How To Remove A Hacker From My Android Phone

Is your phone acting strange? Are there glitches or apps shutting down? Remove a hacker from my android phone. It may be due to a hacker, so we’ve made an ultimate guide to remove it.

remove a hacker from my android phone

Nothing can give you more headaches than the idea of getting your mobile phone hacked. The actual scenario is worse when you have important data like private photos and secret documents.

However, getting your phone hacked is not the end of the world, even though the moment feels the same. Stay connected and read till the end to learn how to remove a hacker from your mobile phone and regain access to your phone and worry-free life. 

What does it look like when your phone gets hacked?

Many red flags get apparent when someone breaches your phone. You may experience one or more of these signs:

  • Your phone charging gets drained quickly. Fraudulent apps, spyware, and malware use malicious codes that use a lot of power, and your phone loses charging hastily.
  • Strange activities happen on your social media and online accounts. Mainly, a hacker aims to steal your valuable information.
  • You may get unusual sign-up verifications, login notifications, and password reset prompts.
  • You may notice unusual messages and calls in your log. The hacker may impersonate you to get valuable information about your relatives and friends.  
  • Your data usage may suddenly skyrocket. Malicious applications run in the background and use much data that may go unnoticed if you are connected to Wi-Fi.
  • The speed of processing slows down. A hacker uses your phone’s memory to run shady applications, which may cause the phone to run like a tortoise.
  • Unexpected crashes, restarts, and freezing can be the signs of being hacked.

How can I remove a hacker from my Android phone?

Removing a hacker from the phone is not difficult at all. Many might consider taking it to a mobile phone specialist, but you can do it yourself.

You can follow one or all of these steps to remove the hacker from the phone: 

Factory Reset your Android Device

A factory reset utterly wipes out the data from your internal phone storage.

It will not only delete your data like photos, videos, messages, and passwords but also cleans the phone from malware and provides a gateway to the hacker.

Note: SD card is not affected by factory reset. To play on the safe side, format your SD card first, and factory reset your phone to eliminate all the threats.

Here’s how you can factory reset your phone and get rid of hacker’s access:

  • Go to the Settings menu and tap the system.
  • Tap on Reset options
  • Tap on Factory reset and click on Yes.
  • Enter your pattern or password to get your data wiped out.
  • Your phone will get restarted once the factory reset is complete. 
Click on Erase your Data

Use antivirus software to remove a hacker

Antivirus software scans your phone for viruses and malware and removes threats. Not everyone needs antivirus software.

Apple phones don’t need an antivirus because they already have one. However, Android phones need antivirus software to get rid of hackers. 

  • Download any antivirus software from the Google play store of your Android phone.
  • Let the installation get completed, and scan your phone for threats.
  • Remove the threats detected by antivirus software.

How to keep hackers out of your online accounts?

Your online accounts on Facebook, Instagram, etc., are on the verge of being the most important target of the hacker to steal money and your private data.

To keep the hacker out of your online accounts, occasionally change your pin codes or passwords and use two-factor authentication for logging in.

Don’t use simple passwords like 1234, ABCD, or your name as a password. 

If you spot that your account was hacked, try to get into it and change the login credentials, especially passwords, to secure them from hackers. Moreover, you can report to customer support if you see any unusual activity on your social media, online, or banking accounts. 

Ensure Two Step Verification is turned on

Here’s how you can unhack your phone by deleting suspicious apps

Remove all the suspicious applications from the device because they are the source of malware, and the hacker gets access to your phone through them.

You can spot a suspicious application by closely observing the number of times it crashes while running and checking data usage and battery percentage consumed by the application.

To remove a suspicious application:

  • Go to Settings> Apps.
  • Tap on the application and tap on Uninstall.
  • Wait for uninstallation to complete. 

What are some Common Smartphones Vulnerabilities

Mobile devices are prone to vulnerabilities that affect an individual. Here are some of them that you need to guard against.

Spyware and Malware

Mobile Malware is a file or code transferred to your mobile over a network. Hackers get into your phone through malware to explore, steal and damage your data.

Android mobiles are more affected by malware than iPhones because they have no built-in feature for scanning the applications against malware. 

Spyware is a program installed on the device without getting a permit from the user. It runs through malicious codes and uses mobile data to access your online accounts. 

A person clicking on a secure lock

Unsecured WiFi Connections

Unsecured Wi-Fi networks are not encrypted and have no security. Anyone connected to a network like this can access the other devices.

Identifying an unsecured Wi-Fi network is easier because it demands no password.

Unsecured networks are the most significant sources of network data theft, illegal usage, and sensitive information interception.

Installing APKs

APK files from untrusted websites can let hackers get into your mobile effortlessly. They have zipped files carrying infected applications.

When you install them on your device, the application starts running on malicious codes, leaving your data vulnerable to hackers.

Therefore, it is recommended to always download applications from Google Play Store directly. 

How to stop someone from hacking your phone in the future?

I hope now you know all about fixing a hacked phone. To keep it secure in the future, follow these simple steps:

  • Install antivirus on your phone.
  • Set up secure passwords for your online accounts.
  • Update your phone’s OS regularly.  
  • Use 2fa for your online accounts.
  • Don’t download anything from suspicious and untrusted websites.
  • Only install applications from the Play Store.
  • Limit app permissions while installing them on your phone. 
  • Never connect your phone to public wi-fi. 
  • Don’t allow cookies or and check your browsing history occasionally. 
  • Check the login history of your google accounts.
  • If you see any strange activity, run a factory reset. 

How Do Phones Get Hacked?

Phones get hacked when malware or spyware penetrates through an infected application or a public Wi-Fi network.

Hackers access and steal your important data and information through these vulnerabilities.

Therefore, it is recommended never to download apps from untrusted websites and Unencrypted networks. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping your mobile secure from hackers is important if you want no one to disturb your privacy.

The best way to remove a hacker is a factory data reset after backing up all your data into a cloud-based online platform.

Antivirus can also some protection from a hacking attack.

Remember that you should have your phone software updated and do not connect to any unsecured WiFi Networks so that you don’t get into an issue in the first place.  

If your issue is severe and secure, data has been breached, responsible approach authorities.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does Factory Reset Delete Spy Apps?

Yes, factory reset deletes all the applications from your phone and the suspicious ones. Therefore, if you have a suspicious app installed on your device that constantly crashes, it is time to go for a factory reset. 

 Can I Use A Code To Unhack My Phone?

No, you cannot use any code to unhack your phone. However, you can use *#06 and *#21 to check whether your phone has been hacked or not. 

Will A Factory Reset Get Rid Of Hackers?

Yes, a factory reset can help eliminate hackers because it wipes out all the data from internal storage. It means malicious applications are deleted, and access to your data is blocked through a factory reset. 

Can A Hacker Watch You Through Your Phone?

Yes, a hacker can watch you through your phone camera by installing spyware inside it to get its control.