10 Steps To Reset Yahoo Password Without Recovery Email Or Phone Number

Lost your Yahoo Mail account password and couldn’t log in? Don’t worry! Follow these 10 steps to reset Yahoo password without recovery email or phone number

Yahoo Mail is a special email service used by millions of users due to its built-in features and top-notch account security. However, if there’s one specific thing why people are so connected to the service, it’s how easy the process is to recover your Yahoo email account if you forget the password. 

You can recover your account and change your password using any available way – recovery email ID or mobile phone number. Surprisingly, you can even reset Yahoo password without recovery email or phone number. Read on as we discuss this in detail below. 

10 Steps reset yahoo password without recovery email or phone number

Yahoo lets you reset your account password if you can’t recall the last password you set. However, here’s a catch. You’d require to use your dedicated recovery email address or mobile number. 

Suppose you’ve either of these; congratulations. Resetting your Yahoo password is a straightforward process. What if you have neither? In that case, it’s possible to reset or recover your Yahoo password. 

Here are the 10 steps you must follow to reset the Yahoo password without recovery email or phone number

  1. Go To yahoo.com And Input Your Registered Email Address 

In the first step, you’ll have to enter your registered email address to Sign in to your Yahoo account. 

  • Visit the official Yahoo website by clicking on this official link on your mobile web browser or use a PC instead. 
  • On the homepage, you’ll find the Sign In option at the top-right corner of the screen. Select it. 
reset yahoo password without recovery email or phone number
  • On the Yahoo login page, input your Yahoo email address.
  • Click on Next
Click on Next.
  • If prompted, verify that you’re not a robot by verifying the CAPTCHA
If prompted, verify that you're not a robot by verifying the CAPTCHA.
  • Once verified, select Continue
  1. Click On “Forgotten password?”

You’ll be asked to enter your password to complete the sign-in. Since you don’t remember it, here’s your next step. 

On the Enter password page, click on the Forgotten password? Option. It’s present underneath the Next option. 

  1. Select The “I need more options” Option

Yahoo lets you sign in to your Yahoo account even without a password. 

Select an option to sign in to your account page, and you’ll find multiple options to sign in. Note that these also include the alternate email and mobile number you’ve linked to the account. 

If you haven’t provided any alternate email or number to Yahoo, you won’t get these sign-in options. Nevertheless, click on I need more options to continue. 

  1. Visit The Yahoo Help site.

Since you haven’t used any alternate ways to recover your Yahoo account, you’ll land on the next page stating: We can’t recover your account online because there are no other options on file for your account. 

Click on Visit The Yahoo Help site

There will be two options. 

  • Start again
  • Visit our Help Site

Please don’t choose the first option, as it’ll again ask you for the password or other details to sign in.

Instead, click on Visit our Help Site

  1. Input Your Yahoo Email On The Help Site

After clicking on the Visit our Help Site option in the last step, you’ll land on Yahoo’s official Help Center

  • On this page, enter your registered email. After this, verify you’re not a robot bypassing the CAPTCHA code. 
Verify you're not a robot by passing the CAPTCHA code.
  • After verification, select the Get Started option. 
  1. Contact A Yahoo Specialist

On the next screen, you’ll find two options to choose from. 

  • Contact a Yahoo specialist
  • See product-related help articles

The former will take more time to get your issue resolved. Hence, choose Contact a Yahoo specialist instead. 

  1. Click On “Password and sign in.”

There’ll be several options you can choose the Yahoo specialist for on the next page. 

For instance, you can contact the specialist for:

  • Abuse and spam
  • Create or delete an account
  • Online safety
  • Password and sign in
  • Preferences and settings
  • Yahoo policy

Select Password and sign in from this list.  

  1. Click On “Unable to change my password.”

Once you select the Password and sign-in option, there’ll be the sub-options to choose from. These are:

  • Error using verification code
  • Forgot my Yahoo ID
  • Forgot my password
  • Unable to change my password

Choose the Unable to change my password sub-option to continue. 

  1. Select “Email a Yahoo specialist.”

You’ll now find yourself on the Here’s how to get help page, from where you can select your preferred means to contact the Yahoo specialist. 

There are three means to contact the specialist. 

  • Chat with a Yahoo specialist
  • Email a Yahoo specialist
  • Talk to a Yahoo specialist

We recommend the Email a Yahoo specialist option as the other two are subject to the working hours of the Yahoo specialists and unavailable 24/7. 

Although if available when you’re trying these steps, always go for the chat or call option.

  1. Complete The “Email a specialist” Form To Submit The Request

To email your Yahoo mail password-related concerns to a Yahoo specialist, you’d be required to fill in an Email a specialist form. 

This form contains several entries.

  • The first entry requires your Yahoo ID or Yahoo email address
  • In the next entry, provide an email to which you currently have access. The Yahoo specialist will revert to you at this backup email address. So, make sure it’s working or active.  
  • Next, re-enter the email address for the Yahoo specialist to contact you. 
  • The next entry in the form requires your First Name. 
  • Now comes the main entry of the form. You must describe your problem in detail in the space under the Detailed Description of the issue text box. 
  • If you’re receiving any specific error message, you can attach a screenshot in the next section. 
  • The last entry requires you to specify the platform you normally use to access Yahoo. Click on the drop-down arrow and select the suitable platform. 
  • Verify that you’re not a robot. 
  • Click on the Create Request option. 

Once you’ve created a request, wait for a few days for the Yahoo support team to respond to your email address. It’ll contain the next steps to reset the Yahoo password without recovering the email or phone number

How To Reset Your Forgotten Yahoo Password With A Recovery Email or Mobile Number?

The above steps are meant to be followed if you haven’t linked any recovery email or phone number to your account. If you’ve, the task of recovering your Yahoo account by resetting its password will become a lot simpler. 

Follow these steps to reset your forgotten Yahoo password with a recovery email or phone number. 

  • Visit the official Yahoo website by clicking on this official link
  • On the homepage, you’ll find the Sign In option at the top-right corner of the screen. Select it.
Select the Sign In option at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Don’t enter your email at this stage. Instead, click on the Trouble signing in? Option. 
  • Next, enter your registered email ID or phone number, and click on Continue. You’ll get a password resetting link on the email entered earlier. If you’ve got a linked phone number, read on. 
  • If the phone number is with you and active, select the Yes, Text Me An Account Key option. If not, click on the I Don’t Have Access To This Phone option just below it. 
  • Yahoo will then use your recovery phone number to send the account key. 
  • After receiving the text or email, enter the confirmation code or reset code into the field provided and click the Verify button. 
  • You’ll be signed in to Yahoo. Now, click on the Create a New Password option and create a new and strong password. 

So, that’s how to reset your Yahoo password using either the recovery email or phone number. 

How To Unlink Recovery Info From An Unused Or Unrecognized Account?

Yahoo applies the same to how you delete the entire account data from a platform before leaving it. If you’re moving to another platform from Yahoo, it’s recommended to delete or unlink the recovery info from your account. 

Follow these steps to do so.  

Go to the Sign-in Helper page.
  • Input your phone number or alternate email address.
  • Click on the Continue option.
  • Click on Yes, and send me a code. You’ll receive a verification code on your entered phone number or email.
Click on Yes, send me a code
  • Enter the verification code in the field provided. 
  • Click on Verify.
Click on Verify.
  • Click the three vertical dots next to the account you want to unlink.
  • Select the Unlink this account option.
  • Click on the Unlink account option to confirm your action. 


So, here you go. That’s how to reset your Yahoo password without recovery email or phone number. However, we’d suggest adding at least one recovery email or account recovery number to simplify the Yahoo account recovery process. 

Further, if you’re leaving the platform, don’t forget to unlink this recovery information from your account following the above instructions.