10 Fixes For Roomba Charging Error 5

Usually, an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner charges without any problems and keeps your floors clean. But, in some cases, it may encounter charging errors. One common Roomba charging error is Error 5, which is written as Err5 on the Roomba display. Let’s know why it’s caused and how to fix it.

What Does Err5 Mean on Roomba?

Charging error 5 or Err 5 means that there is something wrong with the charging system of your Roomba. In other words, Roomba is telling you that it has no idea what the issue is, and you need to figure this out.

It could be an issue with the charging dock (Home Base), Roomba’s charging plates, battery, or any other issue. But usually, the issue can be fixed by cleaning the charging plates of Roomba and the dock.

Causes of Charging Error 5 on Roomba

  • Carbon or dust accumulation on the dock, battery, and Roomba’s charging terminals.
  • The Roomba battery is completely discharged or faulty
  • The yellow tab on the battery isn’t removed or not removed correctly
  • The power cord is damaged
  • The charging dock is faulty
  • Roomba’s motherboard is bad
  • Software malfunction

How To Fix Roomba Charging Error 5?

  1. Clean the Dock and Roomba Charging Terminals
  2. Take Out the Battery and Clean the Terminals
  3. Unplug the Docking Plate for a Few Minutes
  4. Connect the Power Cable Directly to Roomba
  5. Lift the Front End of Roomba After Docking
  6. Make Sure That the Yellow Battery Pull Tab is Removed
  7. Roomba Should Dock Itself Without Anyone Manually Placing it on the Dock
  8. Soft Reset Your Roomba
  9. Perform a Factory Reset of Roomba
  10. Contact iRobot Support or Take It to a Repairman

1. Clean the Dock and Roomba Charging Terminals

Many users reported that when they cleaned the dock and Roomba charging plates, it started charging without showing any error. You can use anything to clean the Roomba and dock terminals, such as a microfiber cloth, melamine foam, or a toothbrush. You can also apply a cleaning solution like a few drops of alcohol or vinegar.

  • Put a tiny amount of vinegar or alcohol on a clean surface.
  • Rub the toothbrush or any cleaning tool to soak in it.
  • Now, gently clean the charging contacts of Roomba and the dock. Don’t put too much pressure. Keep it gentle.
Roomba upside down showing its charging plates. The charging dock of Roomba is also visible.
  • After cleaning, dry the terminals with a dry cloth.

2. Take Out the Battery and Clean the Terminals

Like the dock and Roomba charging plates, the battery contacts and terminal may accumulate carbon and dust. This may result in charging error 5 on your Roomba.

Moreover, it’s also possible that the battery isn’t placed properly, which is why the charging error is being shown. Use these steps to clean the battery terminals and properly place the battery in the compartment:

  • Turn off Roomba completely.
  • Place it on a table facing its front.
  • Remove the four screws at the four parts of the vacuum.
  • Now, take off the battery cover. You’ll be able to see the battery.
  • Remove the battery.
  • On the battery’s front side, there will be charging plates. Clean them gently with a toothbrush and vinegar and let them dry.
The battery taken out of Roomba showing the battery terminals as well
  • Inside the battery compartment, you’ll see the battery terminal. Clean it as well and let it dry for 5 minutes.
  • After cleaning the battery and the terminals of the battery, place the battery in the compartment.
  • Put back the cover on and place the screw back as well.
  • Make your Roomba dock again for charging.

3. Unplug the Docking Plate for a Few Minutes

There may be a power problem because the dock can’t supply charge to the device, so Roomba is not charging. So, reset the power cycle of the dock.

  • Plug out the power cord from the dock and the power socket.
  • Leave it like this for a few minutes.
  • Plug the power cable back in the socket and the docking plate.
  • Dock Roomba for charging and see if it charges.

4. Connect the Power Cable Directly to Roomba

When Roomba isn’t charged, it won’t function, and your room or home will look like a mess. Suppose you’re seeing charging error 5 on Roomba, and you don’t have enough time on your hands to troubleshoot the problem.

In that case, you can insert the charging cable directly into the vacuum for charging and resume the cleaning process. 

For this, you only need to find the charging socket on Roomba and then plug in the power cable to begin charging.

5. Lift the Front End of Roomba After Docking

A YouTuber came up with this trick. If your Roomba docks for charging but the charging process doesn’t start or you see any error code, including the error 5, it could be because the Home Base and Roomba charging terminals aren’t coming in contact with each other.

This happens when some spring wears out and the ability of the Roomba or dock to completely connect their terminals weakens. When these terminals don’t connect well, the charging process doesn’t begin.

The solution to this problem is pretty easy:

  • When Roomba is docked, lift it from the front.
  • You can also put a thin material under it like a pencil.
  • Once Roomba is lifted, the charging terminals will come in contact, and the charging process will start.

6. Make Sure That the Yellow Battery Pull Tab is Removed

If you just got a new Roomba or replaced the battery, it will have a yellow battery pull tab at the bottom. It’s for battery safety. If this yellow cover isn’t removed, the battery won’t charge. 

  • At the bottom side of Roomba, find a yellow cover. It’ll be coming out of the battery compartment.
The yellow battery pull tab on a new Roomba vacuum cleaner robot
  • Pull it completely.
  • Now, dock Roomba and begin charging.

In some cases, the cover is removed incorrectly. Instead of getting completely removed, it gets torn, and the visible part comes out while the remote part remains. The user will think that they’ve removed the cover, but it would be causing the charging error because a part of it is still stuck to the battery.

So, if you removed the cover and Roomba isn’t charging, open the battery compartment to see if the yellow cover was removed correctly.

  • You’ll find four screws on the bottom of the Roomba. Unscrew them to remove the bottom cover.
  • Once the cover is removed, take out the battery and see if any parts of the yellow cover are in there. If you find it, remove it.
  • Put the battery back correctly.
  • Place the cover back on with the screws and tighten the screws.
  • Perform a test by docking Roomba.

7. Roomba Should Dock Itself Without Anyone Manually Placing it on the Dock

Roomba robot vacuum cleaners are designed to charge only when they dock themselves. If anyone puts them on the dock manually, they won’t charge. So, if you’re trying to charge it by placing it on the dock, it may show a charging error.

  • Lift Roomba from the dock and place it on the floor.
  • Let it dock itself.
  • The charging process may begin.

If it doesn’t work, use other methods mentioned in this guide.

8. Soft Reset Your Roomba

A soft reset is useful when you want to reset your Roomba but don’t want to delete your saved data and preferences. Many times, a soft reset fixes a glitch or charging problem. Use these ways to reset your Roomba.

8.1 Soft Reset Roomba S, I, and 900 Series Models

  • Long press the Spot Clean, Home, and Clean buttons on your Roomba at once.
  • Keep the buttons pressed and wait a few moments until you see the light around the Clean button.
  • When you see the light ring around the Clean button, release the buttons.
  • The vacuum will restart after the soft reset.

8.2 Soft Reset Roomba 800 and 600 Series Models

  • Long press the Home, Spot Clean, and Clean buttons together.
  • Keep them pressed until you hear the beeping tone.
  • After hearing the tone, release the button.
  • Roomba will restart

9. Perform a Factory Reset of Roomba

A factory reset deletes everything from your Roomba, and all the settings are changed back to their defaults. Perform a hard reset when you’ve tried all the fixes, but the charging problem persists.

iRobot Home app on Apple App Store
  • Make sure your phone and Roomba are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  • Launch the iRobot Home app.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Factory Reset
  • Roomba will be reset to factory settings.

10. Contact iRobot Support or Take It to a Repairman

The charging error 5 doesn’t specifically tell us what’s causing the issue. So, if you’ve performed the above methods and your Roomba isn’t charging, it could be an internal hardware issue.

If you’re lucky, it may be a battery problem, and a replacement battery will fix the charging error. But in other cases, the issue could be due to a motherboard malfunction

You can get a new battery and replace it yourself, but as we are not sure if that’s the reason for the problem, you should inspect the vacuum cleaner before performing any replacements.

If your Roomba is under warranty, contact iRobot support. For older vacuum cleaners, go to a repairer to get them inspected.