How to Report a Subreddit

Reddit logo with text: Report a subreddit, user, or post on Reddit

Reddit is a unique social media platform with hundreds of millions of monthly active users. Now, Reddit can further be divided into communities called subreddits.

Each subreddit has its own set of rules that the users (redditors) have to abide by. You can find subReddits of any kind on Reddit and due to that, you might also stumble upon some subreddits that are inappropriate.

Like a responsible redditor, you would want to report it. But how to report a subreddit because you won’t find any report button on a subreddit. Keep on reading to find out the correct ways to do it.

What are the Reddit Rules?

  1. Reddit Content Policy
  2. What is Reddiquette?
  3. Does Reddit Have a Content Filter?

1. Reddit Content Policy

Did you know that most of the subreddits are deleted because they are unmanaged? But what are the other reasons for which a subreddit should be reported and deleted?

Reddit has a strict Content Policy to make sure that subreddits follow the set rules, but with the huge amount of subreddits, some with inappropriate content might slip through. Enter loyal redditors.

You guys can help moderators and admins keep Reddit clean and safe by reporting subreddits that are violating the rules. It goes without saying that subreddits shouldn’t be reported just because they are not interesting.

Reporting is done when a subreddit isn’t abiding by the rules. The same is true for users, posts, and comments on subreddits. 

These are the key points of Reddit Content Policy:

  • No harassment, bullying, or threats of violence.
  • Content manipulation is not allowed such as spamming, vote manipulation, subscriber frauds, etc.
  • Harassment is a big issue and it’s strictly prohibited. Examples of harassment are posting someone’s personal or confidential information or threatening to post someone’s inappropriate videos or pictures.
  • Labeling of content is encouraged to help users know what they are about to view. Examples are graphic content or offensive content.
  • No impersonation of anyone that might mislead people.
  • Any sexual or suggestive content related to minors is strictly banned.
  • The content should not be illegal in nature. Anything that might facilitate illegal transactions is prohibited.

2. What is Reddiquette?

Reddiquette means Reddit etiquette. It comprises an informal set of guidelines that you should know before posting or commenting. These are not strict rules and not following them wouldn’t limit or ban your account.

But you might wonder why your posts have downvotes if you don’t know Reddiquette. Here are a few you should know:

  • Don’t post right away if you’re a new member. Join a few subreddits of your interest and understand the platform.
  • Search for what you’re going to post on the community before making the move so the content is not duplicated.
  • Don’t beg for upvotes.
  • Don’t leave comments that don’t have any value to them such as lol, duh, awesome, etc.
  • The downvote button is not an ‘I don’t agree with you’ button. The downvote button should be used when the post is incorrect, low-quality, off-topic, or against the community rules.
  • Chat gently with people. Don’t be rude or hateful.

3. Does Reddit Have a Content Filter?

Reddit has a front page known as r/all that has popular posts from different subreddits. It doesn’t have a content filter per se for subreddits that are displayed on it. The only filter Reddit has is the NSFW filter for filtering adult content.

The same is with the Home page of Reddit. It shows you the posts from subreddits that you have joined. To filter them, you can simply leave the subreddit you don’t want to see posts of.

Find the subreddits you have joined by clicking the Reddit home button at the top of the screen and finding it from the Reddit subreddits list. You can also type its name to find it. Select ‘Leave’.

For the r/all subreddit, you have three options to filter content. Use the old Reddit interface, use third-party tools, or upgrade to Reddit Premium.

Enable or Disable the NSFW Filter on Reddit for PC

  • Click your username at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Select ‘User Settings’.
  • Navigate to the ‘Profile’ tab.
  • Scroll down and toggle on or off ‘NSFW’.

How To Turn on NSFW on Reddit App iPhone/Android?

  • Open the Reddit app.
  • Tap your profile picture at the top left corner.
  • Choose ‘Settings’.
  • Find ‘Show NSFW content’ and toggle it on or off.

What is the Information You Need Before Reporting a Subreddit?

Before you contact Reddit, you need to check if the subreddit is breaking the Reddit TOS and rules. After this, collect the information you want to submit to the Reddit admins for reviewing your report.

Start by writing which rules the subreddit is violating and support your claims with links to the posts, messages, comments, and related stuff from that subreddit. Moreover, if you can, find out and list down the names of the users who are running that subreddit or posting prohibited content on the subreddit.

Keep in mind that Reddit doesn’t encourage screenshots because they can be easily edited. Only provide live links.

How To Report a Subreddit, Post, or User on Reddit Using a Computer?

  1. Reporting a Subreddit to Admins from Your Reddit Account
  2. The Option to Report a Subreddit Without a Reddit Account
  3. User Reporting on Reddit
  4. Report a Post on Reddit to Mods
  5. Comment Removals on Reddit
  6. Report a Private Message on Reddit

1. Reporting a Subreddit to Admins from Your Reddit Account

You would notice that reporting a subreddit is not as straightforward as reporting a post on a subreddit. We assume that it is to ensure that the system only receives credible reports. If you find disturbing subreddits violating the Reddit Content Policy, follow these steps to report a subreddit using your PC:

  • Open your web browser, go to Reddit, and log in.
  • Open the Reddit Report page. Once it’s opened, you can choose to report spam or abuse, or other issues. Select an option.
Reddit report page
  • It will show you more reasons for reporting. Choose a relevant one.
Reddit report page for reporting a community on Windows 10
  • After this, you can type the name of the subreddit and links to the content violating the Reddit Content Policy.
Typing information for reporting a subreddit on Reddit help page
  • Click ‘Submit’ to send the report.

We emphasize again that the reporting process of a subreddit is not difficult. But you should spend some time collecting the information and giving the reasons why you are reporting it for the admins to take action more quickly.

2. The Option to Report a Subreddit Without a Reddit Account

What if you’re not logged in to your account and you want to report a Reddit group? You can do this from the ‘Submit a request’ section of Reddit Help. However, the options on it may be confusing so follow the below steps:

Reddit submit a request page
  • Click the drop-down menu under ‘What do you need assistance with’ and select ‘Report Content Policy Violation’.
Selecting category for submitting Reddit support ticket
  • You’ll be taken to a page where you can enter the necessary information. Carefully read and fill the boxes for your report to go through.
Submit a request form for reporting subreddit without logging in
  • Once done, click ‘Submit’ at the end of the page.

3. User Reporting on Reddit

Finding a user taking part in prohibited activities and reporting them is not working on PC (and the mobile app doesn’t show any report option). Reddit encourages you to report their posts, comments, or private messages if any of them are violating the rules. Find the steps here to block a user on Reddit:

  • Open the user profile you want to block.
  • On the sidebar, under their information, click ‘More Options’.
r/travel subreddit on Reddit for PC. User information in the sidebar
  • Select ‘Block User’.
r/travel community on Reddit web

4. Report a Post on Reddit to Mods

If you find a post to be against Reddit rules or the set rules of that subreddit, you can report it to the mods. Follow below:

  • Open the post with the objectionable content and click the three dots underneath it.
  • Select ‘Report’.
A post opened on Reddit for PC
  • A popup would appear, select the reason for reporting the post.
Submit a report options on Reddit

5. Comment Removals on Reddit

When you report a comment, it is reviewed by moderators and removed if found inappropriate.

  • Open the comments section of a post.
  • Click ‘Report’ under the comment you want to report.
Comments on Reddit
  • Select the reason.

The comment will be removed for you instantly.

6. Report a Private Message on Reddit

Private messages are great for chatting and sharing information. If you find threats, harassment, or any other violations in private messages, you can report it by clicking ‘Report’ under the message.

Furthermore, if the person is bothering you or you don’t want to see more of that user, you can also block them by going to their profile > More Options > Block User.

Methods to Report a Subreddit, User, or Post on Reddit Using an Android and iOS Devices

When on a smartphone, you use the Reddit app for staying on top of the latest happenings. But for reporting a subreddit, you need to utilize your web browser app. Don’t worry! Other things like reporting a post, comment, or message can be done through the Reddit app.

  1. Report a Subreddit on Mobile
  2. Reporting a Subreddit (Subs) Without a Reddit Account on iOS and Android
  3. Can You Report a User on Reddit App?
  4. Report a Post Due to a Valid Issue or Spam
  5. Reddit Comment Reporting
  6. Reporting a Chat or Private Message on Reddit

1. Report Subreddit on Mobile

To report a subreddit on your Android on iOS device, collect the information you need such as the posts and their links. For this, log in from a web browser app on your mobile to get links.

Steps for reporting a community on mobile:

Reddit submit a request page
  • Tap the option that is relevant.
  • It will open more options under it. Choose the violation you think that subreddit is guilty of.
  • Type the subreddit name and the information you collected against it.
Reporting a subreddit on a mobile

2. Reporting a Subreddit (Subs) Without a Reddit Account on iOS and Android

If you can’t log in to the web browser app to report a subreddit, you can still carry out the process with these steps:

  • Open your browser app and go to Reddit’s submit a request page.
  • Tap the drop-down menu and choose ‘Report Content Policy Violation’.
Submit a request to report a community on Reddit using an Android or iOS phone
  • Now, type the required fields with the necessary information. Make sure to checkmark ‘Information for Using This Form’ and ‘Have you read our Content Policy’, and then tap ‘Submit’.

3. Can You Report a User on Reddit App?

You can’t report a user on the Reddit app. However, if a user is violating anything, you can report their comments, posts, and messages. Moreover, you can block them with these steps:

  • Tap the username above their post.
  • Select ‘Block account’.
A user on Reddit app

If you can’t perform any function on Reddit, check the Reddit server’s status or find out if the Reddit app is down.

4. Report a Post Due to a Valid Issue or Spam

If a post is against the Reddit Content Policy or the specific subreddit’s rules, use these steps:

  • Open the post.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right of the post.
  • Select ‘Report’.
A post opened on Reddit app
  • Choose a reason for reporting the post.

5. Reddit Comment Reporting

Reporting a comment effectively removes it from your view and it is also submitted to the moderators for review. Find the steps here:

  • In the comments section, tap the three dots below the comment.
  • Tap ‘Report’.
Comments of a post on Reddit apps
  • Select a valid reason for your action.

6. Reporting a Chat or Private Message on Reddit

For chat messages, if a person is contacting you the first time, you’ll see the option to accept or ignore their chat request. For reporting, tap ‘More Options’ and select ‘Report’.

In case you have accepted their message request, long tap the message in question, and choose ‘Report message’.

If you want to report a private message, tap the three dots next to the message thread and select ‘Report’.


To report a subreddit, gather the required information and then follow the mentioned steps to report it. The admins will review your request and make a decision.


What is a subreddit and how to make a subreddit?

Reddit is made of many communities or groups known as subreddits. Each subreddit has its own set of rules that members should follow. How to create a subreddit on PC? Click the ‘Home’ button at the top of the page and click ‘Create Community’. Type a name, select the community type, and click the ‘Create Community’ button.

How do I report a community on Reddit?

To report a community or subreddit on Reddit using your PC or mobile:
Fire up your web browser, go to Reddit, and log in.
Go to the Reddit Report page.
Select reasons for reporting the community.
Enter the details and submit.

How do you report a user on Reddit?

The Reddit mobile app doesn’t show any report option for users. On PC (web version), you will find a report option, but upon clicking, you will be taken to a help page suggesting to report the problematic comment, post, or message of the user.

How to report a post on Reddit?

On PC, open the post, click the three dots below it, and select ‘Report’.
For mobile users on the Reddit app, open the post, tap the three dots at the top right of the post, and choose ‘Report’.