10 Best Ways To Scan A QR Code On Your Android Phone Or Tablet

How to scan a QR code on your Android phone or tablet

Do you have trouble scanning QR codes using your Android smartphone? Android is among the most preferred operating networks in the country, with many devices running on it. Nevertheless, how do you scan a QR Code on your Android? 

Many recent versions can identify QR Codes using their lens, whereas others require the use of a QR Code application. We’ve put together a comprehensive guidebook for scanning QR Codes with Android smartphones of all models.

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What are QR Codes, and why do you need to scan them?

QR Codes were created as an extension of barcode innovation. QR Codes are more useful since their quadrilateral design allows them to be detected transversely.

QR Codes were used for the inventory system before cellphones were available. Due to various cell phone versions, the procedure has evolved significantly. You may analyze the stuff associated with QR Codes by reading those.

This could be performed using a mobile application or your device’s cam straight (for some latest versions).

How to check if your Android phone camera automatically scans QR Codes 

You could also try scanning the Bar code without using an application. Just use the procedures below to see if your cam is capable of this:

Launch your smartphone’s Camera application and place it at the QR Code you wish to read for 2-3 secs.

How to check if your Android phone camera automatically scans QR Codes 

A popup will show when the scanner is turned on.

You might have to activate QR code reading in your System preferences if nothing arises.

If barcodes aren’t enabled in your preferences, your phone won’t be able to read them directly. But don’t panic; you’ll only have to install the following QR Code scanner. Just follow the suggestion downwards. 

You can scan a barcode on Android 6 now directly

Follow these steps:

If you have an Android smartphone running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you can use a function called “Now on Tap” to scan QR Codes immediately. To utilize “Now on Tap” to scan QR Codes, proceed with the directions given:

  • Download and launch the Google Application.
  • To activate, opt-in.
  • Choose “Screen search” from the “Settings” menu.
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • After you press the Power key or lookup by speech, activate the uppermost option (“Poses the question Search engine to offer you information relating with what’s on your main display”).
  • Press the Power key on your Android mobile to activate “Now on Tap” and read QR codes with your camera application directly.

Android 7 or lower can not read barcodes without a third-party application, but Android 6 is an exception. 

Reading Barcodes with Android 8, 9, and 10

Your cellphone can likely read Bar Code with just an application if it runs Android operating system 8.0 or later. You can do that in three forms:

  1. Google Lens App 
  2. Google Screen Search
  3. Google Lens in the Assistant

1. Google Lens App 

This Google Lens Application could also be used to reach Google Lens. To use the Google Lens Application to detect a barcode, head to the Google Play Store and install it.

Open Google Lens. Tap the photo gallery icon. Tap a photo with a QR code. Then, starting with step 2, proceed with the steps outlined here.

Additional point: If your device is running Android 8.0 or newer, an upgrade might be available to read barcodes straight using your cam instead of using the abovementioned capabilities. The steps in the subsequent paragraph will tell you methods to see if your cellphone’s cam supports such a feature.

2. Google Screen Search

There is no necessity for an application to identify a QR Code using Google Screen Search. Scanning a barcode can be interpreted as follows by the mentioned instructions:

Google Screen Search
  • Take a picture of the barcode with your device’s camera.
  • To access the features at the downside, press and hold the “Home” icon and swipe vertically.
  • “Is it on the panel?” is the option to choose.
  • This QR Code’s data would then be linked to a brief Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

3. Google Lens in the Assistant

It is an extremely simple method of scanning QR Codes without requiring the use of an application. This is how to read the Qr Code with Google Lens in the Assistant:

Google Lens in the Assistant
  • To drag up google Assistant, press your “Home” push button.
  • That google lens icon can display instantly based on your edition of Assistant. If you don’t see the Lens icon on the left side, hit the line of dots at the downside.
  • You’ll activate Lens to be using your cam application if you’ve never even used it. When you’re done, or if you’ve recently done so, point your cellphone’s camera at the barcode, and it will analyze it.

How to Scan a QR code on Your Android Phone

Over most Android smartphones, you can read QR codes with the default photo camera application.

  • Launch the camera application on your Android phone.
  • Make sure the QR code is on your device’s cam screen. The URL for the code will display at the bottom of the screen, or the top of the code is searchable. Browse that Link by tapping it.

If your camera doesn’t identify it, close and reopen it or move the Barcode so it wouldn’t fill up the full panel.

If it doesn’t succeed, try Google Lens, a camera-based online search tool. Lens provides great alternatives for interacting with the QR code you searched.

  1. Launch Lens and position the phone’s cam, so the QR code is visible.
  2. Through it will display the Address of the Barcode. To access the Link right away, hit it. To see other possibilities, touch the magnifier at the downside of the panel.
  3. Several components will appear when you click the magnifier:
  • The Address is opened in your browsers when you access the site.
  • Copy URL saves the Link to the keyboard on your smartphone, allowing you to duplicate it anywhere you want to send/save it.
  • Sending the Link to somebody through SMS, mail, or perhaps another application is possible with Share.

If these methods don’t work, there is some issue with the barcode.

How To Read QR Codes With Your Smartphone or Tablet?

  • To begin, go to the App Store or Google Play and get a Barcode reader application.
  • To utilize the QR codes, your device must be hooked to the network.
  • Then open QR Droid and read the QR code using your smartphone’s cam.
  • Just choose the scan icon at the side of the panel and motion the cellphone carefully until the barcode is recognized and scanned.
  • The Barcode’s Address is then opened on your cellphone.

How do I scan a QR Code without an app?

Scanning QR Codes is possible across both ios and Android mobile cellphones, and you do not need to install a separate application. Over both devices, the cellphone’s camera application can identify barcodes.

 How do I scan a QR Code without an app?

Do you need an app to scan QR Codes?

Barcodes can be scanned without an extra application on iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 or above, as well as Droid handsets running Android 8 or above. It comes as a standard feature.

You might have to install the application to detect QR codes if you use iPhone or iPad that does not have iOS 11 installed (and that’s exceedingly uncommon).

Likewise, Android handsets that have not yet been updated to Android 8 or 9 will require separate software to identify barcodes.

How do I get my phone to read QR Codes?

When consumers scroll up on the panel on their iPhones, a Barcode message appears in the Control Center. On Droid, reading QR Codes is handled by Google Lens or Google Smart Assistant.

How to scan QR Codes on Android phones without an app

If your cellphone is carrying Android 8 or Android 9, you can detect QR codes without using a QR code reader application. A supplementary application is necessary if your Android phone version is less than 7.

For Android 10

Owners of Android version 10 or Q can access Wi-Fi without logging in. Easily exchange your Wi-Fi credentials with others and have them verify them.

For Android 9

Photo Album

One could also use Google Lens to read a barcode from your photo album. To view the connected URL, browse the photo album and tap just on the Google Lens symbol.

Lens by Google

In the Camera application, Google Lens is a built-in function. Aim Google Lens at the Barcode to launch it. A message pops up, which you can tap to conduct the requested response. Scanning barcodes using lens by google

For Android 8

Assistant by Google

Installation of the google lens application is not needed if you do have Google Assistant. The Google Assistant always has Google Lens installed, and it will encourage users to turn it on.

Screen Search on Google

To use Screen Search, press the Right button and select ‘What’s on My Screen.’ The above guarantees that the barcode’s associated response appears on the panel.

Lens by Google

Google Lens is featured as a standalone application for Android version 8. More than that, barcodes can be identified with Google Lens.

The Google Lens should be engaged once the camera viewfinder has been launched to read barcodes.

For Android 7 and lower

With Android version 7, Google Lens is not a built-in function, so scanning Quick Running Codes requires third-party software. The Google Play Store has a couple of free applications.

For instance, Droid QR.

Popular apps with in-built QR Code readers that allow you to scan QR Codes

  • Pinterest
  • Amazon
  • Google Chrome
  • Facebook
  • WeChat

1. Pinterest

Start the Pinterest application and click the cam icon in the upper-right corner of the search text box. To detect a barcode, put the camera on it. The application will scan the Quick Running Code, and the related content will be opened instantaneously.

The webpage can also be saved as a pin on Pinterest. Just Web addresses or webpages are supported. Various forms of barcodes aren’t openable. You can, though, upload a QR Code via your photo library.

2. Amazon

Here on the dashboard of the Amazon marketplace, there is a barcode scanning widget that allows you to detect any Quick Running Code. It is shown therein with a note that the barcode is exterior.

Users can access the related content with the barcode by clicking on ‘Accept.’ Just Web address or Site barcodes can be scanned with the Bar Code Reader.

3. Google Chrome

A Quick Running Code could also be scanned with Chrome Browser on ios. The search engine contains a barcode reader feature that turns it into one. It performs well with Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and Site barcodes but is not very good with other sorts of barcodes.

This can, for example, retrieve all of the data held in a vCard QR Code, but it can’t assist you in saving it to your ios device.

4. Facebook

Scan QR code using the In-built Facebook feature

A barcode scanner is also embedded into Fb. Facebook Shortcut keys that enable users to identify Quick Running Codes can be found by searching for ‘QR Code Scanner.’ You could only detect Web addresses and Webpage barcodes, somewhat like Pinterest and Amazon.

Whereas a QR code reader may retrieve data from a QR code, it would not let you pick up the phone or text an SMS. Users could, nevertheless, read a barcode imported from your photo library.

5. WeChat

WeChat, China’s top famous platform, lets customers browse barcodes directly from the application. Customers can also view WeChat barcodes and other such barcodes to add friends.

Scan QR code using WeChat

How to scan QR Codes with LG G6 

Recognizing QR Codes with the LG G6 is accessible in two ways. You may utilize Google Lens by downloading the application or using google assistant.

The Google Lens app 

Google Lens is also available through the Google Lens Application. Install the Google Lens Application from the Google Play Store and start following the steps mentioned above (Google lens in the assistant).

Google Lens in the Assistant 

You can follow the steps mentioned above in the upper headings to learn how to use Google lens in the assistant (Google lens in the assistant).

How to scan QR Codes with Sony Xperia 

Using Info-eye

  • Launch the device’s camera application.
  • Now press the blue “i” button after selecting the yellow toggle.
  • Photograph the QR Code by focusing your lens on it.
  • Hang for a minute for the image to be examined before dragging forward when holding “Product information.”

How does a scanning QR code work?

  • The purchaser’s Barcode is scanned using the cellphone. Help ensure your device can read the sort of payment account you’re screening before scanning a barcode.
  • The salesman reads the QR code on his cellphone display. This method is frequently seen in films and advertising for establishments that accept money transfers using QR codes.
  • Transactions between applications.

What is the best scanner app for Android?

Adobe Scan is the premier Android scanner app. Notes, forms, documents, invoices, and photos may be scanned and converted to Pdf format.

It is simple to get and effective. When you aim the lens of your cellphone at the item you wish to read, it is instantly detected and captured.

How do you use QR Codes on iPhones and iPad?

Barcodes on iPhone models can be used in a range of methods. QR codes are everywhere, whether collecting transactions to exposing great deals.

Scanning QR Codes on ios devices can be done in two different ways. To scan QR Codes, open the control center and select the QR Code indicator.

You may also read QR codes using the camera application directly. You will be instructed to ‘Move Closer’ if you are far away from it.

Individuals will receive a message with the actual intent after properly scanning the QR Code (which typically requires as little as a second or two).

For example, if the QR Code is an application QR Code, you will be directed to the App Store to download the application.

Scan QR Code with Google Chrome on iPhone

Scan QR Code with Google Chrome on iPhone

On ios devices, Chrome Browser provides useful functionality. While you launch Google Chrome on your iOS models, it lets you read barcodes. When selecting the scan QR Code symbol, you can aim your device’s cam at a barcode to initiate the operation.

How to scan QR Codes with iOS 11 and higher

After a few moments, aim your lens at the barcode and press the notification that pops up or tap the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen to uncover more options.

How to scan QR Codes with iOS 11 and higher

If it doesn’t function, look at the Camera application’s preferences. The ‘Scan QR Codes’ option could be disabled. Until manually switched down, it is typically on by the domain controller.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to include all the methods to scan Quick Running Codes, whether by default camera app or by third-party QR code reader app.


How Do You Scan A QR Code On A Samsung Tablet?

To reach your Instant System preferences, scroll to the bottom of your tablet’s display and select QR Reader. To move on to another stage, click OK. The Cam application will then open, allowing you to read QR codes.

Does Android Have A Built-In QR Reader?

Droid cell phones include a barcode reader. It functions when Google Lens Recommendations is turned on around the Cam application.

How Do I Scan QR Codes Without An App On Android?

If your droid cellphone’s cam can scan barcodes only, then one can scan QR codes without a separate app on Android.

Do Android Phones Read QR Codes?

Yes, Android phones read Quick Running Codes by the device’s default camera app or by the use of the third-party app, or by using google lens.

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