you money from buying a new phone.


How Do I Get Rid Of Mobile Flickering?

Here are the methods available you can go for to fix the flickering mobile screen:
Make Sure All Apps are Updated
Clearing Device Cache
Internet Speed Check
Disable Hardware Overlays
Restart the Device
Boot Device in the Safe Mode
Check for Android OS Update
Uninstall Any Application at Fault
Turn Off the Adaptive Brightness Option
Perform Hard Reset on Your Phone

Why Is The Screen On My Phone Flickering?

Screen glitching in the android phone could be because of a hardware malfunction issue. It can be due to the LCD panel used in it. Also, if the apps which are installed on the phone are outdated.
When the operating system you are running on your android phone is outdated or if you have stored too much cache.
When the third-party apps conflict with the phone and other features.
Physical sources can also be the reason for the flickering or glitching of the mobile screen.

Can You Fix A Flickering Phone Screen?

If your mobile screen is flickering, check if it is a hardware or software issue. Then, go for specific steps. Determine whether it is related to software or hardware-related issues. For example, sometimes flickering can be caused by app glitches or software bugs.
The best way to protect your device is to ensure you are running the latest operating system. And it has the latest security updates installed.

How Do I Stop My Phone Screen From Flickering?

You can go for the given steps to stop the smartphone screen from flickering:
Restart your device
Update OS on your android device
Check brightness settings
Disable any blue light filter app
Disable night light
Clear the cache on your android phone
Turn off developer options
Run your android phone in safe mode
Go for the inspection of any physical damage on your phone
Try a factory data reset
Contact tech support if nothing works