Samsung TV Blinking Red Light: 12 Best Fixes

There may be times when you encounter the problem of your Samsung TV blinking red light. However, you will have to remember that there may be several reasons for this problem.

Additionally, there is nothing specifically wrong with your TV, and the issue can be resolved if a few aspects are addressed. 

The factory configuration could cause the Samsung TV to blink red light. A solution must be provided if this configuration is incorrect or tampered with while operating the television.

Concerning the causes of this issue, you can resolve it accordingly. Most of the time, this problem either stems from hardware or an issue with the TV’s firmware. 

samsung tv blinking red light

Why is my Samsung TV blinking red light?

As mentioned earlier, there may be several reasons why your Samsung TV is blinking red light.

Most of the time, it is because of a power supply issue. It could be because of a faulty HDMI cable or the outlet itself. 

Apart from this, a software glitch in the TV can result in a blinking red light. The power board could also be one of the reasons for this issue.

You might want to check these issues before trying to resolve them to make the process much easier and quicker. 

The power might be affected due to a manufacturing defect, or it is possible that lighting has struck the board of the TV and negatively impacted the power-on.

Protector Against Power Outages could have been unable to protect your TV because of a flaw. If the surge protector fails, other home devices may fail to function properly. 

When you fail to switch off the device properly, it may get connected to the TV, resulting in a blinking red light on your Samsung TV.

When the power source has a problem, such as when it is not properly connected to the source of electricity or the wall, it can cause the Samsung TV to blink red. 

How to fix Samsung tv blinking red light

  1. Restart your Samsung TV
  2. Disconnect Your HDMI Cable
  3. Change Batteries
  4. Check The Remote
  5. Unplug All The Inputs
  6. Reset Your Samsung TV
  7. Recheck HDMI
  8. Update Firmware
  9. Inspect The Power Supply
  10. Replace The Surge Protector
  11. Use A Multimeter
  12. Contact Samsung Support

1. Restart your Samsung TV

One of the first and easiest methods to resolve the issue of your Samsung tv blinking red light is by restarting the entire device.

The main reason for this method to work most of the time is because this issue can crop up due to a glitch in the software. 

Hence, if you try to restart your TV, it might also help you resolve the issue. You can do so by following these steps.

  • Take your Samsung TV remote and press the power button. 
  • After waiting for about 40 seconds, turn it on again. 

You can check whether the problem is still present after you turn on your TV again. 

2. Disconnect your HDMI cable

You can either disconnect your HDMI cable or use a different one. This will help you understand whether the cable is the cause for your Samsung TV to blink red light.

Sometimes damaged or old HDMI cables are one of the main causes of the TV being unable to switch on properly. 

Replacing the HDMI cable will also significantly help check whether there is still a glitch in the device. Additionally, this method will help you determine where the issue stems from. 

3. Change batteries

Even though you may think that the issue of your Samsung tv blinking red light cannot be resolved by replacing the batteries.

However, remotes will stop responding, and blinking red lights can also be the reason for dying batteries. 

You will not be able to use your remote properly if it does not charge enough. One of the easiest and quickest ways to test the batteries and check whether there is an issue with the device or the remote is by using it on another device. 

If your remote works properly with another device, you must fix your Samsung TV. However, if the remote is not working with the other device, you will have to replace or change the remote’s batteries. 

Most of the time, you need not go through the entire process of testing the batteries; however, replacing them frequently is ideal.

Additionally, you can follow these steps to install the new batteries in your remote

  • Inspect the back of the remote and take off the battery compartment with a directional arrow on it. 
Change batteries
  • Remove the batteries from the compartment; you can install the AA batteries again. 
Remove the batteries

Once you do this, pair it with your Samsung TV and check whether it is working on it. After this, you can also check whether the TV is still blinking red light. 

4. Check the remote

Apart from the remote batteries, the remote control, in general, could be the reason for your Samsung TV to blink red lights.

This is one of the main reasons why power cycling is important since it will help you resolve several issues. This method is very quick and easy as well. 

Check the remote

You can remove the TV from the wall outlet and then long-press the power button for over 50 seconds.

You can reset it effectively as this method allows you to drain the power from the capacitors. 

5. Unplug all the Inputs

This method is similar to disconnecting your HDMI cable; however, you will have to unplug all the accessories.

Since it is slightly difficult to figure out which accessory is causing a problem and leading to your Samsung tv blinking red light, unplugging all of them is the easiest way. 

You will have to unplug all the Inputs but the power cord. To check whether this will resolve the issue or not, you can switch off your Tv and turn it on again.

If the problem persists, you can be assured that accessories are not one of the reasons for this issue. 

You can then proceed further and reset your Samsung Tv to address the issue of the red light blinking. 

6. Reset your Samsung TV

You can either fully reset your Samsung TV or perform a forced power reset. If the short reset described above does not resolve the issue, there could be a software problem with the TV that is preventing it from responding to your request. 

While managing the entire system, including the power supply, many new smart TVs rely on software on the controller board.

At certain times, the operating software on your television becomes confused and needs to be reset. 

A full-power reset necessitates some patience. To fully reset the system, unplugging the power cord from the back of the TV is integral for about an hour. The programming and settings you enter into most Samsung Smart TVs can be retained for an hour without power. 

Allowing your Samsung TV to reset all of its memories is essential completely. However, apart from this method, you can also perform a forced power reset. 

Another power reset method is available on most Samsung Smart TVs. You can also perform a power reset by pressing the volume and menu buttons and then pressing the power button once. 

While the TV displays the blue screen of death, hold down the volume button and the menu button for about ten seconds.

After ten seconds, release the buttons while your Samsung tv is reset. 

7. Recheck HDMI

Most homeowners pair their Samsung Smart TVs with a gaming console for entertainment purposes.

Most modern gaming consoles connect the back of the Samsung Smart TV to one of the HDMI ports

Sometimes, if you do not change the HDMI source from the HDMI input on the Samsung TV and disconnect the cable from the TV, it will display a blank screen and flash the red LED.

Recheck HDMI

The screen may reappear if you plug the game console again into the same HDMI port and switch it on.

Then, you can access the input options on the Samsung TV and change the inputs to your regular TV.  

8. Update firmware

Samsung Smart TVs rely on the firmware to run several functions in the Tv, including power supply and other computer functions.

If new firmware is available, for proper functionality, your Samsung smart tv should have updated firmware at all times. 

Software problems with the Samsung system are also very common. The steps for installing and downloading Samsung firmware updates differ depending on the model.

You can consult your user’s manual for instructions on updating the firmware in your TV. 

In most cases, a USB cable will be required to connect your laptop with your Samsung TV. 

9. Inspect the power supply

The power supply is the most likely reason for your Samsung TV blinking red light with no response to your commands.

Various factors can cause issues with your Samsung TV’s power supply. Some of the most common causes of this issue can be overheating, failed power supply components, low current issues, and power spikes or surges. 

Overheating can also cause the power supply’s electronic components to fail. Power surges are common in some areas.

An electrical grid or the lightning striking your electrical system can be the reason for these abrupt power surges. 

A high-quality surge protector is also recommended so that it does not permanently damage your TV.

Plugged in your Samsung TV, the installed surge protector will help protect it from errant power surges. 

However, if you have a damaged power supply or components, the only option is to replace or repair the power supply. 

10. Replace the Surge protector

If all the components of your TV are working fine, you will also have to check your SPD. SPD stands for surge protection device.

The function of this surge protection device is to avoid any sort of voltage spikes and power surges. 

Without a surge protector, your device is at high risk, and excessive voltage can also permanently damage your device.

If there is a surge or excess voltage, it may also lead to a burnt wire or outlet along with an overall reduced lifespan. 

Hence, a faulty surge protector could cause your Samsung tv blinking red light. You can check if there is any issue with the same by following these steps.

  • Take your surge protector and plug in a different device. 
  • Check if you can turn on that device or can operate it properly. 
Replace the Surge protector

If you cannot turn on your device while plugged into a surge protector, you will have to purchase a new one. It is integral for you to check the functionality of your surge protector as it protects your device from excess voltage and such. 

11. Use a multimeter

Using a multimeter will help you check what exactly is causing the issue. Whether it is a faulty power outlet or your device in general.

A multimeter will help you measure the electrical value of the outlets and devices. 

You can easily get a reading of the laptop’s power cord with the help of a multimeter. Most of them should have 120V to check whether they are functioning properly or not. If it is dead, the reading should be less than the expected output or 0V. 

In this scenario, we’ll use a multimeter to test the power cord on your television. You will be able to check whether the TV component is damaged or not. You can use either Fluke 17B+ or the Fluke 117. 

You must set the multimeter to continuity to determine whether the component or the outlet is either short-circuited or open. If there is a short circuit, the component or the outlet must be repaired or replaced. 

You can follow these steps if you want to use a multimeter

  • Plug the cable into one of the power cord prongs on your TV. 
  • Connect the black cable to the plug and then examine the multimeter reading. 
  • A beep will be heard if an electrical connection is present. 

If there is no beeping sound, there is an issue with the power cord. 

12. Contact Samsung Support

If you can still not resolve the issue through any of the methods mentioned above, you will have to contact Samsung Support.

Once you do this, you may also be able to avail certain discounts or free technical support depending on your warranty. 

However, warranties only last a year unless you have Samsung Care+. If you have this, you can easily access replacements, repairs, and other shipping perks. Through this Samsung Care+, the shipping charges are covered for damaged devices. 

Additionally, the service fee and other charges are comparatively lesser if you have access to Samsung Care+.

There is a higher possibility of your Tv getting replaced by Samsung if it has been damaged because of some unavoidable circumstances. 

You will have to keep in mind that you will not be able to avail any of the benefits if you have changed internal components or re-assembled the placement of your TV, which has caused more damage. 


Your Smart TV blinking red light often might be something you come across at least once. However, there is no need to stress about it since there are several ways that you can resolve the issue. 

Even though there may be several reasons for this issue, you can easily find the root cause and address it accordingly. Checking the software and hardware of your TV and cables is integral to resolving this issue. 


How Do I Fix The Flashing Light On My Samsung TV?

You can fix the flashing light on your Samsung TV by restarting your TV. If this does not work, fixing glitches by updating the firmware might also help you resolve this issue. If you are still unable to fix the problem, you can try and check hardware, be it cables, HDMI or remotes even. 
Updating your software time and again, along with checking for any faulty hardware, is very integral. 

Why Is My Samsung TV Flashing And Not Turning On?

If your Samsung TV is flashing and not turning on, there is a high possibility that your device has a glitch within. You can try performing a complete reset by unplugging the cord from the TV for a few minutes and then plugging it back again. 
You can also update the firmware and inspect the power supply since this can be a major reason for your Samsung TV flashing and not turning on. 

Why Is The Red Power Light On My TV Blinking?

A software bug in the TV can cause a blinking red light. One of the causes of this problem could be the power board. You may want to check these issues before attempting to resolve them to make the process much easier and faster. 
The power could be affected due to a manufacturing flaw, or lighting could have struck the TV’s circuit board and negatively impacted the power-on. Because of a flaw, Protector Against Power Outages may have been unable to protect your TV. Other home devices may fail to function properly if the surge protector fails.

What Does The Blinking Red Light On My Samsung TV Mean?

When you fail to turn off the device properly, it may become connected to the TV, resulting in a blinking red light on your Samsung TV. When the power source fails, such as when it is not properly connected to the power source or the wall, the Samsung TV will blink red. 
The power could be affected due to a manufacturing flaw, or lighting could have struck the TV’s circuit board and negatively impacted the power-on.