5 Ways: Reset Voicemail Password On Android and iPhone

All smartphones have the voicemail support feature in them. The voicemail icon makes it easy for everyone to connect with friends, family, and other professional relations. 

Setting up the voicemail system on Android and iPhone is imperative, but sometimes this process may become contrary to intuition.

The same thing happens to Reset Voicemail Password on Android phones.

Reset voicemail password on android

It is very difficult to identify the messages received because the voicemail boxes are different for different locations and sim cards.

Irrespective of your location, the recommendations you get on the internet to Reset your Voicemail Password on Android are entirely different.

Therefore, after considering all these points, this blog has listed some easy and simple steps to reset the voicemail password for Android devices in case you have forgotten it.

Here is how to change or Reset Voicemail Password on an Android phone :

  1. Make a phone call on your Voicemail number
  2. Make a call on your Sim card. Customer care number
  3. Modify your Phone Settings
  4. Voicemail password on iPhone
  5. Reset your voicemail password

1. Make a phone call on your Voicemail number

picture showing how to Make a phone call on your Voicemail number

This is the first step in the process of resetting the voicemail password. You just have to make a phone call on your voicemail number as you do for others. 

You can go for alternate measures if you don’t get positive results and get an error message or problems while making the call.

  1. Once you receive the voicemail greeting message after using the voicemail settings, you will be sure that you are proceeding in the right direction. 
  2. This is when you will control the entire process by inputting numbers through your phone’s keypad based on what the system prompts you to do.
  3. Concerning your location, you will have to choose your preferred language to proceed further.
  4. Enter your correct phone number as instructed (instructions usually come with * and # symbols). 
  5. The phone settings differ with various models of Android. In the following step, you will be permitted to record your welcoming voice message or choose a default one.

It is at that point that you can reset the voicemail password.

  1. Choose the correct setting and input your desired pin code. You have input it one more time for pin confirmation. 
  2. You have completed the resetting process of your voicemail on an Android device.
  3. You should remember that you do not put a simple password like 1234 for your voicemail security. 
  4. These passwords are easily detectable, which can, later on, cause harm to your privacy.
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2. Make a call on your Sim card. Customer care number

Contacting customer care services will surely help you to reset your voicemail password on Android.

However, this process is lengthy, and you can keep on the phone for quite some time. This depends on your Sim card and their respective procedures.

Make a call on your Sim card Customer care number
  1. For some sim carriers, the process can be simple and automatic, where you can reset your password without getting into the system procedures while speaking on the call.
  2. These processes are quick because you do not have to go through the long, irritating processes. 
  3. You will be directly welcomed to a machine that will guide you to reset your voicemail password on Android devices.
  4. The customer care calls are much easier compared to the automatic machines, but they’re a lengthy process. 
  5. The process to reach out the customer care services differs with various brands of sim cards. Lately, all smartphones have a default app based on their particular sim brand. 
  6. You can check that facility on your phone and go through the options to reset the password.
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3. Modify your Phone Settings

 Steps to Modify your Phone Settings

You will not find the options to reset the voicemail password on all Android phones through your desired Sim app.

However, you should also look up some easy, quick settings on your phone.

To Reset your Voicemail Password on Android phones, you have to go through the following step:-

  1. Open the settings icon by scrolling the page from the top of your android home screen. You will find a small cogwheel-like icon on the left or right corner of the screen.
Open the settings icon
  1. You will find a search bar on the top of the settings page. Type “Voicemail” to get into the voicemail settings of your device.
You will find a search bar on the top of the settings page
  1. Also, you may scroll the entire settings page and get an option bar related to voicemail. Any option bar related to voicemail will help you reset the password.
  2. If you get the option to reset the voicemail password there, tap the apps and input your username and password. 
  3. If you can see the change in your password message, click on it and put your desired pin or passcode to lock your voicemail account safely.
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The best method is reaching out to your sim card customer care. 

That can fetch you immediate results. If you fail to “Reset Voicemail Password on Android” via all the above measures, go to the Google search engine and search for Voicemail options on your phone. 

It will provide you with a wide variety of options for addressing voicemail. You can check for the option for resetting your password there.

 4. Voicemail password on iPhone

Picture of Iphone
  1. Go to the Phone app to change your voicemail password on your iPhone.
Location of Phone in settings app.
  1. Tap Voicemail, then tap Change Password. 
Location of change voicemail password option.
  1. Enter your new password and then click on Done.
Keypad to enter the password.
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5. Reset your voicemail password

Solutions to Reset your voicemail password

If you need to reset your voicemail password, you can do so by following these simple steps:

  1. Dial *611 from your mobile phone.
  2. Press 3 to reach the automated customer service system.
  3. Press 0 to reach a live customer service representative.
  4. Explain that you need to reset your voicemail password and provide your account information.
  5. The customer service representative will help you reset your password and confirm your new password.

Here is a quick process that you can follow to reset voicemail passwords using visual voicemail applications on Android devices.

  1. Select the Visual Voicemail icon on your phone.
Location of visual voicemail option
  1. Click on the Menu page.
  2. Tap on the Settings option.
  3. Click on the Change Password bar from the “Manage your Visual Voicemail Password” option.
  4. Input your current password if you remember.
  5. Enter your new password as per choice. 
  6. You should keep in mind that your voicemail password should be seven to fifteen digits long.
  7. For a strong and secure PIN, avoid using consecutive digits as your PIN, for example, 2580123, or simple sequences like 2345678.
  8. Re-enter the new voicemail password for confirmation, and click on the Save button.

Wrapping up: Reset Voicemail Password on Android and iPhone

You should always keep the Voicemail inbox locked. The voicemail feature in your android device is an important tool that helps you to strengthen communication with various people in your life. 

If you forget your voicemail password on an iPhone or Android device, you can use your device to receive a temporary security code. Your Sim card brand application or website will guide you through the process to “Reset Voicemail Password on Android.”


What Do You Do If You Forgot Your Voicemail Password On Android?

If you forgot your voicemail password on your Android device, you would have to get in touch with your phone carrier to reset it. This will help you to regain your access to voice messages. Visit Voicemail Settings Page > Enter Your Contact Number > Contact the Service provider > They will assist you in resetting your password.

How Do You Reset Your Voicemail Password If You Forgot It?

Go to the Settings Page of Voicemail. Input your Contact number details and the previous Voicemail Password. A message block will appear asking your permission to contact the service provider. They will inform you about the voicemail services and help you to reset your voicemail password.

How Do I Reset My Voicemail On Android?

Go to the phone app and open the dialing tab. Input The Number assigned to you to have to your voicemail. Call that number. If you want to go for something easy, just hold and press “1” on your dial pad. Press on“ 4” of your dial key, which will take you to your settings.  Press on “1” again to adjust your voicemail settings. For a standard Voicemail, press on “1”. To customize it, press on “2”.

What Is My Pin Number For Voicemail?

The voicemail PIN is like a password to your voicemail account. It works just like a password to receive email. You have to enter the PIN each time you receive your voicemail messages. Your Voicemail account has a default PIN for itself. It is the last six digits of your voicemail account number. It is recommended to change your default PIN even if you are not active on voicemail.

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