Learn How to Reset Astro A50 Headset Easily

Reset Astro a50 headset

Millions of companies appear to be manufacturing wireless headphones for gaming these days. The Reset Astro A50 headset is undoubtedly one of the more expensive solutions available out of all of these.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that not all of these headsets are made similarly. For instance, some less expensive alternatives are useless over time and will prevent you from hearing important sounds when gaming.

Additionally, quite a few still allow a significant amount of outside noise. Therefore, you won’t get anything from them if you live somewhere especially noisy. The A50s have you covered in this regard, very literally.

They completely enclose your ear and prevent sound leaking thanks to their bulky, cushioned shape.

You may successfully isolate the game noises thanks to it, ensuring that you never miss an audio cue. Additionally, this design is more comfortable than others, enabling long gaming marathons without discomfort.

Of course, discussing the sound quality is crucial, which is the most crucial aspect to consider when picking your gaming headphones.

Whether or not the acoustic balance of the headphones is appropriate is one of the crucial elements in that group.

For instance, your gaming may suffer if the headphones have too much bass and cover up any of the game’s subtler audio aspects.

We’re happy to announce that, in this area, Astro A50s are head and shoulders above the competition.

But there is one issue with the headset that several of you have recently been experiencing. You appear to be having trouble resetting the headset. So now we’re here to explain the technique to you.

How to reset Astro A50 headset?

Make sure the power switch is in the ON position before resetting your Reset Astro A50 headset.

Continue by holding down the Game side of the Game/Voice balance and the Dolby button simultaneously for at least 15 seconds. Your headset will undergo a hard reset and should function again.

Many believe their Astro A50s are irreparably damaged and cannot be restored. When they needed to reset them, some people even bought a new pair!

I somewhat blame Astro for their appalling documentation of the reset procedure. They exclude that from all of their paperwork.

Step-by-step Astro A50 reset process.

It’s virtually tough to locate the Astro A50s’ hard reset instructions online. I eventually discovered the solution after searching through forums, publications, and YouTube videos.

Remember that a hard reset like this will overwrite any custom settings you have saved for your headphones before we continue.

Although it’s not ideal, you can probably live with it since your headphones aren’t functioning now. Before continuing, I would just snap a screen capture of your defaults.

Therefore, if you are having this difficulty, you must follow these steps in the hope that they will assist and fix your problem.

The Astro a50 settings should be reset to their default state so that any software issues may be quickly fixed.

1. Place your Astro A50s should first on the charging port. Press the Dolby logo and Game buttons right-hand side of the headset and hold simultaneously for 15 seconds. Shake them around until you see that they are charging. The dock’s charging LEDs should start to flash.

Long press the Dolby logo and Game buttons

2. Press the Power button on the headphones to turn them ON once you see the dock charging, and then take them out of the dock.

3. Find the Dolby On / Source Audio button next. Your headphones’ side will have it there. It is the center button.

 Dolby button

4. Find the Game side of the Voice / Game balance. The Astro A50 headset’s outer ear cup has “Game side” written. Right side up is where it belongs.

game button

5. Once you have found these buttons, push and hold them simultaneously for around 15 seconds.

press and hold game button

6. Place your Astro A50s back on the charging dock when the 15 seconds are over. Your headphones should now function as the power light turns on!

What if this didn’t reset the headset?

Sometimes, it’s possible for some of you that this approach didn’t work out. Typically, this is due to the design of the headphones, which might result in human error when users attempt to reset them.

Whatever reason, the “game mode” button on the Astro A50 headset has an uneven surface that you may push.

This frequently results in consumers not pressing the button firmly enough and mistakenly switching the headset to voice mode. Therefore, the only immediate cure for this is to be extremely careful to avoid this possible trap.

What if my Astro A50s don’t work after the reset?

The first thing this would suggest is that there may be some hardware issues at play if you are certain that you have reset the headset appropriately and they are still not working at all.

Astro A50s don’t work after the reset

Therefore, you should examine a few things to confirm or rule this out if you find yourself in this situation.

The battery is the most likely culprit. There is no opportunity for the headset to start operating if the battery is defective.

Checking that the battery has any charge should be your first step in ruling this out. Similarly, confirming that the charging station is indeed charging is important. So let’s do the easiest possible diagnosis.

Try using the base station with a different power source to rule out potential power supply problems, and then try charging the headset again. The charging pins would then be examined to ensure they were all intact.

If they are, there is no other option than to change the base station. Aside from that, the headset being damaged is the next likely scenario. If so, new ones will have to be purchased.

There’s a possibility that you can get this done for nothing if they are still covered by warranty.

In any event, we also advise you to visit the discussion forums and message boards to compare your experiences with those of others.

By doing so, you’ll be able to gauge how probable it is that your problem can be resolved quickly.

You can also obtain a different list of possible troubleshooting steps by reporting the problem directly to Astro. This is not going to cause any harm right now.

When to reset your Astro A50 headset?

Over time, you’ll probably encounter quite a few problems with the Astro A50s. Without a doubt, these headphones are the best available. But they ultimately encounter issues, just as with any technology.

I would strongly advise hard resetting your headphones if you experience any of the issues listed below before freaking out. A quick reset may resolve some of the most serious problems!

Issues with the Astro A50 that a hard reset can fix:

  1. You can’t switch on your A50 headset.
  2. Your headset has no power light.
  3. There is no sound present since the sound system is broken.
  4. The microphone is not functioning (no one can hear you)
  5. The A50 headset won’t pair or connect to your device.

These are just a handful of the difficulties with Astro A50 headphones that users frequently experience and which a hard reset frequently resolves.

I would still advise you to attempt the hard reset before giving up if you’re having trouble fixing something not mentioned above.

Try it out for less than a minute; it’s much more cost-effective than purchasing a brand-new headset.

Astro Customer Support

It might be time to contact Astro support if hard resetting your A50 headset didn’t resolve your problem, and you are still unable to get your headphones to function.

You can also look up the details of your Astro A50 warranty. For instance, Astro offers a one-year guarantee in the US that covers damaged components or poor manufacturing quality.

They’ll even pay for the freight if you need to send your headset in for warranty review and/or repair.

Buy a new pair of Astro A50s.

In 2012, the first Astro A50 was released on the market. Your headset may be beyond its prime, and it may be time to replace it with the latest version.

Treat yourself to a new pair of A50s if you’ve tried everything and still have trouble getting them to function.

Astro A50 Pros

  • Great sound.
  • Amazing comfort.
  • Extended battery life.

Astro A50 Cons

  • Expensive.
  • Build quality could be better.
  • Mic quality isn’t perfect.

The Astro A50s are unquestionably THE option for gamers looking for a fantastic headset that functions perfectly with their console and PC. Although these headphones are not inexpensive, you get what you paid for.


One of the most well-liked gaming headsets available right now is the Astro A50. And with good reason—they are quite potent.

The Astro A50 Headset produces high-quality sound and is mostly utilized with PS4, PC, and Mac. It is either designed specifically for that platform, or it is cozy on that platform.

However, even excellent items have a fair share of issues. Fortunately, most problems you’ll encounter with the A50s can be fixed with a quick hard reset.

To force the Astro A50s to restart:

  • Set your A50 headset on the dock for charging it.
  • Turn on your headset.
  • Take the A50s out of the charging station.
  • Dolby and Game buttons should be pressed and held simultaneously for 15 seconds.
  • Reposition the A50s on the charging station.

Your Astro A50 headset’s power light should now be on, and your headphones should function. Consider contacting Astro customer service if a hard reset doesn’t resolve your problem.

In the end, if your headset is quite old, it’s conceivable that it’s simply beyond its prime. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade and get the newest design.