2 Best Ways to Restore Android Messages From Google Drive

What is a Backup?

In the Info-tech sector, a backup refers to making a copy of the original file and storing it in a safe place, where it remains untouched and protected, in case of a voluntary reset of the storage unit or an unexpected loss of data. 

Why backup information?

Harmful threats targeted towards your mobile phones, that may and may not attack your mobile software. Certain cyber attacks or trespassers, who gain illegal and unauthorized access to your phone, can turn out to be lethal to the contents of your phone and its operating system.

When the operating system of the device is harmed beyond repair, the only choice of the user is to install a new operating system, which will result in the loss of all data. If you had the backup of the files you lost, they can be brought back from the cloud or hardware storage. 

Also, when you backup files, you keep a copy of them. You can never lose that data, unless you delete them manually. You can always access them with a login id and password. 

It is safe to backup data, also because you never know when your hardware storage unit would crash or go haywire. 

In circumstances, you may lose your phone or it might get stolen, with the backup you do not have to worry about losing the messages, images, documents and other files you had in your phone. 

These are the reasons why you should backup all your information. 

Ways to back-up your Information

Information backup can be done in computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. There are quite a number of ways to back-up data from devices. Some of them are;

External Storage devices

External, portable devices like a pendrive, external hard disk and the Apple time capsule can be used to backup data. This can also be carried around and doesn’t take much space. You can back up even an enormous amount of data to your portable storage device and not lose them. This is a cheap option, except for the Apple time capsule, which is also exclusive only to Apple devices.

Cloud Storage

The data could also be backed up into the user’s cloud storage to keep it safe. The user only has to remember their login credentials to access their cloud storage. Cloud servers like iCloud, Google Drive and Onedrive are available for free use up to a limit. If you wish to expand your cloud, you can always pay for more storage.

Hard Copies

Though it can be easy to misplace, the printed copies of the data you need to backup are quite safe. You can always access them in case of technical black outs and keep them away from digital threats. 

When you backup your data, it is a good idea to back it up in multiple methods to keep them extra secure.

How do I backup and restore text messages on Android?

Text messages might seem obsolete, today. But they’re not. If you ever want to feel nostalgic by looking at old text messages that you sent someone, or had private information in SMS messages that you had to delete because of storage purposes, you’re blessed if you had backed them up to your drive. In case of android mobiles, the data you backup gets stored in your Google Drive or the cloud of your mobile brand, if they provide cloud facilities.

In the Google pixel mobile and the other android mobiles powered by Android Oreo (Version 8.0 and higher), you can find the in-built SMS backup tool.

If you use an android, there are a few ways for you to back SMS messages and call logs up.

Method 1. Backing Up with your Mobile Settings on Google Pixel and phones with Android Oreo (8.0) and higher to your Google Drive 

Open Settings in your android phone.

Settings in restore android messages

Scroll down, until you find the Google settings. Touch it to enter the settings of your Google account. 

You’ll notice Backup, in the list of settings of the google account that is logged in. Tap it.

Android settings

Tap the Back Up now button. It’ll take a while to back up all the data that hasn’t been backed up in the previous backup session.

Once it is done, you can see the details of the previous backup, by touching the name of the previous backup. The name is alphanumeric.

Android backup settings

Method 2. Backing Up in Android phones with the SMS Backup & Restore App (Other party application)

Apps like SMS Backup & Restore, SMS Backup+ are known to help backup SMS and call logs to the cloud storage sites, like google drive, dropbox, iCloud etc. 

Install the SMS Backup & Restore application from the Google Play Store. 

Open the app, once your UI finishes scanning it for viruses. The main page of the app is displayed.

SMS backup and restore

The display changes to the Set up backup window. Select the files, you would like to backup. You can backup text messages or call logs or both. Select the type of files you want to back up and tap Next.

Set Up Backup

The application then asks you to specify where the SMS messages have to be backed up. It gives you a number of options like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive. You also can choose if you want the data backup to be done only when the mobile is connected to a wi-fi network or not.

Select backup options

You are asked to log in to your cloud account, to which you want the messages and/or the call logs to be backed up to. Log in to your cloud storage account.

Google Drive backup setup

Select in what intervals you wish the information to be backed up, regularly. Once you choose, touch Back Up Now. The backup will begin. 

How do I transfer my Google messages to my new android phone?

Google Messages is yet another instant messaging app for android and windows. It is similar to apps like whatsapp, hangouts etc. This app requires cellular data or wifi to send MMS.Sending normal texts requires cellular signal. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store.

Google messages to new android phone

Just like the usual messages, these texts’ backup can be done the same way you do an SMS, MMS backup with the other messages, using a third-party SMS backup software or the system settings. Almost all android device users get their information backed up to Google Drive, by default.  You can restore SMS, MMS media and other backed up data to your new phone, by downloading the files from the Drive storage.

How to automatically back up your SMS messages to Google Drive in android phones

Google Drive is an online cloud storage and file management website, which permits the users to save their files online. It offers file-hosting services to all users, with a google account. The first 15 gigabits are free. To expand, you’ll have to pay a price to hire the storage. 

Automatic backup of your files is recommended. You might forget to do an SMS backup, but AI would not. Once the backup is done, you can find the backup report in your mobile file manager in the form of an XML document. These SMS messages and call logs can be downloaded from the cloud storage, at convenient time and in needed devices. 

How to automatically backup your SMS messages with a third-party app

 For a fully automated backup, in regular intervals of time, the SMS Backup & Restore app is recommended. This app can also transfer the files from one phone to another. The process of setting your phone to back up files automatically, is the same as backing up the files with the app.

You can adjust how long the phone needs to wait, before the next backup of your messages and call logs to your Google Drive account. You can set your mobile to run an SMS backup every hour, day or week. You can also adjust if you want to backup files only over wi-fi or even with cellular data.

The above methods and steps would have helped you backup your text messages to your Google Drive, this instance. It is simple to transfer those SMS messages to the device you want them to be in. In the given circumstances, you have done a full SMS, MMS backup from a mobile device. The same app, SMS Backup & Restore can be used to restore the backed up data. 

Open the SMS Backup & Restore app. 

In the main page, you can see a hamburger menu. Touch it.

SMS Backup and Restore

In the menu, touch Restore. This is the option, which will lead you through and to the SMS backup restoration. 

SMS Backup and Restore setup

Then, choose the location from where you wish to back up the SMS from.

SMS Backup and Restore Backup options

The interface of SMS Backup & Restore might not be able to detect backup SMS, MMS messages, or call logs. So select the location where the backup was done, again. In this case, Google Drive. 

Select source to Restore backup
Select what to restore


This article was all about backing up and restoring information from your android device, especially the SMS text messages. Now, you know why you need to back your data up and the importance of preventing it from losing it forever or being accessed by unauthorized personnel. It doesn’t take very long for you to ensure that you don’t lose all your data.

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