4 Easy Ways To Remove Gmail Account From Android

Are you looking for solutions to remove your Gmail account from your android device that you no longer use? We have curated the best solutions to remove Gmail accounts from android devices. 

remove gmail account from android

All these methods will work for all android phones, but the menus and options might slightly differ depending on the android phone you use. When you remove a Gmail account from your android phone, you won’t be able to access that account from your android device. 

But you can still access that account from another device by logging in to that account if that account still exists. For example, you can access it from an android phone, a PC, a laptop, or a web browser. You can also reconnect the account if you have changed your mind. 

Solutions to Remove Gmail Account From Android

1. Removing Gmail Account From Android Device

Follow the steps below to remove the Gmail account from your Android device. 

  • Open the Settings app on your android phone.
  • Tap Accounts or Users and Accounts as it depends on your device.
Accounts & sync
  • It will show the list of Gmail accounts. From that, tap on the account that you want to remove. 
  • Click on remove the account. 
remove account

2. Removing Gmail Account From Samsung Galaxy Phone

Follow the steps below to remove your Gmail account from your Samsung Galaxy phone. 

  • Open the phone’s settings app on your Samsung phone.
  • In the Settings menu, click on accounts and backup.
  • Click on manage accounts.
  • Click on the account that you want to delete.
  • Click on remove account. 

3. Remotely Removing the Gmail Account

If you have lost your phone and don’t want others to access your Gmail account, then you can remove your Gmail account remotely. Follow the steps provided below to remove your Gmail account remotely. 

  • Sign in to your Google account using another device.
  • From the left-hand menu, navigate to settings.
  • Click on the Gmail account that you want to remove. 
  • Click on manage your google account.
  • Go to the Security tab.
  • Scroll under your devices section. Click on manage devices.
  • It will show the list of devices you have signed into your Google account. 
  • Click on your missing device option. 
  • Click on account access and click on the remove button.
  • Click on the Remove option to remove the account.

4. Steps to Turn Off the Gmail Notifications

Follow the steps below to keep the google account on your device but don’t want to receive notifications from the Gmail account.

  • Open the Gmail app.
  • At the top left corner, click on three horizontal lines.
three horizontal lines
  • Scroll down and click on Settings.
  • Click on the relevant account.
 relevant account
  • From the list of options, click on notifications and select the none option to turn off the notifications.

Effects of Removing the Google Account

When you have trouble removing the primary Gmail account, then set up your phone by adding a new Gmail account. Then set that account as a primary account so you can remove the unwanted Gmail account. 

If you cannot perform this method, perform the factory reset method. This method will remove all the data from your phone. Before completing this step, ensure you have backed up all your data. 

Losing Data Access That is Tied to the Gmail Account

Remember, when you remove the Gmail account tied to Google Play Store, you will lose access to the contents and apps you have purchased from Google Play Store. For example, you will lose access to your photos, emails, and calendars related to that account. 

Tip: On some android devices, you won’t be able to remove the Gmail account. Instead, you can disable it using Apps. Click on Gmail and click on disable. 


I hope the above methods will help remove the Gmail account. Removing a Gmail account is not a difficult task. Finding the proper method that works for your android phone takes some time. Follow all the solutions above and try to find the method that suits you. 

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