11 Solutions For Reddit Search Not Working

Have you faced the problem of Reddit search not working, if yes then follow the solutions to solve your problem. Despite the usage of the Reddit platform and its popularity, Do you come across several different cases where you cannot use the Reddit search to search for threads of all topics?

Reddit is the most used social media globally, with threads and topics. However, there are several variations where partial results are shown in some cases while no results are displayed in others.

This solution will comment on why this issue occurs and what you can do to solve the problem, “Reddit Search Not Working.

Reddit search not working for "bugs"

Why Is Reddit Search Not Working?

Sometimes, it is due to server issues or not updating the software to a recent version. This issue has several reasons for occurring. 

Not updating to the latest version

A major reason you would have problems with your Reddit App is the old version as a Reddit app user. Reddit has continued to update many changes and new features for Android users since it was first launched in 2016. However, you may seem not to have noticed.

Outage of Servers

Some previous reports have mentioned those issues. However, those were with the website itself in comparison to those who were having problems with the app. Reddit fixes the outages usually sooner before it begins to peak later.

Cache Data

Caches and corrupt files could also be a hindrance to your Reddit App. Cache data is collected data of several temporary files on your Android device. However, multiple cache files corrupt the app and may diminish the app’s speed.

However, this is also applicable to using Reddit on your mobile browser. This is because frequent browsing also computes different caches on the website data.

Blockage of Ads

Ad-blockers conflict with multiple web applications and modules. There is no exception for Reddit Search; we can conclude this after checking numerous reports by users who diagnosed that the problem was true with the ad-blocker.

Adblock is responsible for the error, "Reddit not working"

System Bugs

We also encountered several instances where the problem was with Reddit’s backend. Reddit would address this, and a fix would also be launched shortly.

How To Fix Reddit Search Not Working Issue?

There have been multiple instances when individuals have utilized the Reddit search for all threads. And, there have been various variations to the issue. In some circumstances, only partial results are displayed, while in others, no results are displayed at all. Usual reasons are,

  1. Restarting the device
  2. Checking the server of Reddit
  3. Force stop the app
  4. Clear cache
  5. Updating to the latest version
  6. Sign Out
  7. Checking whether you are a beta user or not
  8. Enabling search filter
  9. Uninstall and Reinstall the app
  10. Checking the Internet Connection
  11. Disabling Ad-Blockers

 Let’s look behind “Reddit Search Not Working” and fix it.

Restarting the device

Restart your Android device or Windows PC. It clears its memory and races things up. Small problems may also be fixed, like crashing apps. 

  • You can reboot your device with the built-in software options. Press the power button on your gadget to launch the onscreen power menu for a few seconds. You don’t need to unlock the device to do this.
  • Or, You may also restart the Android mobile or tablet yourself by using the tried-and-true way of switching the gadget off and back on again.
  • Or, Tap “Power Off” (or the equivalent on your device), and then wait for your phone or tablet to switch off completely. Once your device is off, press the power button to turn it on again.

Checking the server of Reddit

  • Visit the official Reddit website to understand everything that keeps Reddit up and running. Go to Reddit Status. 
  • You can also use the “subscribe to updates” option in the top right corner to get notified if something goes wrong.

Reddit is the only app or site that isn’t working for you. Likely, it’s not working for everyone else. So before moving to the next level, make sure there isn’t a server outage on Reddit. Reddit also brings you up to date on the state of the site.

Force stop the app

  • Go to the Settings on your Android device.
  • In the list and open Apps or Manage apps.
  • Scroll the list to the app to force quit.
  • Tap Force Stop.

Some applications may continue to work in the background even after you close them, no matter how you approach them. On the other hand, force-stopping an app will bring all front and background activities related to that app to a complete halt.

Clear cache

Excessive caching is used by the Reddit app and many other apps to improve performance and user experience. If the cache size is exceeded, the software may act strangely, such as crashing or slowing. Likewise, if your phone’s storage is full, the Reddit app’s cache becomes corrupt, the problem will occur.

  • Open the Settings application on your device.
  • Head Over to Apps Menu
  • Choose Installed Applications
  • Go to the Application you want to Clear the App Data of
  • Select it, Move to the Storage Tab
  • Hit Clear Storage/Clear App Data
Clear cache for error, "Reddit search not working"

Updating to the latest version

There are constantly new changes in the upgraded program that differ from the old software on your Android smartphone. If the error with the Reddit app not loading persists, you can upgrade your Reddit app by visiting the play store.

  • Update apps manually
  • Open the Google Play Store app/app store.
  • Tap Manage apps & device. 
  • Apps with an update available are labeled “Update available.”
  • Tap Update.

Sign Out

Signing out of the app or logging in with a different account (if you have one) generally solves the problem.

  • Go to your profile icon at the upper-left corner of the screen. 
  • Tap the Down arrow icon next to your username.
  • Tap the icon to the far right of your username. 
  • Tap Log out.
  • Log in with a different account.

Checking whether you are a beta user or not

Beta applications may include additional functionality, but they are inherently unstable. When you sign up for the beta program and are experiencing problems, 

  • Uninstall Reddit app
  • Reinstall the stable version from the play store/app store.

Enabling search filter

  • Press on the checkbox below the “limit my search to a subreddit name.” 
  • When you hit Enter, only results from that subreddit will appear.

A search bar on Reddit can be filtered by gender and location. It’s used to find your content preferences on the Reddit app and mobile browser.

Uninstall and Reinstall the app

  • Open the Google Play Store application.
  • In the top right, click the Profile icon.
  • Tap Manage apps & devices. Manage.
  • Tap the name of the app you want to delete.
  • Tap Uninstall.
  • And Reinstall again.

Like Restarting the app, Uninstalling and Reinstalling also solve the issue. So if you are experiencing the problem, try to Uninstall and Reinstall the Reddit app. 

reddit download

Checking the Internet Connection

Your house Wi-Fi link or mobile data plan can be having problems. 

  • Check that your Internet connection isn’t the issue. You can test the connection by going to another website on your computer or smartphone browser.
  •  If nothing loads properly, your internet connection is broken. Additionally, it would help if you restarted your internet router. This will provide you with a speedier internet connection. Still, it will also give you a new IP address, which will aid in resolving any underlying issues you were having previously.

Disabling Ad-Blockers

Ad-blockers appear to make your experience on a web server worthwhile because ads always cover content.

  • Tap the Settings menu (the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner).
  • Tap AdBlock.
  • Tap Pause AdBlock.
How to disable adblock for reddit


Your issue can surely be solved with one of the solutions on the list. Still, if Reddit is not working, you can report the bug or problem directly at Reddit help. You can also mention the issue you are facing with the site or phone app.


Why Is Reddit App Search Not Working?

Not updating to the latest version, Outage of Servers, Cache Data may be the major reasons “Reddit app search not working.”

Why Is Reddit Mobile Not Working?

If the Reddit app or website isn’t loading, make sure that there isn’t something wrong with your Internet connection. 

Why Can’t I Search Anything On Reddit?

The browser search mechanism may not be working properly. Try restarting the browser. 

How Do I Fix Reddit?

Some possible fixes are logging out and back in and clearing the app cache.

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