11 Solutions For Roblox Keeps Crashing Issue

Many users face the problem of Roblox keeps crashing we will tell you some solutions that will surely help you. Roblox is one of the most popular platforms that has several games. Several developers have worked on this platform to allow players to build their virtual worlds. Additionally, the players can also create games that others can play. Those games can be played by the creator and others as well. 

roblox keeps crashing

With a lot more updates along the way, Roblox has been able to enhance its system. The players are given a lot more features which have made it more popular over the years. However, along with those updates, players often come across several issues, one of them being frequent crashes. 

Why does the Roblox keep crashing?

There may be several factors that lead to Roblox crashing time and again. Even though numerous updates fix some issues, most of the time, the players keep facing crashes and lagging of the games. 

One of the main reasons for Roblox crashing is the outdated drivers. Sometimes when the graphics drivers are not updated, the game tends to stutter and crash. Additionally, the players might have an anti-virus installed, which protects the PC and blocks certain functions of Roblox. 

Most of the time, it is recommended that the PC is high-powered, especially while playing games. Due to the high graphics of the game, low powered PC might not be able to support the same, and hence it keeps crashing. 

The players also need to note that the installed version of Roblox is not corrupted. There may be a possibility of the game being installed in a corrupted form, which often leads to crashing. 

While playing the game, it is necessary to close certain background applications. Since the background applications take a lot of memory and space, closing the same can help avoid Roblox crashing often. 

Solutions To Fix Roblox Keeps Crashing Windows 10

  1. Disable Third-Party Antivirus Program
  2. Check Roblox System Requirements
  3. Clear Cache
  4. Disable Discord Overlay
  5. Update Graphics Driver
  6. Verify the Game Settings
  7. Perform a Clean Boot
  8. Run the Game as Admin
  9. Update Windows 10
  10. Update Roblox
  11. Reinstall the Game

1. Disable Third-Party Antivirus Program

Roblox may be crashing on your computer because you are using an overprotective third-party antivirus. If this is the case, try disabling your antivirus program and see if Roblox starts working properly.

Disabling your antivirus program can leave your PC vulnerable to attack. Many viruses and malware programs are specifically designed to disable or circumvent antivirus protection, so by disabling your antivirus, you are essentially opening yourself up to these attacks.

In addition, many of the more serious attacks will often disable or delete the antivirus program, leaving your computer completely unprotected.

If your antivirus is blocking Roblox, you can add Roblox to the exception list of your antivirus so that it does not detect Roblox as a threat.

First, open the start menu and type “settings.” Then, navigate to the home tab and select “settings.” Finally, under “system,” find and disable the third-party antivirus program.

If you’re having problems with a third-party antivirus program, it’s possible to disable it. First, look for the General tab and then click on Exclusions. You should see a list of programs that have been excluded from scanning. To remove the third-party antivirus program, select it and click on Remove.

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If you are experiencing problems with Roblox, one possible solution is to add it to the exclusion list in your antivirus software. Go to Settings > Troubleshooting > Exclusions for Avast antivirus and add Roblox.exe. For AVG antivirus, go to Menu> Protection > Firewall and uncheck the box next to “Enable AVG Protection.”

In case you are having issues with your firewall and Roblox, you can disable your third-party antivirus program and try adding Roblox through Windows Firewall. If that still doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to contact the Support Team for more help.

2. Check Roblox System Requirements

All games require some computing power to function smoothly; hence it is important to check the system requirements before commencing the game. Even though Roblox does not require very high computing power, there may be times when the system cannot handle the platform’s requirements. 

Checking the basic and minimum system requirements may also immensely help you avoid the problem of the platform crashing several times. If your PC cannot fulfill the requirements, some changes can be made within the system itself. 

Some of the minimum requirements of the system include, the PC should have an operating system of either Windows 10, 8.1, 8, or 7. Additionally, the PC’s RAM should also be 1GB or higher than that. 

The processor should be 1.6 GHz from 2005. Moreover, the GPU should also be able to support DirectX 10 or anything higher than that. It should be released at least five years or later than that. 

If your PC does not reach some of the requirements mentioned above, upgrading the system can easily help you run the game smoothly. Moreover, if you have upgraded the system already and are still facing some issues, you can also lower the graphics settings. 

3. Clear Cache

Browsers and other platforms often store cache and data as well. The browsers generally store the data and other activity histories. This allows them to load the website that the user has already visited. 

Over time, the data and cache get corrupted and accumulate to such an extent that the system is lagging. Clearing the data and cache will immensely help the system speed up and prevent other platforms and applications from crashing. 

4. Disable Discord Overlay

Another solution could be through discord overlay. With the rising popularity of Discord, most players use the overlay features to play with their peers. Discord Overlay enables people to join groups, be on calls and also create other additional features in the game itself. 

If you use Discord Overlay and also face several issues with Roblox crashing and lagging, you can disable the same and check whether it’s the root cause or not. Since Discord is functioning in the background, it is obvious that Roblox may lag. 

Both the platforms require power from the system. Due to this reason, sometimes, due to the excessive usage of power, either platform start lagging or crashing. 

To avoid these problems, you can disable Discord Overlay by following a few simple steps. You can either disable it directly through the application or disable it only from Roblox. 

If you want to disable Discord Overlay only from Roblox, you can follow these steps.

  • Open the Discord application. 
  • Locate the User setting within the application and click on the icon next to the username. 
Discord user settings
  • Click on App Settings and then select Overlay. 
Discord overlay settings
  • Then select the toggle that has the option of “Enable in-game overlay.”
  • You can then select Roblox from the option. 
Roblox discord overlay

This helps in allowing Discord Overlay in other games or platforms but restricts it in Roblox. You can also disable all the platforms by turning off the toggle in the same Menu without selecting any specific game. 

This would mean that the Discord Overlay is disabled through all applications and platforms. Once you turn it off, you might also be able to run the platform without any crashes and lagging. 

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5. Update Graphics Driver

While playing any game or running any software on the PC, the system and the graphics have to be kept updated. Especially since Roblox requires an updated GPU, the drivers should also use the latest version. Moreover, the graphics driver is an integral part, especially while playing games using platforms like these. 

It is important to ensure that the driver has also been installed properly in the system. Updating the driver will help the gaming experience be smooth, without any crashes or stuttering. 

Updating the graphics will not only enhance the gaming experience but also fix all the bugs that disrupt the game. The graphics driver can either be updated by yourself or automatically. 

If you want to update the driver manually, you can do so by following these steps.

  • Download the driver from any of the manufacturer’s websites. Some of them include Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. It is important to download the driver from authentic websites only. 
  • After downloading the file, install the driver by following the instructions given on the screen itself. 

If the required driver is already installed in your system, you can upgrade it through the Device Manager. For that method, you can do the following.

  • To open the Quick Access Menu, press on Windows and X. 
  • After that, you can click on the Device Manager and select Display Adapters. 
  • Select the video card by using right-click
  • Click on Update Driver. 

These steps will allow you to update the graphics driver without any hassle. After the update is done, the system will automatically be rebooted. You can then check whether Roblox is still crashing even after the update. 

6. Verify The Game Settings

You can change certain settings within the game itself, and this helps in preventing it from crashing often. Moreover, the PC might not have the graphic drive or power for the game to run smoothly. 

The players can reset some of the default settings. Most of the time, this is done by adjusting the game’s graphics. If the graphics quality is lowered, the game will automatically stop using a lot of power. 

Adjusting the graphics quality will immensely improve the gaming experience. Since this must be done through the platform itself, you will have to launch the game first. 

  • Start Roblox and launch the game first as well. 
  • Select the Roblox icon that is located in the top left corner. 
roblox graphics settings
  • OR press the ESC key to open the Menu. 
  • Select Settings and change the Graphics mode.
  • Change the mode to Manual. 
  • You can also click on the minus or plus sign for Graphics quality. 
Graphics settings
  • After you are done adjusting the quality, press ESC again. 

You will have to click on the minus sign to lower the quality of the graphics. There is a high possibility that the game will stop crashing after you do this since the system cannot handle high power consumption most of the time. 

7. Perform A Clean Boot

It is integral for the user to try several methods to address the problem of Roblox crashing often. Moreover, one of the easiest ways to prevent lagging and crashing is by clearing all the applications. 

Performing a clean boot will allow you to disable several applications from running in the background. A clean boot would be mean disabling the third-party applications and only running the game. 

If this method fixes the problem of Roblox lagging and crashing, then there might be an application installed in the system that is causing the problem. Most of the time, it is the large files or applications that take up a lot of power from the system. 

You can easily perform a clean boot by following these steps.

  • Press Windows and R on your keyboard, which will open the Run dialog box. 
  • Type “msconfig” on the dialog box and press Enter. 
  • This will lead you to a new window, the System Configuration window. 
  • Select the Services tab on that window. 
  • On the bottom left corner, there is an option of “Hide all Microsoft services” click on it. 
  • Then select the Disable all option.
  • After that, click on Apply. 
  • Change the tab by clicking on Startup and then selecting Open Task Manager. 
  • Once you open this tab, click on the applications one at a time and select Disable in the bottom right corner. 
  • You can then restart your system after that. 
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8. Run The Game As Admin

You can also try running the program as an admin to fix the issue. You will have to select Run as administrator to try this method. This can be done by following a few steps.

  • Right-click on the Roblox file
  • Select the Properties option from the menu. 
  • Click on the Compatibility tab in the same window. 
  • Select Run this program as an administrator. 
  • You can then click on Ok and Apply.

You can try launching Roblox after that and see if it is crashing or not. 

9. Update Windows

It is integral to update Windows for all PC users. Updating the software regularly allows the system to reduce glitches and fix bugs. Updated versions also help avoid crashes and bring in many new features. 

You can update the software from the system settings itself. You can do so by following these steps.

  • Press I and Windows on the keyboard, and this will allow you to go to the Windows Settings menu. 
  • Select Update and security from the Menu
  • Click on Check for updates which are under the Windows Update section
  • You can download and install the update, which will take some time to be installed. 
  • After that, you will have to restart the system. 

10. Update Roblox

You will have to make sure that your system is connected to wifi. You will have to restart the PC, additionally, you can either sign out of your account so that it becomes easier to reboot or start afresh once you update it. 

You can easily update the game on the browser. You can do so by visiting the Roblox Website and clicking on the Roblox web client. You will have to enter your details there and log in. 

As soon as you update the game, you will be able to start playing, and there will be a minimum number of glitches, and no crashes as well. 

While updating the game from the browser, you can also clear all the data and cache to free more space. 

11. Reinstall The Game

You can try reinstalling the game by the following method to reboot. 

  • Press I and Windows, which will lead you to the Windows Settings
  • Click on Apps and select Roblox from the list
  • Click on it and select Uninstall
  • Go to the file explorer and search Roblox in the search bar. 
  • Select the folder and delete it. 
  • After that, you can restart your PC and open Microsoft Store
  • Search Roblox and press the GET button. 


Due to several issues, Roblox can keep crashing and having glitches. However, you can try numerous methods to resolve this problem, and keeping the system and game up to date is very important. 


Why does Roblox keep crashing?

There can be several reasons as to why Roblox keeps crashing. Sometimes the system might not be up to date, or it might not be able to handle high power as well. Stored data and cache in browsers will also prevent the game from crashing.

Why does Roblox keep crashing on your desktop or mobile device?

The system might not reach the platform’s requirements, and the software on both devices should also be updated frequently. A failure to do so might lead to Roblox crashing. 

How to fix Roblox keeps crashing?

The regular software and game updates might lower Roblox crashing chances. Additionally, upgrading the graphics driver might also help resolve the issue.