8 Fixes: Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Connecting To Phone

Samsung Galaxy Watch Not Connecting To Phone

The Samsung Galaxy watch is one of the best smartwatches you can get for any of your smartphones. It is versatile and has an incredible number of elegant features.

There are several positive reviews and even happier users of this handy gadget. However, one issue that the users have been facing is when the watch doesn’t connect to the phone. 

Rest assured, This is not something you will have to spend money or a lot of time on. We did our research and have collected everything you will need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Watch not connecting to the phone issue. You will also find twelve solutions that should help you when experiencing this. 

Why is my Galaxy Watch not connecting to the phone?

Several reasons why your Samsung Galaxy watch doesn’t connect with your smart device. You will find the factors that can cause this listed below – 

  • Low battery on the watch
  • Disabled Bluetooth
  • Interferences to the Bluetooth network
  • Incompatibility with iOS
  • Enabled flight mode

Note: Not every iOS devices are incompatible with being connected with a Samsung Galaxy Watch. In some cases, an iPhone might try to establish a connection, but it will fail. Check if your iPhone can be connected to a Galaxy watch before getting it.

Workarounds for the Galaxy Watch Connection Issue

Check the Watch’s Battery Level

Battery level on Galaxy watch

Any smartwatch with a low battery level will not connect to a smartphone. You will have to check the small battery icon for the power it has left. When it is low, you should be able to see it in red. This is also your indication to connect it to the charger. You can try connecting your devices once it is powered up.

Check Bluetooth connectivity

Both your mobile and smartwatch require their Bluetooth feature to be enabled while they are being used. Sometimes we can get forgetful and this could be disabled. You will be able to access this feature in the settings of both devices. 

Bluetooth settings on Android

This setting can also unpair the Galaxy watch from your device. When ready, you can use the same settings window to connect it back.

Restart your mobile phone and Galaxy watch

Restarting both devices will reset some configurations on your phone and smartwatch. If one of these settings/changes is responsible for this issue, rebooting will fix it. If you do not know how to, check the steps below – 

  • On your mobile phone, push the power button and hold it until the power off screen appears. Now, tap the Reboot icon to turn it off. You will have to hold the power button again till it boots up if you use the Switch off option.
Power off option
  • Press the Home button and hold it until a pop-up appears. This is where you touch the Power off option to do as suggested. You can use the same button to start it up again. 
Rebooting Galaxy watch

Try connecting the phone and watch in a different spot

The location you are in could interfere with your Bluetooth connection. This means that you will not be able to connect your device properly. There are also chances of disconnection due to this. We suggest you attempt a connection in a spot where there is no Wi-Fi, microwaves, or other intangible obstacles.

Solutions for the Samsung Galaxy Watch not connecting to phone error

  1. Unpair and Reconnect your Phone and Watch
  2. Try Connecting it with a New Mobile
  3. Take a look at the Phone’s Language
  4. Install Updates for the Galaxy Wearable App
  5. Update your Phone and Galaxy Watch Firmware
  6. Uninstall and Reinstall the Wearable App and Plugins
  7. Delete App Cache for the  Galaxy Wearable App 
  8. Reset your Galaxy Watch

How Can I Use the Flashlight on My Android Phone to Fix Connection Issues with My Samsung Galaxy Watch?

If you’re facing connection issues between your Samsung Galaxy Watch and Android phone, try these easy ways to turn on flashlight and resolve the problem. By using the flashlight feature on your Android phone, you can illuminate any areas that may be hindering the connection between your devices. This might help identify and eliminate any obstacles that are causing the connectivity problems.

Fixing the Samsung Galaxy Watch not connecting to phone issue

Disconnect and Reconnect your Phone and Watch

Unlinking the connection between the phone and your Galaxy watch could help you with this issue. It might seem like a complicated process, but we did this when we initialized the smartwatch. The method to unlink and reconnect the Galaxy watch and mobile device are as follows – 

  • Open the Galaxy Wearable application on your Android phone.
  • Tap the hamburger icon on the main page from the top-left corner.
  • Choose the Disconnect option and wait for the unblinking process to end. 
  • Reboot both your devices and launch the Wearable app again when they start up.
  • Go into the same hamburger menu and choose the Connect option now.

Note: The smartwatch might be disconnected already. In this case, you will already see the Connect option.

Try Connecting it with a New Mobile

The issue could lie with your mobile phone. This means you will not be able to connect it to your smartphone. We can try connecting it with a different mobile phone. For that, you can use the steps in the solution above; Right after you download the Galaxy Wearable application from the Google Play Store.

If you have already connected to the phone, you can use the Connect to a new phone option through the Galaxy watch. 

Take a look at the Phone’s Language

We noticed that the phone’s system language could be causing this issue for some reason. If you use a language on your mobile other than English, you can try changing it to the default. You can refer to the steps below – 

  • Launch the Settings window and choose General settings. 
Languages settings
  • Find the Language options and tap on it. You will see a list of available languages for you to choose from. 
Languages list on Android
  • If you have the default option, touch it. Or you will have to scroll down to English and select this option.

For iPhone users, you will find the option to change this in the Language and Region settings in the iPhone settings. 

Install Updates for the Galaxy Wearable App

An out-of-date interface application is not ideal for helping with connectivity for your Galaxy watch. This is where the Galaxy wearable app comes in. You might receive a notification or a pop-up if there is an available watch software update. You can download them from the Play Store.

Update your Phone and Galaxy Watch Firmware

Since we are talking about updating the mobile and the watch’s firmware, it can take a while. Fear not; we got you covered.

Updating an Android device

  • ​Bring up the Settings window and navigate to the About Phone section.
About phone page with available update
  • Select this option, and you will find information about your devices, like available storage, system, and android versions.
  • Locate the Update option and touch it. If you have a proper wi-fi connection, the download will start.
Download update option
  • Once the update gets downloaded, you will have to reboot your device to install it. This could be a very long process and can take several minutes.

Updating the Watch Software

Software update for Galaxy Watch

Downloading firmware updates for your Samsung Galaxy watch is very simple. There is an exclusive option to download updates for your watch. You must choose the Watch Software Update option and Download option. Users do not have to worry about installing it as it happens automatically.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Wearable App and Plugins

Another trick that fixes issues with the Galaxy Wearable app is uninstalling and reinstalling it. This includes the additional plugins you might have installed. 

You have to touch and hold the icon until you see the option to uninstall the app. Once the app is no longer installed, you can find it on the Play Store to install it again.

Delete App Cache for the  Galaxy Wearable App 

When you clear the cache for interface apps like Galaxy Wearable, it removes certain bugs on the application. In some cases, this could be the factor that causes the connectivity issue. You can clear the device cache using the following procedure – 

  • Bring the system settings up and look for the App settings. In some cases, there could be a sub-setting named Manage Apps. You will have to go into this to see a list of all installed apps on your device. 
Manage apps settings
  • Here, tap on the Galaxy Wearable app, and you’ll see information about it and its resource utilization. 
  • Choose Clear cache and confirm it in the prompt pop-up that appears.
Clear cache option for Galaxy Wearable app

This will reset some settings up to an extent. The user may also be required to reconnect the Android smartphone and the Samsung watch.

Reset your Galaxy Watch

Resetting the smartwatch should be your last option to fix this issue. This will revert all the watch settings you changed to default on your Galaxy watch. You can find the steps for this mentioned below – 

  • Open the General settings option on your Samsung watch through the Settings icon.
Settings icon on Galaxy Watch
  • Choose the Reset option and wait for the process to end.
Reset option on Galaxy watch
  • Open Settings on your android device and go into the Bluetooth settings.
  • Find the Galaxy watch and pair it with the device.

Once both devices are connected, you can change the settings to how they used to be. 

These are all you need to do about a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch that doesn’t connect to a mobile phone. If this issue still lingers, you can get help from the Samsung Galaxy support team.

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