Returning Spectrum Equipment (5 Easy Ways)

returning spectrum equipment

It’s never easy to consider the details of returning the TV, internet, and voice equipment you’ve used when getting ready to relocate.

With over 25 million satisfied customers across the United States, Spectrum is widely known for its accessible services resulting from its customer-centric strategy.

These services include fiber-powered Spectrum internet, cable TV, residential phone services, and choices for returning Spectrum equipment.

Understanding how to return Spectrum equipment is crucial, particularly if you don’t want to risk paying equipment fees for keeping it after your subscription has been terminated.

Read on as we discuss the various steps that would come in handy while returning Spectrum equipment.  

What Is The Need For Returning Spectrum Equipment? 

 Need For Returning Spectrum Equipment

Spectrum provides equipment for usage with various Spectrum services, such as Spectrum Voice, Spectrum Internet, and Spectrum TV.

You must return all the things you rented from Spectrum if you decide to discontinue or downgrade any of their services for any reason. Some of these include:

  • Your current internet plan has a higher cap than you want.
  • Your Spectrum Internet keeps dropping.
  • You’ve found another and better option over Spectrum. 

In other words, any Spectrum equipment you haven’t bought entirely will have to be returned. 

Typically, your modem and router fall under this category.

What Spectrum Equipment Do I Have To Return? 

You can retain all Spectrum-supplied auxiliary equipment, including modems, routers, and Spectrum receivers.

The corporation owns all spectrum equipment, which you must return. You will thus retrieve the modems or DVRs.

The cords and remote controls that came with the device are not required to be returned.

You can ask the Customer Support agent what you need to bring back after discontinuing the service.

All remote or cables that arrived with your device need not be returned either. 

Note: Before returning your goods, you must contact them.

How Long Do You Have to Return the Equipment? 

Returning the equipment comes next after receiving confirmation of disconnecting or downgrading.

Once more, Spectrum People’s Terms and Conditions make it abundantly apparent that you must return the device within 15 days of verification.

They ask that equipment be returned after 15 days of cancellation, per their corporate policy.

The business makes this clear in black and white in its terms and conditions. When you contact them to terminate or cancel your subscription, their customer care staff will inform you that this is what they legally adhere to.

5 Different Ways To Return Your Spectrum Equipment 

After consulting with the department and discontinuing the service, the next stage is returning the Spectrum equipment

Take these actions to return without any issues:

  1. Prepare the machinery for shipping.
  2. Paid-for label.
  3. Ship.

Here’s a brief description of each. 

Prepare The Machinery For Shipping: To achieve this, make sure the equipment is packaged. It is practical to box it in a proper cardboard shipping box because it makes shipment easier. The likelihood of getting lost is pretty great if it isn’t packed.

Paid-For Label: Ensure you remove all other old tags before applying the prepaid reshipment over the initial shipping label.

Ship: There are various options for shipping the equipment back to the business. 

Please send your package via one of these methods, which we will cover in more detail below.

  1. Spectrum Store Drop-Off
  2. UPS Return
  3. FedEx Return
  4. U.S. Postal Service
  5. Equipment Pick-Up

1. Spectrum Store Drop-Off

Spectrum Store Drop-Off

You can leave them at the store if there is a Spectrum Store nearby. You may also utilize a Store Locator to find the closest Spectrum Store. This approach is most likely the simplest and quickest.

2. UPS Return

The retailer will wrap and return it for free. Bring the item to the UPS location and let them know you are a Spectrum subscriber; they will handle the rest.

UPS Return

Bring the device to the UPS location that is closest to you. The UPS Store Locator tool can help you discover the nearest store if you have trouble finding one. Additionally, their website provides access to this facility.

However, once more, be sure to obtain a receipt and verification that UPS collected your Spectrum equipment from you.

The only way to prove that you went through this process is to do so.

3. FedEx Return

FedEx Return

You can return it using FedEx if there isn’t a UPS or Spectrum shop nearby. They are one of the most well-known delivery service providers and have locations all around the nation.

Instead of a dropbox, place the equipment at a FedEx office location

Dropping something down in a Dropbox could make it hard to find or disappear. If a return label was included with the equipment, affix it to a carton shipping box. Make sure the box is stored correctly and erase any outdated shipping labels.

However, there are some restrictions on the items you can send back via FedEx. We will share the checklist of equipment you can give back with you.

  1. Spectrum Voice Modems
  2. Spectrum receivers
  3. Wi-Fi Routers
  4. DOCSIS 2.0 Wi-Fi gateway devices
  5. DOCSIS 3.0 modems
  6. DOCSIS 3.0 gateway devices

Record the tracking number on the invoice and preserve the receipt. Once that has been done, you can inform Spectrum about the return and provide them with the reference number.

After that, deliver the box to the local FedEx location. Never deliver them to a FedEx Drop Box. 

They will support you in accordance.

4. U.S. Postal Service

U.S. Postal Service

The most practical way to return the equipment is via US Postal Service if there are no UPS or FedEx locations nearby.

You won’t have a problem finding any local postal services nationwide because there are so many.

You can obtain a pre-printed postage label from the Spectrum webpage, visit any nearby post office, and inform them that you are returning Spectrum equipment while affixing it.

This includes postage and other expenses for getting the package to Spectrum’s employees. Without costing you a thing, the U.S. Postal Service will handle returning the equipment to Spectrum.

5. Equipment Pick-Up

Customers of Spectrum who are disabled are qualified for equipment pickup. Inform Spectrum Customer Service of the return when you speak with them. 

Equipment Pick-Up

A professional will then arrive to pick up your equipment.

This implies that all disabled persons may request that the business pick up after them. The disabled are the only people who can use this service. If you don’t fit within this bracket, don’t try to utilize it.

Returning Spectrum Equipment During COVID-19? Read This!

A 60-day return extension is available to sick clients or those under self-quarantine due to COVID-19.

With this exemption, equipment not returned by the deadline will typically incur unreturned equipment fines. 

It would help if you only transported equipment to one of the places mentioned after getting the okay from a doctor.

What Is The Unreturned Equipment Fee For Failing To Return Spectrum Equipment? 

You must promptly return the Spectrum hardware to the operator if it is no longer in use due to an upgrade, downgrade, or termination of the Spectrum subscription. 

Spectrum won’t punish you if you forget by adding a minimal $10 fee to your account. 

The total replacement cost of the device in your ownership will be billed to you.

You might be required to pay any additional costs or fees that Spectrum imposes, even merely trying to retrieve this equipment.

Additionally, Spectrum will determine the cost of restoration, which may be far into the hundreds of dollars.

Therefore, returning the equipment as soon as you stop using it would be best. Inquire about Spectrum, which equipment has to be replaced when you contact to discontinue service. 

They will know specifics about the machinery you are renting from them. To ensure you return the right equipment, obtaining the serial numbers for each piece of machinery is essential.

It’s not uncommon for these fees to escalate quickly, so it’s wise to return the device as soon as possible.


Here you go. The process of canceling and returning Spectrum equipment could seem highly drawn out.

It will lift off a significant burden on your chest after the procedure. Now that you’ve finished the entire process, you may finally relax.

Spectrum offers a wide range of solutions to make returning equipment as simple and comfortable as possible.

Choose the option that makes the most sense, but ensure you return the equipment within 15 days (or so).


Even If I Am Not Disabled, May I Use The Spectrum Pickup Option To Return My Equipment? 

No. The Equipment Pickup feature offered by Spectrum strictly assists the disabled population and is not meant for anyone outside this category. We advise you not to avail this feature unless you fall under this area.

What Is The Most Efficient Way To Return Spectrum Equipment To The Company? 

Cover the existing shipping label with the prepaid return label. Bring the device in its packaging to any USPS location. 
To locate the office closest to you, use the U.S. Postal Service Locator tool. You won’t be charged to have the equipment returned to us via the U.S. Postal Service Office.

Why Is It Necessary To Document Your Spectrum Equipment Before Returning? 

Regardless of which of these you choose, be sure to record the equipment’s state before returning it in case Spectrum argues that it has been damaged. You can be responsible for paying equipment return charges if you don’t have paperwork and they claim the item is broken because you won’t be able to show that you weren’t the one who did it.