Tips to reduce High CPU usage by ravbg64.exe

RAVBg64 is a software process that runs in the background as a background app, and background apps do not consume much of the resources of your CPU. Moreover, this software process is a member of Realtek high definition audio driver or Realtek HD Audio drivers by Realtek.

You can easily find this software process located in the “\Realtek\Audio\HDA” folder in “C:\Program Files” However, many users of Windows PC have noticed that the ravbg64 process running in the background use about 20-50% of their windows CPU resources. Let us now check out how we can fix this high CPU usage.

Ways to fix high CPU usage by RAVBg64

With the RAVBg64 background process’s help, you can easily connect your communication applications like ‘skype’ or ‘google meet’ to the Realtek audio manager. The Realtek audio manager ensures that proper communication takes place between the communication applications and the audio manager or drivers. RAVBg64, which is a background process, appears in the task manager section.

You may also get notifications from various applications like skype or google meet to allow the RAVBg64 process for using the applications. This HD audio background process is not some virus or malware infection, but this process running in the background should not lead to high CPU usage.

However, if there is high CPU usage, there are chances of coming across virus infection signs like lagging, error messages, unresponsive applications, and much more. So, here are some ways that you can read to fix the issue of high usage of CPU by RAVBg64.

Updating Realtek audio driver

Device manager or driver is a software that helps in informing the operating system and other software about the way to interact with specific hardware. The device manager helps in the communication between the hardware and software.

Therefore, the Realtek high definition audio drivers ensure easy communication between the hardware and the software. However, without audio drivers, your Windows computer may have an issue correcting, sending, and receiving the data. Moreover, if you are not using the appropriate HD audio driver or installed the wrong driver, it could cause a high CPU usage by ravbg64.

So, to update the Realtek audio driver, you can follow these steps.

Step1- The first step is to open the device manager by using the right-click on the start option and select the ‘Device Manager’ from the results shown to you. And you also have the option to search for the device manager by its name.


Step2-The next step is to click open the device manager on your computer. Now, you will be shown a list of devices that are connected to your computer. From the list of connected devices, click on the sound, video, and game controllers.

Under the section of sound, video, and game controllers, you will find Realtek high definition audio, and that is where you need to go for updating Realtek audio driver. Therefore, you can right-click on the Realtek device, and then you can select the option of update driver software.

image 1

Step3- When you click on ‘update driver,’ you will be asked whether you want to search the driver software in your computer manually or you want your computer to search your computer for the driver automatically. If you choose the first option, your computer will automatically browse the internet for the latest audio drivers.

However, suppose you click on the second option. In that case, you need to download a driver on your windows beforehand, which is a bit time consuming and frustrating as you would have to visit different websites and search for the latest drivers over the internet.

Therefore, we prefer the first option, which you can use if you do not want to invest so much time. So, after you select update driver and after all the updates are installed on your windows, you can restart your computer and check whether the RAVBg64 c program files still lead to high CPU usage.

image 3

Disable Realtek HD audio manager

This is another way to fix high usage of CPU, which involves for you to disable Realtek audio manager that is running at windows system startup. You can do this via the system configuration application on your device. You can follow these steps in order to disable the Realtek audio manager, which is running at the Windows startup.

Step1- The first step is to click open the searching bar and then type the name of the application ‘system configuration’ to open it.

image 5

Step2- Now, after you click on the system configuration window, right-click the startup tab, and under the startup tab, you will find the Realtek manager. Click or choose the Realtek audio manager and then select the disable key.

image 4

Step3- After clicking on the disable option, you will get a notification to restart your computer for applying the new chances. However, you have to select the option of “Exit without restart.

Step4- Now, you need to disable the device via device manager. You need to visit your device manager on your windows and click on the sound, video, and game controllers. Under this section, you will find the Realtek device that you need to disable by clicking the ‘Disable device’ option.

image 2

Step5- Finally, you can restart your computer, and then you could undo the changes to enable the Realtek audio manager and enable the Realtek device in your device manager. This way, your problem would have been solved, and the ravbg64 Exe file process will not cause high CPU usage.

Creating new registry keys

Your windows registry is nothing but a group of databases of configuration settings In the windows operating system. This is a place where most of your settings and information for all your software programs, operating system configurations, hardware devices, user preferences, and more are stored. You cannot access the options you find in the registry anywhere else on your windows operating system. You can follow these steps for creating new registry keys.

Step1- The first step involves opening the registry editor by opening the run dialog box. For this step, you need to press the Windows key and the R key at the same time to open the run dialog box. Now, type ‘Regedit’ and click ‘ok’. However, you need to make a restore point during this step before making any changes in your windows registry. The improper editing of the registry may lead to a severe problem.

image 7


Step2- Now, go to the hkey local machine software section, and right-click on the software key. Then, select the new option, which will further show you more results where you have to choose the ‘key’ option as done below in the picture.

image 6

Step3- After making a new key, rename it as ‘SRS Labs’. Now, again repeat step 2 by creating a new key and naming it as ‘APO’.

image 2
image 3

Step4- You can now close the registry editor and restart your computer to check whether ravbg64 still causes the problem of High CPU usage.

Try to run the system file checker

A system file checker is more like a file scanner, which helps scan any virus or malware in the windows system files and other restored files. We are going to show you how you can run this system file checker tool so that you could scan the system files for any virus or malware and help fix the corrupted system file. Now, carefully read all these steps for executing this method to scan your file.

Step1- The first step is to open the command prompt on your computer. For this, go to your search bar and type ‘command prompt’ and then right-click on the command prompt result is shown to you. And select the option of ‘run as administrator’. For better understanding, look at the picture below.


Step2- After you run the command prompt as administrator, you need to type the ‘sfs/scannow’ command and press enter. The system scan will then start automatically and take about 15 minutes to complete the whole scanning process. You can now restart your computer to check whether RAVbg64 still causes high CPU usage.



So, we hope you liked our recommendations for fixing the RAVBg64 process that is causing High CPU usage. You can easily use any of the methods given above for solving this issue, and if you know any other methods for fixing this issue, please share with us in the comments below.

Can High CPU Usage by ravbg64.exe Cause Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys)?

High CPU usage by ravbg64.exe can lead to Video TDR Failure (atikmpag.sys). To avoid issues, it’s crucial to seek solutions for video TDR failure, such as updating drivers, adjusting system settings, or seeking professional assistance. Addressing the issue promptly can help prevent system instability and potential crashes.

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