6 Fixes For Roblox Error Code 279

Roblox is an online platform made for players to show their creativity by developing games inside the platform and playing multiple multiplayer games created by other people active on the Roblox platform.

Roblox is an amazingly popular game with 43.2 million daily active users. It is one of the most popular games among gen Z.

Roblox Error Code 279

Some users are often faced with a Roblox error code 279, which is the error code that appears usually because of any connection issues. There are other error codes that might appear like the error code 267 which can also be fixed easily.

Here are a few methods you can use to get rid of this issue.

What Causes Roblox Error 279?

The primary reason for getting the error 279 is the Windows Firewall. It restricts the Roblox Application a lot of time to execute certain things. The other reason for Roblox Error 279 could be an Outdated browser, Ill internet service provider, Corrupted log files, or installation error.

Solutions To Fix Roblox Error Code 279 on Computer

Roblox Error Code 279 on the computer can be fixed by the following methods if they have not breached it severely. 

  1. Updating the Browser
  2. Clear the cache of the browser
  3. Disable Ad-Blocker and unwanted extensions
  4. Delete Roblox Log Files
  5. Disable Windows Firewall
  6. Change Internet Service Provider

1. Update Your Browser

The first thing you need to make sure of is that the browser you are using is supported by Roblox.

If you like playing Roblox on a browser instead of downloading the Roblox application, the first thing you may like to check is if the browser you are running Roblox on is supported by it.

If you’re playing it on Chrome or Firefox browser, make sure that the version you have is the fresh one. If your browser is outdated.

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Do update it as simply updating the browser to Its latest version should do the job and fix the Roblox error code 279. 

For updating your browser you can execute the following steps:

  1. Go to the developer’s website (search your browser over the internet)
  2. Click on the very first official link and just find and download the latest version for your system.

2. Clear the Cache of your browser

A lot of times the excess cache of the browsers becomes a big problem for the browser itself to perform simple tasks and thus cause errors for nothing. So it is good to choose to clear your browser’s cache files.

How to do it? Here’s how:

  1. Locate three dots in your browser to open the menu.
  2. Next, click over it and locate settings.
  3. Most probably you’ll be provided a search box to quickly search over kinds of stuff. In that enter cache and select to clear the browsing data from the results.
  4. Now, just click the clear now button and you are done.
clear the browsing data

This should fix the issue if it is your lucky day. If it didn’t follow the next method to fix it.

3. Disable Ad-Blocker and unwanted extensions

Browser extensions enhance the functions available on the browser but sometimes they may cause several connection issues. There’s more merit in rather than having the extensions enabled. Disabling any unwanted extensions enabled on your browser will most likely fix the error code 279 for Roblox.

For Google Chrome, you can easily access the extensions and add-ons window by simply following these steps:

  1. Go to the three dots in your browser.
  2. Select extensions to disable
  3. Turn off all the Unwanted extensions as per your need.
Turn off all the Unwanted extensions as per your need.

While ad-blockers are used for blocking any unwanted ads you face on the internet they can sometimes unintentionally hinder and restrict various important scripts for an application. This can also be the case for Roblox error code 279.

You can just simply turn off the Ad-blocker same as you did to disable the unwanted extensions. This time turn off the Ad-blocker from the extensions list.

4. Delete Roblox Log Files

Log files are stored for various applications to reduce the loading time every time one opens the application. Roblox also does the same by storing these log files and using them to make the loading time-less lengthy.

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Log files may get damaged and corrupted by time due to certain factors which cause the error code 279.

The log files for Roblox files are usually stored in two locations.

To clear the corrupted log files for Roblox, follow the steps stated below:

  1. Press Windows + R to run the Run box.
Enter %localappdata%\Roblox\logs in the dialogue box for the Run box
  1. Enter %localappdata%\Roblox\logs in the dialogue box for the Run box.
  2. This will open the available temporary files available for Roblox on the screen.
  3. Now, select the files available and delete them.
  4. For the second location, Type in USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs in the box for Run box and repeat the steps all over again.

This process will clear log files for Roblox.

5. Disable Firewall

Sometimes the windows firewall, which protects your PC from virus attacks, can be a little too cautious and cause some connection issues between Roblox and the Roblox studio.

Enabling the windows firewall should fix this error with ease.

To disable windows firewall software follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Update and security section of your PC. 
  2. Now from there, go to Windows security and click over the Firewall and network protection.
go to Windows security and click over the Firewall and network protection.
  1. You can easily turn off and on the windows firewall under the Microsoft defender firewall.

Note: Disabling the Windows firewall removes the security your PC had before disabling the firewall. Your PC will be more prone to viruses and unauthorized access by third-party applications.

If there’s a particular application windows firewall cause an error with, easily change the permission for that app by going to the settings and app and permissions.

6. Change Internet Service Provider

Having a slow connection can also cause an error on Roblox. The best way to find out if you have a slow connection is to see if the objects in the game are moving or not.

If it’s taking a lot of time loading the game it’s most likely also a cause of slow internet connection. So do try fixing your internet connection and then try if it is working for you.

7. Reinstall Roblox

Uninstalling Roblox and then installing it again will reset all the settings to their default state and probably fix the error you’re facing now.

Follow the below steps to uninstall Roblox:

  1. Go to the control panel.
  2. Then search for programs.
  3. Then on uninstall a program.
  4. Select Roblox and click on it to uninstall it.

Once you are done uninstalling the application from your PC, you may now download the latest version of Roblox from the official Roblox site.

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Roblox error code 279

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 279 on Mobile

The methods for fixing Roblox error code 279 for mobile are very similar to those you would use on your PC.

1. Clear Cache & Data of Roblox App

Same as on PCs cleaning up the cache files and data of the Roblox App could help you fix the error. For achieving the same, follow the below steps:

  1. Open setting on your mobile phone. 
  2. Locate Applications.
  3. Select Roblox App.
  4. Now most probably you’ll get to see the clear data option, click over it and you are done.

2. Enable Flight Mode

Enabling Flight Mode on mobile phones fixes almost all of the issues. On devices such as mobile phones and PCs, some applications are constantly running in the background.

The applications running in the background can hinder your network connections and cause many other connections issues. Enabling the fight Mode on your pc restricts the certain connections available for applications running on your device.

Almost all of the cell phone manufacturing companies provide a shortcut slide option to turn off and on certain stuff on mobile phones with ease. And Flight mode is one of the options you’ll get to see in all the smartphones. 

For this, just scroll down from the top or up from the bottom on your phone to see the shortcut options and click over the Aeroplane icon to put your cell phone on flight mode.

Final Thoughts

Roblox error codes are the worst. If you are a fan of playing Roblox, you can imagine how dreadful it would be if you could not play your favorite game when you finally get time to play it.

But don’t you worry since the following steps stated above are bound to fix the error code 297.


How do I fix Roblox error code 279?

There are various methods that you can use to fix the error code 279. Some of the methods include:
Rebooting your system
Updating your browser/using a supported browser
Disabling windows defender firewall
Changing your internet service provider

How do you fix Roblox error 277?

Roblox error code 277 appears when the game losses connection and disconnects from the game server. So, Simply changing your internet service provider should do the deal.