Samsung Remote Not Working: 9 Best Fixes

Samsung is a technology brand that does it all. From mobile phones to washing machines, they have designed and manufactured electronic appliances for all purposes a person would need. Samsung’s televisions have been very popular since this company released them for the first time in 1998. 

Samsung Remote Not Working

However, in quite recent times, the Samsung TV remote has been malfunctioning or dysfunctional, which makes it really annoying; Especially when you are trying to watch TV after a long day. We’ve been there, which is exactly why we have everything you need to know and do when facing the Samsung Remote Not Working issue.

Check the following article out to fix your Samsung Remote if it goes awry.

Why is my Samsung Remote not Working?

We managed to figure out seven factors that can make your Samsung remote not work the way you want it to or not work at all. For your convenience and a better understanding of the issue, you are dealing with, 

Low Batteries

AA and AAA batteries

Any remote-controlled device requires its remote batteries to be fully charged to be perfectly functional, and so does your TV remote. If your remote’s AA batteries run out of power, you will face issues with it. You will not be able to use the remote unless its batteries have a charge. 

Interference with other gadgets

Several household appliances can interfere with the IR sensor on your remote. We won’t be able to discard the other appliances and the best we can do about it is to move them around conveniently so that the infrared waves from your remote can reach the receiver on your TV.

Distance between the television and remote

Remote in television

The television can be operated using the remote from a very short distance. The range may vary from each TV model to remote varieties.

All remotes for your television are meant to be used from a distance you usually use from your couch. According to the Samsung website, a compatible remote with fully charged batteries in them should be able to work with your TV from 60 ft away.

Issues with the Remote

A remote is another electronic gadget that can become dysfunctional for many reasons. A remote that has some issues may not work for any television. You could get it fixed or purchase a replacement remote. 

Wrong Remote

All remotes are not meant to help you navigate through channels and other features on your television. The remote you have may not be able to connect with a different television, Meaning it is incompatible with the television. This common misconception can cause confusion when you are trying to watch your TV shows.

Outdated Firmware

Outdated firmware is a factor that affects only smart televisions. These smart TVs receive regular updates for the firmware that operates the system and for the best results with minimal issues, it is important to keep them outdated. This can also be the causing factor for the remote issues, however unrelated it might seem.

Solutions to Fix Samsung Remote Not Working Issue

  1. Check the Remote’s Batteries
  2. Verify the IR sensor’s functions
  3. Clean the IR sensor and Remote interferences
  4. Unpair and re-pair the Remote
  5. Calibrate the touchpad
  6. Download the TV Firmware Updates
  7. Reset your Network Connection
  8. Reset the Samsung television
  9. Reset the Remote

Fixing the Samsung Remote Not Working Issue

Check the Remote’s Batteries

A remote with no or weak batteries will not work. You will need to replace them for your remote to work if the batteries are low on your device. If you have a voltage indicator, you can check the available charge on the batteries. If the battery is low, it is time for you to change them. 

Duracell AA Battery

You just have to open the small battery panel on the remote’s back and replace the two existing AA batteries. The AA batteries’ positive ends should always point upward and toward the upper portion of the remote.

Verify the IR sensor’s functions

Your television has an Infrared signal receiver to interpret signals from the IR emitter on your remote. Only with these signals will your television receive commands from the remote, to navigate through the features on your television. This sensor may not work causing the remote not to work. 

We’ll have to check it with the help of a camera manually. The steps to do so are below – 

  • Launch the Camera application on your mobile phone. 
IR sensor in mobile camera
  • Point the camera towards the IR sensor on your TV remote. This is placed at the top of the remote. 

Through the camera screen on your phone, you should be able to see a blinking red light in the place of the remote. You will not be able to see this through naked eyes. If you cannot see a red light, your remote doesn’t work because of factors that suppress the IR sensor’s functioning. 

Clean the IR sensor and Remote interferences

If there are obstructions to the IR sensor on both the TV and the remote, the TV will not respond to actions on the remote. No amount of button pushing will change your channels if this is the reason behind your remote’s dysfunctionality. 

IR Sensor

Objects that interfere with your IR signals could range from a speck of dust or digital signals from your microwave to solid commodities like large decorations or any other appliance. This can factor in if you use your remote from behind a wall. 

The best thing to do in this situation is to use the remote from a different location or remove the interference. Moving the remote closer to the television and pushing the buttons could also work for you if interference is your issue.

Unpair and re-pair the Remote

Many reasons can cause your remote to get unpaired from the Samsung television. One of the most common reasons for this is a power surge, possibly after rain or thunderstorm.

Without this connection, you will not be able to use the remote to control the TV. This connection can be created with your remote and might even require this to be manually done by the user. 

Generally, the remote and TV will be paired without prompting after a system reboot or an initial boot-up. If you have to reconnect your remote with the Samsung TV manually, the steps to this are stated below – 

  • Switch on your Samsung television.
  • Take your remote and point it towards the Television.
Take your remote and point it towards the Television
  • Push the Return and Play/Pause buttons on the remote for 5 to 10 seconds.

This should make your television and remote connections in a few seconds. If there is a sign of the connection, you can try navigating with simple command buttons to test the linking strength.

Calibrate the touchpad

Continuous usage can wear the touchpad out or disgruntle the calibration for remotes with the Samsung Smart Touch feature. If the touchpad is worn out, you must get a new remote. However, if the issue lies with the remote’s calibration, the right thing to do is to re-calibrate the remote. 

Samsung Remote Not Working: 9 Ultimate Methods

If you follow the steps below, you should be able to do it in a matter of few seconds – 

  • Switch your television on before we get to the calibration part of this procedure. 
  • Push the number key and do not remove pressure from that button for about 5 seconds. You should be able to see a message that states that calibration is beginning. The process should take roughly two minutes.
  • When the calibration process is done, the LED on your remote will blink twice.

Once this procedure is complete, you can start using your remote normally. You may have to repeat this process multiple times as this can occur as you continue using the touch feature. 

Download the TV Firmware Updates

Though Samsung televisions do not receive as many firmware updates as their mobile phones or other electronic devices, it is important to keep them up to date. If not, this can affect the television or remote’s performance. 

You could not only be experiencing a dysfunctional remote but also other issues like slower remote response time, pairing issues, and errors while connecting to a service on your smart television. 

If you suspect your outdated firmware playing tricks on your remote, let’s try downloading updates for your Samsung television. You will find the method to check for firmware updates in the following section – 

  • Go to the Main Menu on your television interface and choose the Settings option. 
Settings option in Samsung TV main menu
  • Move to the Software Updates and Network settings. On this page, you should be able to see the pending updates that you haven’t downloaded. 
Software update section
Checking for updates process

The TV will reboot automatically when the firmware update has been downloaded and installed. Once this is done, you can try pushing the remote buttons to see if it works.

Reset your Network Connection

Users with any Samsung Smart device should know that the devices require a network with internet access to be connected. Sometimes this can get in your remote’s way and cause problems.

The only thing you can do here is to reset your internet as a smart television does not have as many network configurations as that of a computer. 

If you do not know how to, the steps for this are below – 

  • Switch your television off and navigate to your network router. 
  • Pick it up gently and use a toothpick to push the reset button on its back. It is important to be very gentle here as the wooden pick can break and the splinters can get lodged inside. We do not recommend using pins as it can cause short circuits or minor electrocutions. 
  • Hold the button down for around 30 seconds and release the button. 
  • Reconnect your television with the internet, if necessary. 

This should fix the connection with your remote. Resetting the network will not change the connection on any device. This procedure will simply refresh your network under normal conditions.

If the above methods do not work for you, we will be left with the final options of resetting the remote and the television itself. Let’s move on to those. 

Reset the Samsung television

As complicated as this process might sound, resetting a smart television is quite the contrary. Users will have to switch off their Samsung Smart TV and turn it back on after 15 minutes.

This could seem like just restarting the system but this gives your smart television a chance to reset all the temporary configurations and start up in the right way. 

Reset the Remote

Resetting the remote is a very simple process. You just have to –

  • Pop open the back panel and remove the batteries. 
  • Unplug the television and rest the remote for around a minute. 
  • Add the batteries and turn the television on. 

Note: It is very important to remove the batteries from your remote as this procedure will remove all residual charges from your remote. 

When none of the above troubleshooting methods work for you, we recommend contacting the Samsung customer support team. They could give you directions on what to do, officially. Happy Streaming!


How Do I Reset My Samsung Remote?

To reset your Samsung remote, you just have to – 
1. Switch your television off.
2. Take the batteries out.
3. Wait for 15 – 20 seconds.
4. Insert the batteries back again. 
5. Turn the television back on.
Voila! Your remote is reset. 

Why Is My TV Not Responding To Remote?

A remote may not respond to your commands with the television due to the following reasons – 
– Low Batteries
– Interference with other gadgets
– Distance between the television and remote
– Issues with the Remote
– Wrong Remote
– Outdated Firmware

How Do I Resync My Samsung TV Remote?

To re-sync your Samsung television remote, you just have to reset it. Take the AA batteries out and insert them back in after 15 seconds, while your television is powered off. This should fix most pairing and malfunctioning issues caused by selective factors. 

How Do I Fix My Samsung Smart TV Remote?

Fixing your Samsung remote can be done in various ways depending on your remote’s issue. The best option is to take it to an authorized Samsung service unit or dealer who knows the error. If it is a simple connectivity issue, you can fix it by resetting the remote. You will just have to take the batteries out and re-insert them.