4 Best Methods To Remove Xresolver

If you want to know how to remove xresolver or Xbox resolver, you are at the right place. The online database is the central point of a flood. It includes hackers, gamers, and online safety and privacy.

But you do not need to be afraid and continue reading as the more you read, the more knowledge you gain. Before discussing the major problems, let us discuss for what purpose xresolver is used?

It will be worth discussing the reason for its existence. There is always toxic energy in video game culture, which starts the actual story.

Video games were designed for entertainment purposes. And online games developed the competition between players. And some of the players were highly aroused emotionally. Naturally, none of us enjoys losing.

But how to carry it and respond to it is something we must need to learn. And that is the central point of why xresolver exists: to bully, take revenge, and antisocial behavior on the internet.

What is xResolver?

It is a database service logging the Gamertags and IP addresses of users playing on Xbox, PC, laptop, and PlayStation.

The information present on the website is technically legal and publicly available. But it can cream a problem for the gamers who mostly play online.

What Makes xResolver Harmful?

The Xresolver claims to allow random parties or suspicious people interested in private user information linked to your remote server. And then, from this point, you can be targeted in many ways, such as a DDOS attack (distributed denial-of-service).

Let’s suppose you badly defeat a player in a game league of legends to understand it better. He is now angry and wants to take revenge.

He can go to xResolver.com online website, type your Gamertag/PSN ID, be your IP grabber, and guess what? He makes your internet connection slowest to the painful level.

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Do I need to worry about hackers while gaming online?

If you are an internet user and have an account via a local internet provider, you have a complete chance of being hacked. Not only computers, laptops, or smartphones are hacked, but if you play online games, you are at risk of losing your personal information.

The problem is that the person who wants to know your current IP address on the website (such as PS4, Xbox, or PC) does not have good intentions. Your friend will not care about your IP address, so he must be a hacker.

So be very careful when you play online games or attend public online gaming sessions because you are definitely at the threat of getting hacked.

Hacker's digital portray

How hackers can grab your IP address while gaming

Your IP address is necessary to send and receive important information. But once it is hacked, the person can seize all your data. Your IP address is like the delivery address you need to provide in online shopping.

It is a set of unique numbers given by ISP. Mostly it is not fixed, but you can have static IP if you wish. Hackers can grab your IP data while an online game session by using the server on which the game is played.

Not only do players create it, but they can host a private server. And through this, they can record the IP address of live users, and the real risk is that they can blacklist their entire network.

Hacker grabbing private data

Methods to Remove Your IP

Change your IP address Through Contacting your ISP:

If ISP does register your IP address via DHCP, you can force them to change the external IP address assigned by ISP by resetting the router or turning it on or off. It is probably the easiest solution.

Using VPN(Virtual Private Network)

If you use a good VPN as a security tool, it will hide the IP address of your PC and will replace it with a dedicated one. A static address is shared with users, or a dynamic changes with each connection. Your internet service provider will not be able to see it.

From xResolver & xResolver IP tracking

Xresolver offers a service in which players can blacklist the Gamertags. And remove them from their public IP address. Information from xresolver is public and comes from running program octosniff.

Manually remove xResolver (IP) Official Website.

If someone has your readable IP format, you can’t stop them from using it. You can’t stop anyone from stopping your social security number if you lose your social security card.

You can remove IP manually by data removal form on xresolver official website (by searching xresolver legal). If you are listed, this action will extract data from the database. You can follow other tips to stop yourself from being added again.

Xresolver official website's dashboard screenshot

Why you should protect your IP address

Hackers and spies search for the easiest way to target and steal your information. Not hiding your IP address makes their target easier to attack. Once they get your IP address, they can easily find your identity and location where you live. It can create big problems that could result in major headaches.

If you want to avail search engines anonymously, hiding your IP is the best way. There are many reasons to hide your IP, but it is an effective way to enhance your privacy and security.

Laptop screen with a lock protection display

How to get your IP address changed

If you want to change your IP address to protect your account from suspicious strangers, changing the OP address is useful. Connecting to public wifi shares a public IP address, but each device has a local IP address.

Most people talk about changing wifi, and they refer to public iPV4 addresses. Most websites, servers, and online games can see and use this IP address. You can use the following options to change your IP address:

  • Use proxy
  • Use Tor
  • By unplugging modem
  • Through ISP
  • By changing networks

Do I need to pay to have my IP address blacklisted?

It is a sort of business that xresolver and other websites have started. As the IP addresses are public knowledge, to keep them open is not illegal. Xresolver knows and takes advantage.

If you want your IP address on the blacklist to protect it from prying eyes, you need to avail yourself of their premium service. However, this site’s negative aspect is that websites like xresolver are abundant on the internet.

You should make sure that you know the cautions if you are playing games online. Blacklisting will prevent your Gamertag and username from being resolved. Purchasing a blacklist will keep you out of the database for a lifetime.


Gamers and other users have to protect themselves from being hacked in an online session. They need to care about their personal information to keep it hidden from spies and enemies, which they have defeated in public sessions.

They play in private meetings and on different gaming platforms as a random player. It does not matter whether you are using websites or playing games.

You still need to hide your IP address from a website such as xresolver because any of your hostile can steal your IP storage and use your data against you.

This article will help you resolve this issue and protect your information and identity from being stolen.


What Is XResolver Used For?

It is a database service (website) that stores publicly available information. Such as IP addresses of gamers, their relationship with Gamertags, and online profiles. People use it against their enemy by stealing their IP address.

What Is My Xbox Console IP Address?

There are various reasons to know your Xbox IP address. Finding it is a straightforward process. Open system > settings > network > network settings > advance settings. The address will display on the screen.

Is It Illegal To Use XResolver?

It is a website that stores your data and makes it available to the public. They profit from the gamers whom Xbox live to play online games.
Players use their data against each other through xresolver as it has an IP address of your account or router. So it is illegal to use it.