2 Best Ways To Register Amazon Firestick

With the introduction of Amazon Firestick, it has become much easier to use Amazon Prime and multiple other streaming platforms. However, if you have recently bought Amazon Firestick, you should remember that you must have an Amazon account. 

Even though there are other ways that you can register Amazon Firestick, it is much easier to register through your amazon account. However, you don’t need to have an Amazon Prime account; a regular Amazon account also works perfectly fine. 

register amazon firestick

Registering for an Amazon account is free, and activating your Amazon Fire tv or Amazon Fire TV Stick is a rather easy and simple process. Additionally, if you use your account, you will also be able to protect your privacy better. 

How to Set Up Your Amazon Firestick

Once you have purchased your Amazon Firestick, you can easily set it up alone without any difficulties. You need not require any technical knowledge per se to set it up. First of all, with the support of the power block and power cord, you will have to plugin your Amazon Firestick. 

How to Set Up Your Amazon Firestick

Plugging the Firestick power block into the outlet directly is much better. After doing this, you can insert the Firestick into the HDMI port. Put the batteries in the Firestick remote, and turn on your TV. 

Register Amazon Firestick

Once you complete the set-up process, you must register your Amazon Firestick. This can be done either with the help of your account or a blank account. You can also deregister it later or register using a throwaway account if you want to protect your data and other activities. 

  1. Through Your Account
  2. Through a Blank Account

1. Through Your Account

Registering Amazon Firestick through your account is considered one of the easiest and most simple methods. However, if you do not want Amazon to know that you are the owner of the Firestick or have privacy concerns, you can use the other method mentioned below. 

However, if you want to use your account, you can follow these steps. 

  • Connect to the home network and your Amazon Fire TV Stick. 
register amazon firestick through your account
  • Enter your account credentials after that. 
  • You can load any management application. 
register amazon firestick through your account
register amazon firestick through your account

After you do this, you can de-register if you want to so that Amazon will not be able to track your activity or any other data. To de-register, you will have to go through the settings. 

  • Click on Settings and select My Account. 
deregister your account
  • After that, click on Amazon Account and select De-register. 
deregister your account

This is the easiest way to register your Amazon Firestick; there is no need for additional processes to sign up through a Visa gift or credit card. 

2. Through a Blank account

If you are concerned about your privacy and other data about Amazon, you can register through a blank account. This allows you to protect your data, but the process is slightly more complicated than the one mentioned above. 

You must follow a few steps to create a blank account and register your Amazon Firestick with the same. First, you must purchase a prepaid Visa credit card or a gift card. 

Create a new account on Amazon and add the same visa for the payment method. After you do this, you can register the FireStick through that account. The main reason why this method is complicated is that you will have to invest in a proper prepaid Visa card. 

Additionally, you also have to deposit a certain amount of money for that card to be functional, which would require more time and income. Due to this reason, this method is not as popular, but if you want to protect your privacy and data, this is the ideal way to register your Amazon Firestick. 

Kodi on Firestick

Kodi is one of the most well-known media players that are open source. This is usually helpful if you have deregistered yourself from the Amazon account; however, if you have an additional media player or a program on your firestick TV, you can access more tv shows and movies from the same. 

Kodi is very popular as it allows its users to stream several shows and movies from any part of the world. Additionally, it can work both as a home-theatre PC client and a media center. The program’s interface is also very user-friendly as it provides several features and options to its users. 

register amazon firestick

With the help of software repositories, users are also free to add applications and customize several settings, their appearance, and preferences. Streaming shows and movies are ideal on Kodi. 

How to install Kodi on Firestick

You can follow these steps to install Kodi on your Firestick

  • Open Settings and select My Fire TV. 
  • Select Device and Software and click on Developer Options. 
  • Click on Apps from Unknown Sources, and allow sharing. 
  • Go back to the home page and type Downloader on the search bar. 

After downloading the Downloaders app, please search for the Kodi application and download it on your Firestick. 

Firestick Alternatives

Even though Firestick is a very popular service, and some may find it easy to use, it may be relatively tedious for others to set it up and use it. Due to this reason, users are given a lot more options, and you can also check some of the alternatives of Firestick. 

Google Chromecast is also very popular but works best with Google TV. Moreover, the price is almost the same as the Firestick. You also get a remote and a proper full interface along with the Chromecast

Roku is yet another well-known alternative to the Firestick. Initially, it was only meant for Netflix. However, it now works on all platforms. Additionally, the purchase plans are also relatively affordable, and its interface and service are worth mentioning. 

Apple TV is also a great purchase even though it is slightly expensive. However, if you own a lot of Apple products, it would be best to get an Apple Tv since it is more compatible and you can easily use its features. 

Lastly, Game Consoles are a great option; if you have a gaming console, be it Xbox or PS4, there is no requirement to purchase an Amazon Firestick. You can easily use game consoles with their numerous features instead of getting a Firestick. 


Registration of your Amazon Firestick has a rather easy procedure. However, if you do not want to share your data or want to protect your privacy, you can register with the help of blank accounts. 

Registering through a blank account and deregistering helps you protect your privacy. You can also use Kodi or other similar services after deregistering your account. However, the easiest and most simple way of registering your Amazon Firestick is through your amazon account since having a prime account is unnecessary. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Set Up Amazon Firestick Without Amazon Account?

You can set up your Amazon Firestick without an Amazon account. You can register your Amazon Firestick through a blank account, wherein you will require a credit card or a gift card. Once you have registered for a visa credit card or a gift card, you will also have to add a few credits to it to activate the account. 
You can then register your Amazon Firestick through the same account instead of using your Amazon account. 

Is There A Monthly Fee For Amazon Account For Firestick?

There is no monthly fee for an Amazon account for Firestick. After you have purchased your firestick, you can use it for free after registering it. Additionally, you can use your free amazon to register for your firestick. However, if you have a Prime account, you may have to pay separately for the subscription, but a regular or monthly fee is not required for Firestick. 

Is Prime Video Free With Amazon Prime?

If you have purchased Amazon Prime, you will automatically receive several other benefits, including Prime Video. You can also watch numerous tv shows and movies on Prime Video and download the same. 
Amazon Prime also has several other features, including free and fast delivery. Along with Prime Video, you will also get access to Prime music. 

How To Register An Amazon Fire Stick?

Initially, you will have to set up your amazon fire stick and then register the same either with your Amazon account or a blank account. You need not have a Prime account to register your firestick. 
You can also use a blank account by registering for a visa credit card or a gift card and then using that account to register your amazon firestick. This is mainly done by people who do not want to protect their privacy.