Roomba Not Charging: 15 Easy Solutions To Fix

Roomba Not Charging

You’re simply going about your business and tidying up around the house. You grab your Roomba, place it on the floor, and wait for it to go.

It slams into the wall, around the corner, and comes to a halt. You now have no robot to clean the floor, but you do have a broken robot. 

Not to worry, we’ve developed a brief troubleshooting guide to get your Roomba back up and running.

One of the most popular robotic vacuum cleaners on the market is the Roomba. Many people have chosen to get a Roomba to go about their everyday lives while a machine cleans. Problems with the Roomba’s performance might arise over time.

Why is my Roomba not charging?

If your Roomba isn’t working properly, wipe the charging port with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.

If it still doesn’t work, replace or reinstall your battery and charger, reset your Roomba to factory settings, or just let it alone for an hour before trying again.

While the Roomba is a simple machine to use, there are a few things you can do to make cleaning simpler.

One of the most common issues consumers have is the Roomba not charging.

If Your Roomba Won’t Charge, What should you do?

To begin, you must first select a Roomba series. Why?

Because the following solution is only compatible with the Roombas 500, 600, 700, and 800.

Roomba Won’t Charge

The problem might have happened during shipment if you recently acquired a new robot that has yet to be activated.

Check whether the battery has shifted; if so, just remove it and reinstall it in its original spot.

The Home Base is necessary for charging; plug it in and watch the light on that device until it starts flashing once every 4 seconds or shines steadily for 4 seconds and then goes out.

How to fix Roomba not charging?

Your Roomba may not be charging because of a simple battery or power cord issue or something more significant, such as a hardware issue.

In this section, we’ll go through the most efficient troubleshooting methods for getting your robot vacuuming again.

  1. Clean charging contact points
  2. Clean the caster wheel
  3. Replug the unit into a different outlet
  4. Remove the battery pull tab
  5. Reposition the battery
  6. Replace the Battery
  7. Reboot the Roomba unit
  8. Reset the Roomba battery
  9. Factory reset the unit
  10. Move the unit to any other room
  11. Clean the Docking Station
  12. Replace the Dock
  13. Contact Customer Support
  14. Try Claiming the Warranty on your Roomba
  15. Charge Up Your Roomba or Get Charged for a New One

Now let us dig deep into the solutions.

Solution 1: Clean charging contact points

Contact points are metal strips that span the length of your gadget. Two are on the underside of your Roomba, and two more are on the underside of its docking station.

Clean charging contact points

These metal strips are in charge of charging and connecting your Roomba to its Home Base.

It is essentially a conductor of electrical charges.

As a result, if dirt, dust, or muck has accumulated on it, electricity will not flow.

Cleaning both the contact points on your Roomba and its Home Base, on the other hand, will guarantee optimal charging.

Simply wipe away any dirt that has gathered on it to clean.

Here are several examples:

  • Cloth made of microfiber.
  • Rubbing alcohol on a soft, dry towel
  • Magic Eraser or damp melamine foam

These items will aid in the removal of sticky muck that may be hard to remove with mere water. Furthermore, this will not harm the contact points.

IMPORTANT: Before cleaning a Roomba’s contact points, disconnect it from the power source. This will help you avoid electrical shocks.

Solution 2: Clean the caster wheel

Clean the roomba caster wheel

The caster wheel is a small, non-powered wheel situated at the front of the device.

Its role is to keep the Roomba at the right elevation. Additionally, there should be enough space beneath the unit to sweep away debris and dust.

The caster wheel collects dirt when your Roomba cleans due to its front placement.

When debris builds up, it pushes the wheel away from its housing, pushing it to climb higher.

The Roomba’s contact points will not reach the Home Base’s if the caster wheel is raised higher. As a result, the gadget cannot be charged.

Simply remove the particles from the caster wheel to restore it.

Here’s how to clean it:

  • To remove the wheel from its casing, carefully pull it away from the case.
  • Remove any debris that has been lodged on the wheel. If necessary, wipe it down with a clean, moist cloth.
  • Replace the wheel in its casing. When it’s properly positioned, you should hear a “click.”

Spin the wheel by hand. Even if it is hardly moving, it still has some debris. Make certain that any dust that has gathered on it has been removed.

Solution 3: Replug the unit into a different outlet

Replug the unit into a different outlet

Rarely, if your Roomba is plugged into a faulty power outlet, it will not charge.

“How will I know if a power outlet is faulty?”

You may test your outlet to see whether it is powered if you have an outlet tester.

If this fails, try connecting your Roomba Home Base to a different outlet. The Home Base’s indicator light should glow if the outlet is active.

“I confirmed that the outlet is active.” What’s the deal with my Roomba not charging?

This is most likely due to inadequate power from that specific power source. It might be that it has some electrical issues.

Either transfer the item to a different power outlet or repair the electrical issue with the machine.

Note: You may move the Home Base without issue if you wait for your Roomba unit to finish its cleaning cycle first. Roomba will have difficulty docking if you relocate the Home Base while it cleans.

Solution 4: Remove the battery pull tab

Remove the battery pull tab

Have you lately bought a Roomba?

Then you might have forgotten to remove the yellow pull tab from the battery.

The majority of new gadgets have yellow pull tabs on the battery. Manufacturers add it to prevent devices from turning on themselves, especially while shipping.

This tab blocks access to the battery contact points.

As a result, if you haven’t already erased it… Your gadget will not charge as a result.

If this is your first time using a Roomba, follow these steps to remove the pull tab:

  • Turn the Roomba upside down.
  • Look for the yellow pull tab that is still hanging.
  • Then just rip it off.

Once removed, your unit should charge without issue.

Solution 5: Reposition the battery

“I’ve already removed the pull tab.” But my brand new Roomba is still not working!”

The battery may then have been moved from its original placement during delivery.

As you may be aware, batteries must establish complete contact with their contact points to perform correctly.

As a consequence, make sure your Roomba’s battery position is right.

Follow these procedures to examine and adjust the Roomba battery:

  • Turn the Roomba upside down.
  • Remove the screws from its base.
  • Remove the bottom cover.
  • Check that the battery is correctly positioned.
  • Replace the cover.
  • And replace the screws.

Note: If you have a Roomba 700 series or higher, just detach the battery compartment.

Solution 6: Replace the Battery

Replace the Battery

The batteries in your Roomba are warrantied for one year or more and are meant to last for two years. However, they will ultimately lose power, which is why iRobot provides replacements.

With the correct replacement battery order and regular maintenance, you can extend the life and functionality of your robotic vacuum.

Here are a few pointers to help you extend the life of your Roomba’s battery:

  • Clean the gadget regularly to avoid hair or dust collection.
  • During and after charging, keep it in a cool, dry location. You will also have additional cleaning cycles as a result of this.
  • If you use it regularly, you will get additional cleaning cycles — as long as it is charged.
  • Before Roomba cleans a room, lithium-ion batteries must “wake up.”
  • Place the base station on a flat surface, plug it in, and wait for the indicator LED to light up.
  • Place the Roomba on the docking station and wait until the base station goes out and the Roomba’s light begins to flash. This normally takes about 10-15 seconds.

Solution 7: Reboot the Roomba unit

If the contact points and power supply are not at issue, it might be the device itself.

Your Roomba may have software issues, but it should be able to remedy them. These are computer issues that cause systems to produce incorrect results.

In layman’s terms, software defects might cause your Roomba to stop working or crash, and they must be addressed.

If you find that the indicator light is on, but the device is not charging, it might be due to a software problem.

“What should I do?” Should I request a replacement?” No, not yet.

Without question, software flaws may be inconvenient. However, it is easily fixed by doing a hard reset or reboot.

It is simple to restart a Roomba. It would, however, be dependent on the series.

Roomba relaunch based on its series:

  • For the s and I Series: press and hold the “Clean” button for 20 seconds. Before releasing, wait for the light ring to turn off. This should take about 1.5 minutes.
 Reboot the Roomba unit
  • For the 700, 800 Series: press and hold the “Clean” button for 10 seconds. Before releasing, wait until you hear a reboot tone.

Note: Rebooting the Roomba will clear the software and any temporary data. It will not, however, erase your scheduling information or intelligent mapping.

Solution 8: Reset the Roomba battery

It is not always necessary to restart your Roomba program. However, the battery in your Roomba.

Resetting the batteries, like resetting software, returns the machine to its default condition. Allowing it to improve its performance and function more efficiently.

If you see your Roomba’s battery draining rapidly, you should reset it.

If necessary, you may purchase a replacement. However, resetting its battery will save you money. Not to mention that it increases battery life.

“How can I reset the battery in my Roomba?”

Deep charging or 16-hour resetting are terms used to describe the process of resetting a battery. Because your unit would require a 16-hour rest time.

Reset the Roomba battery

To reset the Roomba 500 and 600 models, follow these steps:

  • Cut the vacuum off.
  • Remove the Roomba from its charging station after turning it off.
  • If the battery has to be changed, switch it off, insert the new battery, then press the CLEAN button.
  • Release the button once the green light is on.
  • Continually press and hold the SPOT and DOCK buttons.
  • Hold them for around 10 seconds.
  • Let go of the buttons.
  • A signaling noise will be audible, indicating that the vacuum is rebooting.
  • Reconnect the robot with its charger by placing it back there, then watch for the green light to appear.
  • If you’re unsure if your robot has restarted, press the CLOCK button.
  • If all clock settings have been eliminated, you’ve successfully reset your Roomba.
  • The robot may carry out its chores once you choose the date, time, and other information.

To reset Roomba models 700, 800, 900, and Roomba, 960follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the CLEAR button for approximately 10 seconds until the text “rSt” appears on the display screen.
  • Release the CLEAN button after you see the letters “rSt.”
  • When you turn it off, signaling noises will play to let you know that your Roomba unit has been successfully reset.
  • All information was deleted when you reset.
  • Then, have your robot do its duties once more by reprogramming your time and date.

To reset Reset Roomba i3 and i7, Follow these steps:

  • Press the HOME, SPOT CLEAN, and CLEAN buttons all at once.
  • Hold those three buttons until the CLEAN button’s white light ring turns on. Release each of the three buttons now.
  • Allow your robot to reboot for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Charge your Roomba directly from the power outlet for best results. You may use the cord that came with the Home Base.

Solution 9: Factory reset the unit

If restarting the unit’s software or battery does not address the problem, the device must be factory reset.

Unlike resuming, factory resetting erases all of your device’s memory and settings.

This entails planning your home and developing a cleaning regimen. It is a great technique to deal with memory corruption issues or charging software bugs.

In other words, it returns your system to its original settings.

If you are positive that you want to factory reset your device, create a backup first.

There are two ways to factory reset your Roomba. Using the iRobot Home app or the device directly.

Follow these instructions to factory reset Roomba using the iRobot Home App:

  • Navigate to the iRobot Home App.
  • Navigate to “Settings.” 
  • “Remove/Factory Reset” should be selected.
  • Then click on your unit’s robot name. 

It is crucial to consider the series of your unit while doing a factory reset from the Roomba unit itself.

Factory reset Roomba the unit

The series of a Roomba determines how to factory reset it:

For the a and I series

For the a and I series, press all three buttons “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean” at the same time. Hold it in place until the white color emerges in the light ring.

For the j-series

For the j-series, first, remove the dustbin from the unit. Then, hold down the “Clean” button for 7 seconds. Release when you hear the reset tone. Then, finish the procedure by clicking the “Clean” button.

In the e-series

All three buttons, “Home,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean,” must be hit at the same time. Hold it for around 20 seconds. After that, let go.

For the 900 series

All three buttons, “Dock,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean,” must be hit at the same time. Hold this position until all of the button indicator lights light up.

For Wi-Fi-enabled 600 and 800 series

All three buttons, “Dock,” “Spot Clean,” and “Clean,” must be hit at the same time. Maintain this posture until a beep tone is heard.

For Roomba combo

Open the unit’s lid to find the “Reset” button. Hold down the reset button for 10 seconds.

Solution 10: Move the unit to any other room

Although it is exceedingly rare, your Roomba unit will not charge if the temperature is too hot or cold.

You should store your Roomba unit and House Base in a room-temperature area of your home, just like any other electronic item.

If the motor is subjected to very high or low temperatures, it may be unable to function properly.

When this happens, your Roomba will display an error code on the screen until the problem is resolved. The only solution is to move your unit to a cooler room.

Note: Allow at least one hour before returning it to its Home Base.

Solution 11: Clean the Docking Station

Sometimes a Roomba will struggle to charge due to charging mechanism issues. The gadget will not charge, and the error number indicates it is connected but not charging.

A buildup of dirt on the charging connections is one of the probable explanations. This disconnects the connection between the ports and the outlet, preventing your vacuum from charging. 

To overcome this issue, consider cleaning the dock regularly.

Factory reset Roomba the unit

Flip the Roomba over and separate it from its wheels to clean the charging connections. Then, clean the metal connections using a swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. 

Once the metal has dried, firmly insert the plug into the outlet; if it does not sit flat against the wall, try twisting it around until it snaps.

Solution 12: Replace the Charging Dock

Replace the Charging Dock

The docking station, like the battery, may be replaced if it becomes problematic. If cleaning the dock does not help, consider shopping for a replacement dock.

If you have a warranty, iRobot will repair the dock within a week. You may also search the free market for a suitable one for your Roomba.

Solution 13: Contact Customer Support

If there is an issue with the Roomba, the troubleshooting light will flash.

The number of blinks corresponds to an error code. There are numerous such problem codes, the most frequent of which is error code 8, and you may learn more about them by using the iRobot app on your phone or PC.

If you require clarification on the codes or general assistance with your Roomba, call iRobot customer service at 1-877-855-8593. More contact information is available on their website.

Solution 14: Try Claiming the Warranty on your Roomba

If none of the alternatives worked to repair the charging difficulties, you may have a malfunctioning Roomba.

If your product is still under warranty, you can contact iRobot directly to request a replacement or refurbishment.

However, outside the warranty period, you may be required to pay additional fees to iRobot or any third-party service provider to address any internal circuit concerns.

Allow the specialists to take over once you’ve exhausted your troubleshooting options.

Solution 15: Charge Up Your Roomba or Get Charged for a New One

The Roomba battery may be restarted and given a few extra cleaning cycles if you know it is dead and has to be replaced.

Simply put, it entails utilizing a fully charged battery to jump-start the lithium-ion battery, and the makers do not advise it.

Although it won’t be as effective, it should keep the Roomba running for a few more days.

Using 14-gauge copper wire, connect the dead battery to the fully charged one through the matching connections. Attach them with tape and hold them for two minutes or so.

Remove the battery now, then put it into the Roomba. It ought to begin charging.

Additionally, pay attention to the charger’s flashing lights while you troubleshoot. A flashing red light, for instance, indicates that the battery is excessively hot.

A flashing red and green light would likewise indicate that the battery is not properly positioned in the battery compartment. The iRobot app has further information about the codes.

Is it possible to change the battery in a Roomba?

Of course, you can! Many Roomba battery replacement options are available on the market right now. But not all batteries are made equal; in fact, some can make your robot live less time.

The original battery can operate for several cycles with good maintenance before needing to be replaced.

You may increase battery life and make sure that your Roomba always operates at its peak performance by following the advice in the list of battery maintenance tips below:

  • Use only iRobot battery packs.
  • Use Roomba often; as a rechargeable battery powers the robot, frequent use will result in longer cleaning cycles.
  • If you don’t have a Home Base, you may connect Roomba to a charger to keep it charged all the time. Keep Roomba plugged in while it’s not in use.
  • Charge your Roomba and keep it somewhere cool and dry.
  • To prevent hair or debris from blocking the device, always clean it.
  • Check your Roomba as soon as you find it working harder than normal. Let it rest if you don’t want the battery to run out.

How long will a Roomba battery last?

If you want to extend the life of your Roomba robot, you need to get an appropriate battery.

I have used the iRobot Roomba replacement battery, and I highly suggest it based on my personal experience. I recently purchased this item, and guess what? I used it for the first time for around two hours.

 Roomba battery

But now that everything has calmed down, it lasts around an hour, about how long my previous battery lasted. Additionally, confirm that the air filter has been cleaned.

A Roomba battery may last through hundreds of cleaning cycles if care is taken. Before you charge your robot, don’t forget to remove the battery pull tab. 

After purchasing the Roomba, I advise charging it overnight. Typically, the charging process takes at least two hours.

Home Base Light is Turned on, But Robot Still Not Charging

Clean the gadget quickly.

Make sure there isn’t any debris or dirt inside, as this might lead to a buildup of dust on the charging connections on both the Home Base and the Roomba.

If you come across it, remove it from the charging connections by wiping it with a clean, dry cloth. I suggest using the melamine foam sponge to give it a quick once-over.

Home Base Light

If none are found, Roomba has to be taken out of the Home Base. Flip it over and separate it from the caster wheel after that.

If there is too much dirt within the caster wheel, the robot won’t be able to reach the charging connections. 

Inspect the caster wheel for any built-up debris. Once the debris has been located, make the necessary repairs!


Both cleaning effectiveness and battery life can impact the total durability of your Roomba. Fortunately, maintaining the battery in your bot’s finest condition is not too difficult.

You can extend your Roomba’s lifespan and get the most out of it by clearing trash out of the charging station and any vents on its back. This will help keep your robot from breaking down too soon.


How Do I Know If My Roomba Is Charging?

To determine whether the battery is charging, look at the LED indication on the CLEAN button.
Red solid means the battery is dead.
Amber-flashing signal: charging ongoing
Green: Charging has finished.
Additionally, the 16-hour charging option is indicated by a swiftly pulsed amber light.

How Do You Know When Your Roomba Needs A New Battery?

Once the battery on your Roomba starts to deplete way too quickly, you should replace it.
Your Roomba battery has to be replaced right away if the battery warning light doesn’t turn on or the machine itself loses charge.
Replace your Roomba battery if:
Compared to regular functioning, the battery drains extremely quickly—like within minutes.
After leaving the dock, the Roomba can only run for 15 to 20 minutes.
Its indicator light is broken or completely dark.
The problem is not resolved by deep charging or resetting the battery.
if the device still won’t charge despite many solutions.

Does The Roomba Base Light Stay On When Charging?

The Roomba base light flashes for around four seconds to save energy before turning off altogether.