Top 10 Ways To Fix Safari Can’t Find The Server Issue

Safari Can't Find The Server

Are you facing the fact that Safari can’t find the server error while browsing? Coming across such errors deep into your research can be annoying. But, you should know that such errors result from minor network issues on your devices. And there are several things that you can check for to stop these errors. 

You wouldn’t possibly know everything you can check to fix the error. For that, ahead are some solutions that can solve your Safari can’t find the server error for sure. You will get the step-by-step guide on all the fixes provided below. 

Why Can’t Safari Detect The Server?

Apple Safari web browser homepage

When your Safari cannot detect the server, the main cause can lie in your internet connection. It doesn’t mean that your connection could be weak by internet connection. Several other network-related things can cause this error. To help you get to the bottom of it, here are some of the reasons behind the “Safari can’t find the server” error:

Weak Internet Connection or Low Bandwidth

Too many connections can slow down the bandwidth. This can result in a late response from your server.

Wrong DNS Server

DNS server converts the website address into the IP address. If its settings are incorrect, it can take time to do that. As a result, your browser won’t be able to detect the server.

Outdated System Software

An outdated version of your system software becomes incompatible with the latest browsers. Thus, they fail to comply, and you might have trouble executing browsing operations.

Damaged Wifi Router

If the source of the internet connection is damaged, then nothing will work on your systems. Be it your browsers or internet-driven applications, they will fail to connect to any server.

Incorrect URL

URL is the address of the website. It is later converted into an IP address by your DNS server. Thus, if the URL you are providing is incorrect, it’s obvious that your browser won’t recognize it.

Solutions For Safari Browser Cannot Find Server

  1. Check The Connectivity
  2. Check Whether The URL Is Correct
  3. Clean The Cache
  4. Alter The DNS Settings
  5. Reset The Network Settings To Default
  6. iPhone Users Can Try Restarting Their Device
  7. Update Your iPhone’s Software
  8. Disable Firewall Or Antivirus Software On Your Mac Device
  9. Disable The Content Blocker Option
  10. Alter The SSID Name For 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

Fix Safari Can’t Find Server On Any Device

1. Check The Connectivity

Connectivity options on macOS

Let’s start with the most vital thing: the connection. Ensure that the devices you are using have a strong connection. Here are some of the things related to the internet or your Wifi that you must keep in account:

  • Check if the wifi or data option is turned on in the settings.
  • It’s possible that you have turned on the Airplane mode and forgot to switch it off. So, ensure that your device doesn’t have an active Airplane mode.
  • Ensure that your bandwidth and connectivity are strong. The main cause of Safari can’t find the server error is a weak internet connection.

2. Check Whether The URL Is Correct

Official safari web browser homepage URL link highlight chrome

The most common and overlooked mistake is typing the wrong website address. Sometimes you mistype a word into the address bar and think that it’s because of a poor connection. Even a minute change in the URL will change the complete website address. So, before moving to the solutions that consume time, make sure that your URL is correct.

3. Clear The Cache

Empty caches option in Apple Safari

If you are still encountering Safari and can’t find a server error, you should clean the cache. There is a high chance that your browser data collides with current browsing. Even if it doesn’t, then also, to improve the efficiency, it’s always better to keep the cache clean. To clear the Safari cache, follow these instructions:

  • On your iPhone, open its Settings.
  • From the Settings, navigate to Safari.
  • Now, select the Clear History & Website Data option.

After cleaning your Safari, relaunch the browser. Check if the error still occurs.

4. Alter The DNS Settings

macOS Ethernet connection IP Address, DNS Server status

Sometimes a wrong DNS server can cause Safari can’t find a server error. The wrong DNS server takes longer to convert the URL of the website to an IP Address. So, to make this problem go away, you can try using Google’s DNS server. If you wish to modify the server, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings and go to Wi-fi from there.
  • Now locate the domain name and click on the icon beside it. It looks like an encircled (i).
  • Select the Configure DNS settings. Switch the Automatic option to the Manual.
  • Go to the Add Server option and add Google’s DNS by typing in or

Connect your devices to the Wifi and launch the browser to check if the issue is still there.

5. Reset The Network Settings To Default

Factory reset the network settings on iPhone

This option will work for iPhone users. It is fairly easy if you have a smartphone, iPad, and other similar devices. 

Try network reset if you have undergone all the previous solutions, but they didn’t work. It will resume the original settings. Hence, eliminating the ones causing Safari can’t find the server error. So to resume the network settings, follow these instructions:

  • Open the Settings on your device and select General.
  • Now, click on Reset.
  • Choose the Reset Network Settings option.
  • A dialogue box will display asking for confirmation. Confirm the reset process by clicking on Reset one last time.

After the confirmation, the reset process will start. Could you wait for it to be complete? You can relaunch the browser after the reset process. Check if Safari can’t find the server error still lingers.

6. iPhone Users Can Try Restarting Their Device

An iPhone device

If there is nothing wrong with the connectivity or other settings, you can try this solution. Also, it’s only for those who are using an iPhone. Restarting the device helps solve a lot of errors because it ends the technical bugs. The users of the iPhone 8 or its previous models can follow these instructions:

  • Hold the top button, which might be at the side. Leave it when the slider appears and restart your iPhone.
  • For the users of the iPhone 12 and all the latest models, follow these steps:
  • Press both the volume buttons along with the side button.
  • Leave the buttons when the slider displays on the screen. Restart your device.

Once you have switched on the iPhone, launch the browser and try surfing the website again. The error should not exist now.

7. Update Your iPhone’s Software

settings device update smartphone interface

The latest version of the software is usually the better version, free from glitches. So, check if your iPhone’s software is up-to-date or not. To update it, follow the instructions given below:

  • Launch the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Select the General option from Settings.
  • Choose Software Update to check for available updates.
  • Sometimes there is more than one update available. In such cases, select the update that you want for your device.
  • Click on Install Now.

After your iPhone is successfully updated, you can check if the error is still there.

8. Disable Firewall Or Antivirus Software On Your Mac Device

Turn off firewall option on macOS

If you encounter Safari and can’t find the server on your Mac, try out this solution. There is no doubt that a Firewall or antivirus software is essential. But, keeping them turned on can result in the said error.

This happens when the website you try to visit is unsafe. In such scenarios, the software takes the website as a threat to your Mac device and can block access. You can disable such software to overcome this error. Steps to disable the Firewall on your Mac device are below:

  • Power on your Mac and tap on the logo of Apple. You can find it in the toolbar on the upward left side.
  • Now select the option System Preferences.
  • Open Security and Privacy.
  • Choose the Firewall option and then click on the OFF button on the left side.

After switching off your Mac’s firewall, you can try restarting your device. Once the power is back on, check if Safari can’t find the server error persists.

9. Disable The Content Blocker Option

Content Blocker Extension Settings iOS

Technology is advancing with each passing day. Earlier you could enable an ad-blocking feature without letting the website know it. But, now, if you enable it, the websites you visit can detect it in no time.

This could be the reason why certain websites might restrict you. After all, advertisement is the only medium through which these parties earn money. 

And if you block the ads, why would they share their content with you? The only way out from it is to disable the ad blocker attribute. Doing so can give you access to the website you are trying to visit. Follow these steps to disable Content Blocker on your iPhone:

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone device.
  • Scroll downwards till you see the option of Safari browser.
  • Choose the Content Blocker option from the available options.
  • You will see a toggle button beside it. Toggle it off to disable the Content Blocker.

Reload the webpage of the website you were trying to reach. This time it should load without any error.

10. Alter The SSID Name For 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz

AirPort option in macOS for port forwarding

Sometimes the web browsers can malfunction if you use the same name for the Wifi network with 2.4 and 5 GHz. To avoid these types of instances, you can change SSID names. To do that, follow these instructions:

  • Open any web browser on your device and type in the IP address of your wifi router. Hit the enter key.
  • Log in to your account as admin.
  • Navigate to Settings and try to locate the SSID or WiFi name option.
  • Now rename your Wifi name by entering the new name.

After the changes are applied, you can reload the website you tried to access. This time Safari can’t find the server error should stop occurring.

Conclusion – Safari Cannot Connect To Server Issue

So these are some fixes that can help you fix the said error. If the error continues, you can try to update Safari on your macOS or iOS.  In extreme cases, updating the browser or restarting the devices doesn’t fix the error.

Do not panic if that’s the case with you too. You can take your device to the service center and let a professional inspect your device.