12 Best Sauce Labs Competitors & Alternatives

App designers know how important it is to test an application for bugs, glitches, and other errors before handing it over to a client or publishing it. Sauce Labs is a good application testing tool and there are a few more applications that can be used to test freshly-designed applications. This article will help you learn about Sauce Labs and choose the best alternatives for it, that are available for public use. 

What is Sauce Labs?

Sauce Labs is a San Francisco, California-based mobile and web application automation platform that is entirely automated and cloud-based. This lets users test applications over many browsers and multiple devices. Sauce Labs is well-known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to perform automated, continuous testing. 

Sauce Labs website home page

Pros and Cons of Sauce Labs


  1. Sauce Labs allows testers to record the virtual test runs.
  2. The cross-browser feature, Sauceconnect, is a huge advantage that allows fast access to other Operating Systems. 
  3. The parallel test runs feature saves a lot of time. 
  4. Sauce Labs lets users run automated and manual testing. 
  5. It supports web and mobile apps on both virtual and real devices. 


  1. Virtual android devices were outdated, as of April 2021.
  2. Test runs in physical devices cannot be recorded.
  3. Websites are not easy to test in different browsers over virtual and physical devices. 
  4. The response times are not as fast as necessary or expected. 
  5. Tested emulators did not support HD gameplay.

Choosing the perfect Testing application

There are a few factors that must be taken into count if you are looking for a new testing application for any medium. This will affect your output and the testing process, itself. 

These are the criteria that you have to check before choosing the perfect testing software for your project.  

  1. Compare with the previous automated testing tool.
  2. Check if the browser testing/ automated testing platform that meets your needs.
  3. Take a look at the price and features.
  4. Consult with other testers who test automation and do browser testing. 
  5. Easy-to-access UI

Best Alternative to Sauce Labs

These are some of the best Sauce Labs competitors as of August 2021.

  1. LambdaTest
  2. Kobiton
  3. Perfecto
  5. Selenium
  6. BrowserStack
  7. TestingBot
  8. Endtest
  9. Applause
  10. pCloudy
  11. AWS Device Farm
  12. TestComplete

Competitors and Alternatives to Sauce Labs

If you are moving from Sauce Labs to a different web and mobile applications testing platform, you need to do some research about Sauce Labs’ competitors and alternatives. The following Sauce Labs alternatives are either Open-Source, Open-Source with paid subscriptions, or Pay-to-use. Pricing starts from $240 to $9500 on this list. Most paid test platforms offer a free trial. 

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Note: The following automation testing/ app testing software is placed in no particular order. 


LambdaTest is a cloud-based testing framework with features that enable users to run tests, manually and for web applications. One of its best tools is that it lets testers interact with the program when a live test is running. It allows the testing of websites and apps on over 2000 browsers and devices. Business giants like Coca-Cola. Deloitte, Cisco, and Xerox are the biggest clientele for LambdaTest. There are about half a million active users per month on this platform. 

LambdaTest online testing website home page

Pricing: Live Testing – $19 a month

  Web and Browser test Automation – $99 a month


Kobiton is a cloud-based testing tool that is used for web and hybrid mobile apps testing. This platform is exclusive to Android and iOS mobile testing and even then, it has 60,000+ active monthly users around the globe. This is not as expensive as Sauce Labs, so it gives a price advantage for app testing users. 

Pricing: Team – $50 per month

  Org – $500 per month


Perforce designed Perfecto to enable users to improve their user interactions with the program and provides top-quality test results and experiences. The Perfecto Scriptless tool lets testers run their app and browser testing without any form of program script. Firms based in over 80 countries use Perfecto, mainly for their collaboration with DevOps solutions. 

Pricing: Live – $83 per month

  Test Automation – $125 per month

Scriptless – contact developers for price

Enterprise – contact developers for price


ACCELQ is entirely powered by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool. This produces fast and accurate output on Web UIs, API, mobile devices, and computers. It has a powerful integration framework and therefore, can run on any browser and OS. This is apt for testing emulators as it supports plug & play, GUI & API, and quick automation. A lot of reports have claimed that this tool has increased the automation rate three times than the other tools while being affordable at the same time. Users save around 50% of their usual expenses on software testing apps.

Pricing: Professional – $390 a month

Unified – $440 a month

Enterprise – Contact the developer for custom enterprise prices


CrossBrowserTesting is an automation tool that lets users perform Selenium UI, live, and visual testing on over 2000 computer and mobile browsers. It has a Record & Replay feature that is designed to record a test and play it for comparison with other tests that are performed on different devices or browsers. This can be very useful for output and performance comparison to make the necessary adjustments. 

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Pricing: Live Testing – $29

Unlimited Testing – $100

Enterprise – Custom prices. Consult with the developer. 


Selenium is one of the best Open-Source automation testing competitors for Sauce Labs. Selenium has an integration of children-framework including Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, WebDriver, and the Selenium Grid. The best part of Selenium is that it adapts to the needs of the testers and therefore, produces custom output. Languages like C#, Python, and Java can be tested through Selenium. 

Available software test tools in the Selenium.io tool


BrowserStack is a tool for mobile testing and web testing. It is used to run millions of daily tests. Some of this tool’s popular clients are Twitter and Microsoft. There are 15 data centers in key spots on the world map, powered by BrowserStack. More than 25,000 testers use this testing tool. 

Pricing: Live Testing – $29 a month

  Automate Pro – $99 a month

  Automate Mobile – $149 a month

There are few more flexible pricing policies, which Sauce Labs does not have.


TestingBot consists of an integration of JS unit, automated, live, and visual application testing. Since this has a selenium grid with cloud access, it can be used on any browser, multiple devices, and Operating Systems. The main functions offered by this tool are test automation, test live, and local testing. 

Features of the TestingBot automation tester along with the Automation Frameworks in the tool

Pricing: Live – $20 monthly

Automated – $50 monthly

Automated Pro – $90 monthly

Enterprise – Contact the developers through the website.


EndTest is known for its scriptless app testing and is an excellent alternative to Sauce Labs. Testing management is made easy through the cloud-sharing feature. iOS and Android devices can be used as the base tool for running tests with this platform. Simple test reports can be created in the form of screenshots, screen recording, and uploading files. Testers who expect randomized test outputs can use this tool. 

Pricing: Pro – $1650 yearly

 Enterprize – Price for an organization is custom set. Contact the developers through   the website


Applause hosts the largest freelance web browser and mobile applications tester in the world. This platform became popular when it offered people money to test their software with their tools. One of the key features of this tool is that it is efficient in discovering major bugs. Over 400,000 software testing professionals employ this tool regularly, to this day. 

To know the pricing details for Applause automation tools, you will have to contact the developers through the website. 


pCloudy lets testers run their web browser and mobile app test over multiple browsers (5000+ browser tests) while this number is drastically lesser for Sauce Labs (700). Users find this easy to use as most web apps and browsers can be run easily, thanks to an intensive framework. Around 100,000  users of this automation testing tool are spread over more than 60 countries.

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Pricing: Live – $369 monthly

  Automated – $599 monthly

AWS Device Farm

The AWS Device Farm is an automated app testing software that was developed by Amazon. It lets users work with a wide range of browsers and devices that are stored previously in the cloud. It allows custom tests and an exclusive framework for running web applications and app tests. Multiple browsers can be used to run tests for apps. 

AWS Device Farm website home page

Pricing: Pay as you go – $0.19 per minute on one device

Unlimited test & access – $250 per month

Private devices – $200 per month. Customized price quotations are available.


The TestComplete automated testing platform tests across programming languages like HTML, .NET, VCL, Java, Flash, and Operating Systems (OS) like iOS, Android, and Windows. This is the top competitor for Sauce Labs as TestComplete allows more browser and OS configuration than the previous end testing tool. This is developed by SmartBear software and their tools’ most important users are Adobe, Microsoft, and MasterCard. More than 20000 firms use their tools. 

Pricing: Base – $6,095

  Pro – $9,479

The above automation tools are as good as or even better than Sauce Labs. This article is in no way a form of convincing or encouragement to switch from Sauce Labs to a different automation testing. We want you to choose the product that fits your needs. Happy Developing!


What is BrowserStack and Sauce Labs?

BrowserStack and Sauce Labs are application testing software that provides live testing, automation testing, and various other forms of testing web and mobile applications, over various browsers on multiple devices. Some testing tools have an integrated framework that will improve the performance of the testing platforms and provide more accurate and faster output.  

What is Sauce Labs used for?

Sauce Labs is used for consequent software testing, by professional and amateur testers who perform tests on emulators, simulations, and other applications on desktop or mobiles. The Sauce Labs framework consists of Selenium, Appium, Espresso, or the XCUITest.

How much does Sauce Labs cost?

Users who wish to perform live testing have to pay $39 for a month. Virtual cloud testers have to subscribe with a payment of $149 a month, annually. The Real Cloud device users need to pay $199 a month, for a year. These plans offer one or more parallel tests, unlimited users, and endless testing minutes. For enterprise plans, aspiring testers or the testing firms will have to contact the Sauce Labs developers for a custom price quote. 

How many employees does Saucelabs have?

The Sauce Labs automation testing software has around 350 employees. According to a certain site, Sauce Labs employees 388 employees as of 2021, with a 22% growth rate of the employees. This firm is worth more than $50.0 million. Sauce Labs is headquartered in San Francisco, California.