5 Best Ways To Reset Fire Tablet (Amazon)

Whether your Fire tablet is having glitches, you’ve forgotten your password or you want to hand it over, resetting the Fire tablet is your last resort. Here’s how to do it.

reset fire tablet

When should I reset Fire Tablet Amazon?

Buying a new tablet is always a surreal experience. You’re blown away by the cutting-edge tech and you get the feeling of buying a shiny new modern car. It works efficiently, runs smoothly, and makes both your work and study a lot easier! You’re in love with it flying through the air.

 However, just like every new relationship the energy soon wains off. After a couple of years, you notice that your fire tablet’s startup time has begun to rise. Sometimes apps on your device crash unexpectedly.

The fire tablet now hangs very often. These frequent bugs and errors make you annoyed and irritated. Resetting the tablet can be a solution to many of these problems.

How do you solve these issues?

You can try doing either a soft reset or a hard reset to give life back to your tablet.

What is a soft reset?

A soft reset is a simple process of turning off your tablet and starting it once again. Try doing it when your tablet is not working smoothly. This may occur due to an overload of RAM by large applications like Lightroom, Video Editor, etc. 

What is a hard reset?

A hard reset generally refers to turning your tablet back to the factory version. It wipes all your data clean.

Here’s a table showing the differences between Soft and Hard Reset to help you decide which one is good for you.

Soft ResetHard Reset
It does not affect your data.It always clears all the user data.  
Device speed is not affected. Hard reset is very effective in increasing device performance.
Spyware does not go off after doing a soft reset.It can remove viruses from your fire tablet.
It takes about 20-40 sec.It takes 4-5 mins.
Having enough battery is not necessary.At least 30% battery is necessary.

What happens after resetting the Amazon Fire tablet?

A soft reset is a relatively safe process in which you can rest assured that all your files will be in their place. But, in factory reset, you will lose all your images, videos, apps, and other settings. All your accounts will be logged out and any unsaved data will be removed.

 How to restart the Amazon Fire Tablet?

To restart your amazon fire tablet follow these instructions:

  • First, press the power button for about 20 sec and a prompt like this appears on the screen.      
Button placements
  • Skip this prompt and continue pressing the buttons until the screen goes off. 
  • Your device is now shut off.
  • Now wait for 1-2mins
  • In the second step, press the power button again until the amazon logo appears on your screen.

Note: Press both the power button and volume down to turn off the tablet for 1st to 4th-generation tablets.

First things first: Backup all your essential files

You must back up all your data before you do a factory reset. Here are the steps to follow to turn on automatic backup:

  • Swipe from the top of your screen, so that the quick menu appears.
  • Click the setting icon and continue scrolling, tap” Device Options”, when you see it.
  • Tap “Backup and Restore”
  • Turn the switch on of title “Backup and restore”
Backup and Restore

Pro Tip: Charge your tablet before you do a Reset

Factory reset is a power-hungry process that will eat some of your battery. It needs this energy to process deleting files and settings. Make sure that you have at least 30% battery before you do a factory reset.

How to reset from the settings menu?

Follow these steps:

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the settings icon.
  • Find and then tap “Device Options”.
  • Now click “Reset to factory defaults”
  • Do the confirmation by tapping the “Okay” button. 

How to manually do a Factory Reset on Amazon Fire HD Tablet?

A manual factory reset can be useful when your tablet is unresponsive and the settings menu can’t be accessed. Perform the following steps to do a factory reset.

  • Continuously squeeze the power button for 20 sec until the tablet shuts down. 
  • Now, press the following buttons for about 30 sec according to your fire tablet model:
Kindle Fire HDX (3rd Generation)Power + Volume Up
Fire (4th Generation)Power + Volume Up
Fire HD 10 (7th Generation)Power + Volume Up
All other generations Power + Volume Down.
  • The amazon fire tablet will now enter “Recovery Mode”
  • Now use the volume down button to move to ” Wipe data / Factory Reset” and select using the power button.
  • A confirmation prompt will appear, you should go to “Yes” using the volume down and then press the Power button to select the option. 
  • The fire tablet has now begun factory reset and will take at least 2mins.
Recovery Mode

Note: Touch does not work in recovery mode. Use physical keys like volume up, and volume down to navigate, and the Power key to select the option.

How is clearing cache the best of both worlds?

Clearing your app data and cache is a time-saving and effective way to increase your device performance. Some pros of clearing the cache on your fire tablet are:

  • The application becomes more responsive and almost never freezes. This is seen more in apps like Chrome, Facebook, etc. 
  • Many more applications can be installed on Fire Tablet as it frees up your storage.
  • Startup time increases significantly.
  • Overall system interface becomes smoother.

To clear the cache and storage on your fire tablet, follow this path:

Settings>Apps and Notifications>Manage all applications>Select the app>Clear Cache>Clear Data

How to reset a locked Amazon Fire Tablet to its factory settings?

Do you have a gold-fish memory like me and often forget your fire tablet password/pin? Or the careless kid has locked you out of your own tablet? In situations, like these, you’ll have to factory reset your fire tablet. Follow these steps to reset your locked fire tablet:

  •  For second-generation kindle devices, enter the incorrect password five times.
  •  A prompt will appear on the device saying “Tap here to factory reset”. Click the option.
  • For all other fire devices, follow the manual factory reset method aforementioned.

Why should you consider de-registering your amazon account?

Consider removing your online account if you’re giving away your amazon fire tablet or selling it to someone. You can also try de-registering your amazon account. This will ensure that your data does not fall into wrong hands and your privacy is protected.