Roles & Duties of a Professional Software Developer

Software Developers are designated to implement the business ideologies in a nutshell. They are masters in all forms of programming languages such as Sybase, .Net, Java, C, and others to embed intuitive features onto the software. If you are pursuing a career to become a Software Developer in the future, then learning the right courses and technicalities is a must for you. 

Evans Data Corporation gives insight that there were around 26.4 million Software Developers in 2019, which is expected to grow up to 27.7 million by the end of 2023. In this article, you will know about some of the best things that Software Developers do. In addition to that, you will also get an insight into the roles and duties that you need to handle if you are taking it as a profession or career.

What is Software Engineering?

According to the IEEE standard, software engineering is defined as applying a disciplined and systematic computable approach for the operation, development, and maintenance of Software.

Software engineering is designing and building a software application after analyzing the user requirements and then testing the developed software based on those requirements.

In the last 1960s, Software was over budget, but by the 1970s, software engineering had become widespread. This led to an increase in the market demand for Software.

Software engineering is necessary because it allows us to create large and scalable Software which can be adaptable and budget-friendly. These Softwares are dynamic.

For Software to be the best, it must be maintainable, operational, efficient, usable, transitional, and dependable.

Software Developer Overview

Before we move ahead explaining to you all about the roles & responsibilities of a software developer, let us give you a quick overview of being a software developer.

It’s safe to say that a software developer is a person with excellent problem solving, logical, and computer systems skills.

A software developer designs that smartphone you are so addicted to, that computer game that has kept you transfixed, that billing software you use at work, even the operating system of your computer, all.

Those creative brainstorming masterminds behind most new gadgets, applications, programs are software developers. 

Every technology lover and an innovative person might have repeatedly found themselves in one or all of these situations:

  • frequently found yourself surrounded by family and friends needing your help with tech issues
  • you have a penchant for puzzle-solving
  • you can’t resist trying that new gadget as soon as it is released.
  • You are intrigued by the opportunity to play with technology.

All of these are the characteristics of a great software developer. 

Did you know? Software engineers and Software developers are different. Interesting, right?

A software engineer applies engineering principles and creates computer programs, but software developers are the creative mind behind designing and implementing them.

What does a software developer do?

It is the responsibility of a software developer to store, retrieve, and manipulate data to analyze the capability and requirements of a system and then design and maintain it accordingly.

Software developers usually are responsible for understanding their customer’s needs and designing the special Software that the customer requires.

There are two types of software developers – Application and systems software developers

1. Application Software Developers – It is the application software developers’ responsibility to design the computer and mobile applications for customers.

2. Systems Software Developers – It is the responsibility of systems software developers to design operating systems, compilers, network distribution systems, etc., for enterprises such as military, medical, scientific, communications, industrial, scientific, aerospace, business, and other general computing applications.

Requirements & Qualifications to pursue a career as a Software Developer

Certain degrees in particular streams are highly essential for the individual if he/she is expecting a career as a Software Developer. Some of the required bachelor’s degrees in several subjects and courses are software engineering, software development course, computer science certification, etc.

Technical or Hard Skills

Any bachelor’s degree in computer science and software subjects integrated onto it is required for the Software Developer aspirants to sit in company interviews to get the job. 

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Software Developers must also have practical experience in writing codes in different languages. 

Some of the languages that they must master within their studying phase are Java, SQL, DevOps, C, C++, Oracle, JavaSwing, Python, Linux, Object-Oriented Programming and others.

Soft Skills

1. Analytical skills

While developing a software application, there is a lot of planning, discussion, and brainstorming involved, which can be efficient only if you possess analytical skills.

2. Problem-solving ability

Why do we develop Software? To solve our customer’s problem. Software development requires programmers and developers to understand their customer’s issues and then create a viable solution. It is your responsibility to identify different ways to resolve a problem and then patiently and strategically tackle any problems.

3. Motivation

Software developers face various mind-boggling and discouraging issues while working on an application. If a software developer is not motivated to finish what they started, it wouldn’t be possible to stick with the development.

4. Teamwork

You can take up special certification courses from any private educational institution with a good reputation to learn programming languages. You can take up online courses from top names such as Google, Microsoft, and others to strengthen your resume. This will eventually brush up your skills and help you pursue a better career in Software Development.

The online education system is booming now, and you do not need to step out anymore to gain knowledge. Just type in your course requirements, and you will find the best educational institutions providing you online classes to give you clear concepts about different software development aspects.

Roles & Responsibilities of Software Developers

A Software Developer manages to handle a plethora of duties to ensure that a product is designed and implemented seamlessly to give productive output. Here are some of them that are most commonly expected of a Software Developer:

  • They must have Expert ideas about a different programming language for handling clients and customers’ diverse software needs. They handle the designing, researching, and implementing activities for the software programs.
  • The Software Developers usually are also equipped with testing & evaluating measures to ensure high-end product delivery.
  • The Software Developers usually also take concern for the modifications of the developed Software and implement them all to improve its performance.
  • They develop intuitive codes to carry out different feature integrations in the Software.
  • Apart from developing the Software, the developers also offer services to train the users or clients with the software’s perks.
  • Constant training and education are also essential for them to grow with their knowledge and expertise to become proficient Software Developers.

These are just a few of the many duties they handle to help the clients achieve their business goals. There are many hardships and efforts that they put in to ensure complete expertise in the field.

Qualities Acquired by A Software Developer

Apart from mastering all the qualifications, requirements, and skills, there are certain qualities that you need to impose on to brush up your Software Developer discipline. Here are some qualities that every Software Developer possesses and is also passed on to the new aspirants pursuing a career in this field.

1. Working in Teams

Teamwork is the best attribute that every Software Developer needs to emphasize mastering the project works. Every project has diverse complexities that a lone developer cannot understand and implement completely. Therefore, they need different software technicians to work together to ensure better project delivery within the stipulated deadline.

Moreover, it becomes essential for the developers to interact with one another to share experiences and knowledge to complete complex software projects. Empathy and communication come hand in hand for someone who wants to become a Software Developer.

2. Fast Learning Ability

The Software Developers need to be good at learning new technologies at every interval, as this would help them learn new processes to approach for the development works. The analytical mind that they possess shall always capture new ideas and frame them in codes to develop new software features.

The Software Developers start from a point and make the strategy to reach the next point or phase of development. They need to keep in mind all the clients’ requirements and needs and improvise new ideas and features to make the Software even better for the customers to use. So, this is one kind of attribute that makes Software Developers’ work process highly efficient.

3. Efficient Communication

Without efficient communication skills, it is challenging for Software Developers to showcase their expertise to clients. Therefore, all Software Developers are good at communication skills in both verbal and written form to ensure that they convey their expertise and knowledge in the clients’ desired language.

In any organization, the Software Developers are allowed to interact with the clients to complete the development works. This is probably done everywhere. If the communication attribute is weak from the developer’s end, the client’s rapport with the organization would break and eventually hamper your work impression. So, it is always better to keep brushing up on your communication skills if you are in software development.

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Path to become a software developer

Get your Degree

Yes, we know. You have the skills; you have the ability; why do you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science?

But most employers require their employees to usually have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and in software development in any of the computer-related areas, including computer programming and computer science.

The bachelor’s degree of the developers must be from any regionally accredited institution to know their quality of education.

The higher the degree you have, the more chances you will have of increasing your salary and promotion.

Experience matters

Depending on the role for which you are applying, the experience requirement will change. 

Your software developers’  work experience is demonstrated on resumes, portfolios, and cover letters.

However, most undergraduates do not have much field experience. Thus it would be an excellent choice to pursue internships during or after graduation to gain that much-required experience for your dream job.

In this online world, there are many coding bootcamps that you can exploit for your benefit and gain experience.

Get Accredited

Some of the significant certifications, such as Amazon Software Services, Oracle, Microsoft, and Cloudera, allow professionals to secure high-end projects.

These certifications let your employer know that you possess a thorough knowledge of your field and that you can work with it comfortably.

These credentials can boost a software developer salary, increase promotion and developer jobs opportunities, and help you leave an impression on your employer.

These certification programs can be easily found online, or as a student, you can reach out to your universities for further clarification.

What Are the Working Areas of Software Developers?

Software Developers are required in almost all fields, including finance, insurance, website design, web application design, company management, manufacturing, and many other sectors. You must know that there is excellent scope in pursuing a career in Software Development.

Most web development companies hire Software Developers to make responsive applications for the client’s business needs. Moreover, the Software Developers are also proficient in developing web applications for the clients to make the website more intuitive.

Today, the need for Software is rising on a large scale as everything you think of is now available online. For budding entrepreneurs, Software Developers are quite essential to help them develop great applications to handle business operations. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the Software Developers’ employment will grow by 21% by the end of the year 2028.

Influential technology firms such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc., are the organizations where most software developers dream to work. 

Some of them get this dream fulfilled, whereas many others work with other large, medium, and small firms.

Here we have a table mapping various services and developer jobs opportunities in the software field with the number of people employed and the mean annual wage.

IndustriesNo. of people employedSalary
Computer Systems Design and Related Services126,960$112,810
Software Publishers21,970$113,540
Navigational, measuring, Control, and Electromedical Instruments Manufacturing21,300$112,860

Salary Perks of Software Developers

A software developer salary depends upon their experience and expertise in the field. Arguably, Software Developers might be fresher without any company experience. But they need to brush up their skills by taking separate courses and certifications to let the organizations believe they are hiring a good developer who would require less training efforts to start working live.

The next thing that puts an impact on salary is the work output that you show. Developers must ensure that the clients given to them take the delivery happily instead of showing signs of regrets. This will decide whether you deserve a salary hike or a demotion.

Being a Software Developer is easy, but mastering the technicalities takes time. It would be best to keep practicing to improve your skills to get a high payout while deciding on pursuing this as your career. It would eventually be one of the best decisions.

In the US, software developers have varying pay based on their working location:

2.New Hampshire$126,790
4.New Jersey$123,370

Thus, we can say that being a software engineer in California is better than in Washington. Here, it needs to be noted that these salaries are not absolute and may vary based on your experience and the organization you work for.

Professional resources for Software Developers

Although you have left your university and are searching for developer jobs opportunities, or you are employed already but are looking for ways to improve chances of promotion or getting a higher salary, learning should never stop.

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Cultivating the hard and soft skills are both equally essential for aspiring applications software developers. They must focus on strengthening their portfolio over time by developing as many projects as they can.

Here we are listing some education and portfolio resources to help you gain that boost to take the next step in your career.

Education Resources

LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows its users to access soft and hard skill courses. You can improve your knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C#, and python with this platform.

Udemy – There are more than 100,000 courses of self-paced learning programs on this platform. Applications Software developers can pursue Linux, Ethical Hacking, Cyber Security, Amazon Web Services, etc.

Coursera – Lectures of experts from top universities such as Yale and the University of Pennsylvania can be accessed on Coursera. There are more than 3,900 courses in various fields, including information technology and computer science, on this platform.

Udacity – You can obtain professional development courses on computer science and related topics on the Udacity platform. Courses on data structures, full-stack web development, and machine learning can be accessed here.

Portfolio Resources

Iron hack – You can access intensive programs on data analytics, web development, and UX/UI design worldwide and can complete these courses with successful projects.

Google Code – Google offers Google Code Archives where students in their programs can access open-source projects.

Hack Reactor – Hack Reactor is a coding boot camp that offers students an online and on-campus opportunity to build software projects. The students who can successfully develop their Software can then launch that functioning application in the market.

Codecademy – On this platform, you can access numerous paid and free courses on programming languages, data visualization, web development, and many others. 

Tips for newbies

Keep learning

Just because you have secured a job as a software developer does not mean that you stop learning. New cutting-edge technologies are coming out every hour, and it is your job to stay updated with them. The best way to keep updated and stay on course with your goal is to find a mentor.

Make goals

Anyone who wishes to succeed needs to have goals. Yes, it might be hard to follow through but in those difficult times is when you need to push through. Make short-term (2-5 years) and long-term goals. Also, keeping up with previous advice, try to find two mentors, one for your short-term goal and the other for the longer term.

Be inquisitive

Ask. Ask again. Ask until you don’t understand. Don’t just nod because that way, you won’t be growing. Sometimes you might be familiar with the language, but you might not be familiar with your organization’s usage of it. So, pay attention. 

Keep a good attitude

Some of the work like documentation and waiting for unit testing to clear your code might seem annoying. But remember to keep a good attitude towards them because these developer jobs are also a part of developing excellent Software. 

Keep an eye out for opportunities

Especially when you are a part of large organizations, there might be times when a fantastic opportunity comes your way, but you missed the chance to get it. Always try to keep an eye out for them. They might come in the form of a quick reaction team, tiger team, small task forces, or anything else.


These are a few of the details that developers must know about if you are planning on pursuing a career in this field. Make sure you take up all the educational requirements to come out as a great Software Developer with various life perks ahead.

A software developer learns the user’s needs, then designs a product and tests it to fulfill those requirements. They rely on models and diagrams to guide their coding.

Software developers are those creative mind designing tools that can design new apps, web browsers, games, databases, operating systems. These geniuses are the ones behind the advancement of technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the roles and responsibilities of a software developer?

A software developer is responsible for understanding customer’s requirements, designing appropriate Software, implementing those designs, and managing the software applications. They are also accountable for self-testing their developed applications and writing efficient code.

What is a developer job description?

A software developer analyzes the client’s requirements and helps create and test the required Software from start to finish. Software developers brainstorm viable solutions, discuss and research needs, and then determine the best course of action to create the application.

What careers involve coding?

Various careers involve coding, such as Software Application Developer, Computer Systems Design Engineer, Business Intelligence Analyst, Computer Systems Programmer, Web Developer, Database Administrator, Software Quality Assurance (QA) engineer, etc.

What are the skills required in a software developer?

A software developer is required to possess:
Mathematical Ability
Multiple Programming Language knowledge
Time management skills
Problem-solving skills
Organizational skills
Accuracy in coding
Attention to detail

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