12 Fixes For Roku Low Power: Insufficient Power

roku low power

Roku is ideal for anyone who wants unrestricted access to movies and TV shows. Of course, if it doesn’t work, it’s not much fun. Roku may fail to switch on at times, or you may receive frequent warnings about Roku low power.

If the power on your Roku is low, only use the power cable and adapter that came with it. The Roku device will not receive adequate power from the USB port. Additionally, ensure that the network connection is robust and steady.

Any problems with the Roku are bothersome because we discover them when we’re attempting to unwind. This article will assist you in fixing difficulties with the Roku not powering on or not having enough power.

Problem Overview: Roku Low Power

Online streaming devices are available from various firms, including Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Firestick. Even though these devices now hold the top spot in the market, Roku devices are giving them a run for their money.

Roku is also regarded as one of the greatest internet streaming devices available. Roku devices allow you to broadcast web content on large displays like televisions.

To use Roku to access these online streaming services, you must be connected to the internet. However, when you plug your Roku streaming stick into your TV’s USB port, you’ll see an error message that says Roku Low Power.

It simply implies that the TV to which the Roku device is attached cannot deliver the necessary power. You see the Roku Low Power error as a result of the following cases:

  • If the USB cable you’re using to connect your Roku device to your TV is cheap or old, it won’t work properly.
  • You’re well aware that the USB ports on your television are set to different power ratings. As a result, the port to which you have connected your Roku device cannot provide the necessary power supply.
  • You could connect your TV and Roku devices via power extensions and HDMI cables.
  • The adapter has been damaged.

After determining the cause of the Roku Low Power problem, you may resolve it using the techniques listed below.

Roku Insufficient Power Signs

Most of the time, the TV’s USB power is inadequate to power Roku streaming devices and streaming sticks. Two Roku low power warning signals indicate insufficient power.

Low-Power Warning on Screen

When your Roku streaming device powers up, you’ll get a warning notice if the TV’s USB port isn’t providing enough power.

During your streaming, you may also see a pop-up notification from your Roku that states, “Please use a wall outlet USB power adapter to power your Roku device” or “Please use a wall outlet USB power adapter to power your Roku device.” The USB port on the TV isn’t powerful enough.”

Flashing Red Light

Each Roku device usually has a light in front of it. This light is normally off or white, but it may flash when you push buttons on your remote. On the other hand, Roku devices offer a warning through flashing lights when there is inadequate power.

If your red light is steady rather than blinking, your Roku device is heating up, and you should unplug it right once.

Your Roku device is acting weirdly due to a low power issue. For example, if your Roku device is crashing and becoming unpredictable and unstable, it is likely due to a lack of power and requires a new power supply.

Roku Blue Light Blinking

Remove the power wires from the Roku player and unplug them. Allow at least 10 minutes for the device to be idle. Reconnect the connections to the device and verify whether the blue light is blinking again.

Roku Overheating

To prevent your Roku device from overheating, disconnect it as soon as possible. Place the gadget in a cool, well-ventilated environment after that. Reconnect the cords and turn the gadget on after it has cooled down.

Roku Blinking Purple Light

Remove the power wires from the Roku player to turn it off. Disconnect the USB cord from the device after that. Wait a few minutes before connecting the USB cord to the Roku device. You’ll see the purple light blinking when you switch on the gadget.

Roku Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi.

You’ll need to reset the network settings if your Roku device isn’t connecting to the internet through Wi-Fi. To do so, go to Settings and select System from the drop-down menu. Select Network Connection Reset from the Advanced System Settings menu. Finally, choose Factory Reset to revert to the factory defaults.

Roku Soundbar Flashing Light

Connect the cable to a different HDMI port to determine whether the problem has been resolved. If the problem persists, buy a new HDMI cable and attach it to the device to disable the flashing lights.

Causes of Roku Low Power Issue

There might be a variety of explanations for Roku’s inadequate power difficulties, but I’ve included some of the more typical ones below. These are some of them:

The Roku gadget comes with a USB cord ideal for giving enough power. It might be because it’s old, and its state has deteriorated over time if it’s not performing correctly. It’s also possible that you’re using a USB cable that isn’t compatible with your Roku device.

It’s also possible that the port you’re using is causing an issue. Different USB ports’ power ratings vary, so the one you’re using might not be enough to power a Roku device or its streaming stick. Before you assume your gadget is defective, try alternate USB ports.

Now that you know why your Roku device displays a “low power” warning, I believe it would be beneficial to learn how much power Roku consumes so that we may locate suitable replacements for Roku’s USB cable and USB port.

Tips To Avoid Roku Low Power

  • You Must Use Branded And Company USB Cables To Avoid This Roku Low Power Error. Also, replace the older cables with new ones to resolve these issues.
  • Ensure that the Roku device is properly connected to the USB slot. Also, clean the USB slot to remove dust and properly connect the cables.
  • If you have any low voltage issues in your home, fix them so your Roku devices can work without any problems.

How Much Power Does Roku Consume?

As previously stated, utilizing a low-energy USB cable or port that can’t deliver enough power to run the Roku device efficiently is one of the most prevalent reasons for the Roku stick’s low power.

As a result, it’s important to understand the power needs of Roku devices to avoid future issues.

On the whole, Roku streaming devices and sticks require very little energy. For example, if you’re watching 4K and HDR material on your Roku Ultra, your device will use about 4.5 watts. A Roku streaming stick uses only 3 watts, which is far less than comparable streaming devices.

Furthermore, because there is no “off” button on the Roku device, it will continue to use electricity if it is plugged into a wall outlet. But don’t worry; it’s not a big deal. If you use the USB connector on the back of your TV, however, the Roku device and streaming stick will likewise be “off” when the TV is turned off.

Using the USB port on the TV is a terrible idea since it delivers inadequate energy. A TV USB connector only delivers 2.5 watts of power, so you can see where the issue emerges if you’re streaming 4K HDR on the Roku Ultra gadget. As a result, the Roku USB adapter and cable that came with the Roku device are the best option.

How Do I Fix Low Power on Roku?

Before we go into the “how to solve Roku low power” section, there are a few things you should do if you notice the warning indicators.

Power Cycle The Roku Device:

The first and most important methods for resolving the Roku Low Power problem are listed below.

  • Disconnect the power cable from the Roku device to turn it off.
  • Remove the USB cable from the device at this point.
  • Replug the USB cable into the device after a few minutes have passed.
  • Check To See If The Low Power Issue Has Been Solved By Turning On The Roku Device.

Check The USB Cable:

Some customers use inexpensive USB cords or broken wires to connect their Roku device to the TV. Simultaneously, the Roku Low Power issue occurs when you utilize cords other than those provided by Roku.

If you’re using cheap or ineffective USB cables, swap them out with the Roku cable.

Clean The USB Slots:

Low power voltage difficulties might also be caused by poor Roku device and TV maintenance. The cords will not function properly if the USB slots are clogged with dust.

So, clean the slots before reinstalling the USB wires. You will never have to deal with the Roku Low Power issue.

Steps To Fix Roku Low Power Issue

Check whether the red light continues to flicker or if the low power warning indicator appears.

Don’t worry if the red lights continue to flash; I have a few more tricks on my sleeve. So, if you’re wondering, “how can I solve insufficient power on my Roku,” simply follow the below steps. Try the other options if one doesn’t work for you.

  1. Plug the Device into Another USB Port
  2. Replace the USB Cable
  3. Roku Insufficient Power Plugged Into Wall
  4. Remove Extensions
  5. Connect Adapter Properly
  6. Clear Cache
  7. Use The Direct Wall Outlet
  8. Remote Reset
  9. Factory Reset
  10. Reset Button
  11. Check for update
  12. Contact Official Support

Now let us go through each solution one by one:

Solution 1: Plug the Device into Another USB Port

Plug the Device into Another USB Port

The most typical technique for dealing with the Roku low power warning is using a different USB port. Why? Because the voltage rating of each USB port varies, and the output changes depending on the TV device.

Another reason your TV’s USB connection isn’t producing enough power is that it may have become broken due to repeated plugging in and out. As a result, it’s a good idea to test a different USB port on your TV to see if the warning disappears.

Solution 2: Replace the USB Cable

Replace the USB Cable

Another reason your Roku device is displaying low power warning indications is that you are utilizing an ineffective USB cord. The Roku streaming device comes with a USB cable; stick with the original cord for optimal performance.

You will have similar problems if you use cheap and defective wires that do not offer enough power. If the original isn’t functioning, you’ll need to acquire charging cords that meet the Roku device’s power requirements. I hope this Roku low-power fix is useful!

Solution 3: Roku Insufficient Power Plugged Into Wall

Another simple Roku low-power solution is to use a wall outlet. Instead of connecting your Roku device to the TV’s USB connection, you may power it straight from a wall socket. A specialized adaptor is also included with the Roku device. 

It ensures that the Roku device receives the proper voltage, guaranteeing you won’t have any power troubles shortly. Avoid using any extensions by plugging the adaptor straight into the wall outlet.

Solution 4: Remove Extensions

Are you connecting your TV and Roku devices with power extension cords or HDMI extension cables? Though it is quite beneficial, it does have certain drawbacks, such as overheating. This error message will appear on the screen if the device becomes overheated. 

Many people use the power and HDMI extensions to connect their TV to their Roku streaming device. However, this might result in inadequate power, malfunction, and overheating of the extension.

As a result, all HDMI and other extensions should be removed, and the original high-quality power cord should be used instead.

Solution 5: Connect Adapter Properly

 Connect Adapter Properly

Another typical error individuals make while using their Roku device is failing to double-check that all extensions and cords are correctly attached. As a result, ensure the charger is securely attached to the Roku device and that the adapter is properly inserted into the power outlet.

It won’t deliver enough power to the device if it’s loose, resulting in the Roku low power alert. This patch may be sufficient to repair your Roku’s insufficient power issue.

Solution 6: Clear Cache

Even if you’ve tried all the solutions above, your Roku device may perform erratically and unpredictably. You may need to clear the cache if experiencing difficulties such as buffering, program crashes, or screen freezing.

To do so, go to the main screen by pressing the “Home” button on your remote. Then, on your remote, tap the following keys:

5 times on Home > 1 time on Up > 2 times on Rewind > 2 times on Fast Forward

This combination will reboot your Roku device and clean the cache, which should resolve any difficulties.

Solution 7: Use The Direct Wall Outlet

Use The Direct Wall Outlet

Instead of connecting to the TV, it is preferable to put the Roku device into a wall socket to ensure it is powered correctly. Above all, you must use the charger with your Roku device.

So that the Roku device receives the proper voltage and no error messages are shown. If the Roku Low Power problem persists, contact the official support staff for assistance.

Solution 8: Remote Reset

You must press a precise sequence of buttons on the remote to reset it. The sequence may appear absurd, but it is essentially a form of communication between the remote and the Roku software. It will only take a few minutes, but they will be well-spent.

  • 5 times press the Home button
  • One time, press the Up button.
  • Push the Rewind button twice more.
  • 2 times press the Fast Forward button

Solution 9: Factory Reset

Roku factory resets should only be used as a last resort. All information saved on Roku will be erased if you perform a factory reset.

Your saved personal preferences and channels will be wiped clean. Roku will be wiped clean and reset to its factory default settings, exactly as it was when you bought it.

While this form of reset puts some people off, it is the most effective if all other options have failed. Removing all saved preferences and data will also force any pending upgrades and fix hardware faults.

If you wish to attempt it, follow the procedures below to do a factory reset.

Factory Reset
  • Press the Home button on your Roku control.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Choose a system.
  • Advanced System Settings should be selected.
  • Factory Reset is the option to choose.
  • To finish the reset, follow any on-screen prompts.

Solution 10: Reset Button

This step was not addressed previously since it is unavailable on all Roku TVs or streaming devices. This button will function similarly to the factory reset button discussed earlier. Everything you’ve saved on Roku will be erased, and the device will be returned to factory default settings.

Look for the Reset button on the Roku TV, streaming device, or stick. For 30 seconds, press and hold the button. When the reset is complete, the power indicator light on the Roku device will begin to flash. Release the reset button once the light starts flashing.

Solution 11: Check for Update

Check for Update

The Roku will not function properly if an update is absent or if old data from a previous version is still there.

Every technological piece of equipment requires regular updates. This is how they get the most up-to-date information to improve their performance and access more advanced security measures. If an update is outdated, the software’s operation will be hampered by outdated data.

Roku should update itself. However, it is not uncommon for updates to take a long time to install or to be halted in the event of a power loss. These instructions will help you upgrade Roku.

  • Press the Home button on your Roku control.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Go to System Preferences.
  • Go to System Update and update your system.
  • Choose Now from the menu.

Solution 12: Contact Official Support

Users have reported that our approaches have helped them resolve the Roku Low Power issue. One or more tips in this article will allow you to stream online media material without errors.

If you’re still having trouble, go to the official Roku community. You may find the instructions for resolving the Roku Low Power problem here.

You may contact Roku’s Customer Support directly if you can’t discover anything informative. Sign in to your account and chat or call them for assistance in resolving the issue.

Roku Keeps Saying Low Power

You don’t want to see a pop-up box that says “Low Power” while sitting in your favorite recliner, watching your favorite movie. The power cord is plugged in after a cursory inspection. What may be the issue?

Connecting the Roku to the TV using a USB cord will constantly state low power. Disconnect the Roku from the rear of your TV’s USB port. Connect the USB cable to the Roku adapter and plug the Roku into a power socket once again.

On average, Roku streaming devices and sticks consume very little energy. Still, if they are not properly connected or if you are not using the correct charging connection, you will hear a low power warning or see a flashing red light.

The USB port is the fault since it can only emit a certain amount of watts. The issue arises when Roku wants 4.5 watts of power while streaming, but the TV’s USB connector only offers 2.5 watts.

If your power supply is too low, your Roku will frequently crash. One method to overcome this difficulty is using the power cable and adapter that came with Roku.

Because the Roku adapter is connected to a wall socket, Roku does not need to be powered up every time the TV is switched on. Because the TV does not power it, Roku will already be on and operate quicker.

Roku No Power Light

Roku’s power is shown via the power indicator light. The light not working may appear a little inconvenient, yet it might suggest something that deserves our attention.

If the Roku does not have a power light, it signifies that the TV or streaming device is not receiving enough power. If you’re using an older USB cable, it might not be powerful enough to handle the power transfer.

Power Cords

It’s rather simple to figure out whether the power cables cause the Roku’s lack of power light. The cables will be physically damaged or disconnected entirely.

Power Adapters

The power adaptor sends the electrical impulses to the Roku TV or streaming device. There will be no power light if the power adapter is not working.

Before you go out and get a new adapter, ensure the one you have is securely fastened. Those electrical signals will not be able to turn on the power indication light if there is a loose connection.

Power Outlet

Check if the lights are on when you plug Roku into a different power source. Unplug Roku from the power strip and plug it straight into a wall outlet if it’s linked to one. The power strip may be producing a power shortage.

Roku Error Insufficient Power

Because of the Low Power warning, you’ve performed all the above actions, but now you’re being told that there isn’t enough power. Don’t be concerned. This is why it’s occurring.

If you get a Roku error notice about inadequate power, the issue is most likely with the USB connection. The cable receives just a little amount of electricity from USB ports. The quantity of electricity supplied by different USB ports varies. To test if another port works better, try using a different one.

Many individuals use Power Extensions and HDMI cords to connect their TV and Roku devices. These extension cords may appear to be a wonderful idea, but they might cause the Roku device to overheat.

Roku Won’t Work After Power Outage.

Our electronic equipment suffers greatly during power shortages. The Roku may freeze as a result of the spike in restoring power. Information being transferred before the interruption is still being transmitted while new information attempts to arrive. As a result, the Roku will not operate.

The internet connection should be the first location to look for problems. Make that the router and modem are both powered up. Check whether Roku has a network connection as soon as they’re turned on.

The procedures listed below can be used to check Roku’s network.

  • To get started, go to the Roku home page.
  • Go to the Settings menu.
  • Choose a system.
  • Advanced System Settings should be selected.
  • Select Reset Network Connection from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Reset Connection from the menu. This will clear up all of your current Wi-Fi connection data.
  • Return to the Settings menu and choose Network.
  • Set Up A New Connection is the option to choose.
  • To re-enter your network, follow the on-screen instructions.

Turn down the Roku TV or streaming device and detach it from its power supply if it won’t operate after a power loss. Allow at least 30 seconds for the TV or gadget to cool down. Reconnect the Roku TV or device after 30 seconds.


To summarize, Roku devices are quite popular for streaming web entertainment to your televisions. It, too, provides the greatest service to consumers, similar to Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast.

We may eliminate the Roku Low Power issue by utilizing branded USB cables, replacing broken adapters, and using a direct power outlet, among other things.

Hopefully, you’ve figured out how to fix the Roku Low Power issue.


Why Is My Roku Device Showing A “Low Power” Warning Even When Plugged Into The Outlet?

The issue may be with the USB cord you’re using. A longer USB cord reduces the power required to run the stick, resulting in the warning you’re seeing. As a result, acquire a high-quality, short, and appropriate USB cable with the same power specifications as you need.

Why Won’t My Roku TV Turn On?

If your Roku TV won’t turn on, ensure the power cord is correctly attached. Unplugging and replugging the power cord is preferable to switching it on without errors. If the Roku device continues to cause issues, hit the reset button on the device.

What Does The Roku Secret Screen Do?

The auto-pair, cycle screenshot, log theme details, and cycle ad-banner may all be removed using your Roku device’s hidden screen or secret screen.

How Do I Fix The Roku Insufficient Power And Low Power Warning In My Roku Device?

Connect your Roku device to another USB port on the TV using the included adapter or straight to the wall socket.