How To Download And Install Safari Browser On Windows

Many Windows PC users enjoy using Apple/Mac apps on their systems. The experience of using Apple apps that are vastly different in Interface design and different features from the usual Windows programs is a whole new experience for Windows users. 

Download And Install Safari Browser For Windows

In this article, we will learn about Apple’s default web browser- Safari, and what makes it different from other browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

Can you install the Safari browser on Windows 10? Why did Apple discontinue its support for Windows Safari? Please read the article further and acquire the answers to these questions.

The History Of Safari Browser On Windows And Mac Operating Systems

Safari is a graphical web-browsing app developed by Apple INC. The Safari browsing app was initially developed from open-source software properties, WebKit being one of the most notable.

The Safari Browser was first introduced in Mac OS X Panther in 2003, and in 2007 it was incorporated into the iPhone and iPad Touch with iPhone OS 1 version. 

In Global ranking, Safari is the second most popular browser after Google Chrome, occupying approximately 18.43% of the world’s market share and 38.88% in the USA. The penultimate version of Safari- Safari 14 was launched in November 2012, beating Google Chrome in overall performance.

It’s 50% faster than the World’s first most popular Browser- Chrome, and it consumes less battery power than its competitors. The latest version of Safari- Safari 15 was launched in July 2021, including macOS Monterey, iOS 15, iPad 15, and a new interface. 

Safari For Windows: Motivation Behind Its Development

In the initial period of the development, i.e, before 1997, Apple’s macOS computers used the exclusive Netscape Navigator and Cyberdog for web browsing. Then Internet Explorer was used as the default web browser for Apple computers as a 5-year deal between Apple and Microsoft.

In 2002, the top management of Apple INC decided to make their browser and cut off their dependence on the third-party browser provider- Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

In the subsequent year, Jobs announced that Apple now had its browser and named it Safari. In the internal testing, “Alexander” was widely used as the name browser. 

However, the initial version of Safari wasn’t perfect, and in 2007 Apple launched Safari 3 for Mac OS X 10.5, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. The performance of Safari increased with the subsequent release of the later versions. Because of its excellent compatibility with Apple Computing devices, it quickly won the hearts of Apple users.

Seeing its success with Safari among Apple users and saturation in the US market, Apple started developing the Windows version of Safari Browser.

Because of Windows OS ‘increasing user base and Safari’s exotic interface that differs from other usual Windows apps, it quickly made a name for itself in the Global popular browser list, ranking 4rth most popular browser.

But Apple has stopped supporting the development of the Windows version of Safari since 2012. Nevertheless, you can still find the latest version, Safari 5.1.7, in the catalog of some software download sites.

Safari For Windows: Review

The performance of the Safari browser increased with the release of new versions such as Safari 2, Safari 3, Safari 4, etc. But the Windows version of Safari reached its peak performance in the Safari 5 version.

It was released on June 7, 2010, with amazing new features. Below is a gist of major advantages and disadvantages of ‘Safari for Windows’.

1. Safari Reader for browsing and reading articles online without any distractions.

2. 30% increase in JavaScript engine performance as compared to the previous version of Safari.

3. Increased Developer tools and support of dozens of new HTML technological features focusing on interoperability.

4. Custom Extensions- Provides a secure environment for developers to customize their extensions, making Safari’s performance and popularity closer to Firefox.

To summarize, the new features and changes in Safari are good, but it does not offer any great advantages over other browsers. Supported address bar, AdBlock, synchronizing bookmarks and passwords, faster Nitro JavaScript engine, limited choice of Plug-ins, etc.

These features can be found in other browsers as well, and since Apple has discontinued its support for Windows Safari, it is recommended to choose from other browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The continuous development of these two browsers adds amazing new features, optimizing the existing framework based on Users’ feedback. This makes their performance way better than Safari, which has lost its support.

Summary Of Apple Safari Web Browser Today

After continuous development of the Safari browser, users are enjoying the increasing variety of features and taking advantage of its phenomenal functionality:

1. Smart String feature- You can enter the website address or put forward your queries.

2. User-friendly list of most frequently visited website(s). This list can contain up to 24 website information, and users can edit them according to their preferences.

3. Manage your bookmarks. View your history. The Safari browser not only saves the name of the site address but can also save the web content for faster loading of the web page.

4. Support several modes of web page browsing like text-only, normal, and simplified views. Enjoy the private browsing mode in Safari. This feature is similar to the Incognito tab in Google Chrome(Destroys all browsing data, including history, cache, and cookies).

5. Other features include RSS feed, Download manager, Form Auto-fill feature, Synching data between Apple devices through iCloud, etc.

Can I Install The Latest Version Of Safari Browser On Windows 10?

The answer to this question is YES! The Safari Browser runs perfectly on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. However, the last updated Windows version of Safari- Safari 5 was in 2012, it can still be found in the catalogs of major software download sites. 

How Do I Download Safari And Install It On Windows 10?

Step 1- The very task must be undertaken- Download the Safari installer package version 5.1.7 to your PC. There are a few Software download sites that cataloged the Safari 5.1.7 version. You need to find a reliable and secure source to download it. 

Download Safari for Windows

Step 2- Launch the Safari setup file after the download. 

Step 3- Click on “Run” and complete the usual Windows installer process.

(Note- You need to uncheck the option that makes Safari your default browser.)

Launch the Safari Setup file
Complete the Windows Safari Installation process

Step 4- You are ready to use Safari after the installation. 

You need to keep in mind that this Safari Windows version was last updated in 2012, and it lacks most of the latest web technologies, privacy and security protocols, etc.

Hence, average Windows users should stick to the recommended web browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Only advanced users like Developers, Coders, and Compatibility testers need the Safari Windows version for professional technical experiments.