Top 17 Best Reddit Alternatives

If you spend a lot of your time rummaging through answers online, you must’ve heard of Reddit. Known as ‘the front page of the Internet’, Reddit counts among the most popular websites in the USA and it does for all the right reasons.

From sharing your opinion on something to reading, upvoting, or downvoting the ones shared by others, Reddit offers everyone a platform to gain and share knowledge. 

However, this popular site has been experiencing a downswing for quite a time now. People are making an exit from Reddit for some or other reasons. So, what’s the alternate way for people to conclude the quest for an exchange of thoughts?

If you haven’t figured that out yet, this list of the top 17 Reddit alternatives will definitely give you the ideas to try.

Let’s get started.

What is Reddit and How Does It Work?

Reddit is one of the most popular American social news aggregation, discussion, and content rating platforms where people can come to find, discover and discuss various topics, comment on others’ posts, check what’s hot on the internet and share their thoughts. It is fairly simple to use and go about. 

This place is great for those who love indulgence in knowledge-sharing with people from different cultures.

From technology and inventions to entertainment and politics, Reddit gives readers anything and everything to look at from another vantage point.

What makes it even cooler is its feature to go anonymous which allows users to give into expressing their views and opinions on hundreds and thousands of different topics.

Pros and Cons of Reddit

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Reddit:


  • It is fantastically easy to use
  • It has a simple sign-up process
  • On Reddit, you can effectively drive traffic to your content
  • It caters to people with diverse tastes


  • Unorganized distribution of content
  • Finding the desired content can be overwhelming
  • Not appropriate for kids and younger teens

Top 17 Sites Like Reddit

If Reddit does not seem to pace up your search for more and more knowledge, you might get some help checking out these top alternatives of Reddit.

1. Quora

Quora has emerged as one of the most popular Reddit alternatives where it only takes one question to spark intellectual conversations and debates which can go on for years.

Quora allows users to drop their questions on the site. Other users view those questions and write answers if they have any piece of information about the same to offer.

Key Features

  • Upvoting and downvoting answers
  • Anonymous mode
  • Option to thank writers for posting
  • Tag people, blogs, and other links
  • Zen mode
reddit alternative

2. Hacker News

Hacker News is commonplace for those who need a daily glint of tech news from any and every corner of the world.

As the name itself says, this website is a perfect suite of everything buzzy for tech enthusiasts.

The site is dedicated to delivering the content in a crisp way and the stories that are posted are gathered from trustworthy sources like NY Times, BBC, Github, Microsoft, etc.

Key Features

  • Upvoting and downvoting news
  • News collected from renowned platforms like NY Times, BBC, Github etc.
  • Karma points for upvotes
  • Downvote/ edit comments
Hacker News

3. 4chan

4chan is a message board where you can post anonymously. The site demonstrates a myriad of internet cultures and especially makes a platform for those who seek meme inspiration.

It features a voting option for users where they can upvote or downvote posts. 

The platform also offers a board where users can post images and text randomly. On 4chan, users can post images on whichever board they like and can also drop comments on posts made by their fellow users.

Key Features

  • Option to post anonymously
  • Extensive curation of memes
  • Upvoting and downvoting options for posts
  • Wide range of boards

4. Steemit

Steemit is yet another best Reddit alternative if you are looking for more of a social networking and blogging website.

This platform lets users post as much content as they want to. Like Reddit, you can post a comment, upvote, and downvote the posts shared by others.

What makes Steemit different from Reddit is the option for its user base to earn money from its posts.

If you are posting interesting content on this site, you will stand a chance to have it incentivized based on the amount of popularity it is attracting.

Key Features

  • Ideal for blogging and sharing stories
  • Option to incentivize the post depending on the amount of popularity
  • Earnings in cryptocurrency
  • Upvoting and downvoting posts

5. Pinterest

How can Pinterest work as an Alternative to Reddit? Well, it is a completely visual search engine where you can find a world of ideas from all sorts of niches. 

You can post content from social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and your blogs on Pinterest along with images as this will help you be regular with your sharing errands and make you attract traffic effectively. 

Key Features

  • Boards for a huge array of categories and topics
  • Ideal platform for finding inspiration and ideas on almost anything
  • Option to post links from social media accounts
  • Post content with images

6. Product Hunt

Product Hunt basically projects its name. This platform is a perfect place for users to hunt for the products available in the market.

It helps users explore an array of categories in the tech segment and find the best product options that are there.

You can write comments on the lists created by other people on the website. There’s also an option to share amazing technology stuff with people in the community which lets them join in the thread and offer their opinion regarding the product or list. 

Key Features

  • A variety of topics in the technology niche
  • Ideal for makers and marketers to promote their tech products such as mobile, websites, etc.
  • Voting and commenting system for products
  • Users can write reviews
Product Hunt

7. Mix

The mix is a platform that keeps the users hooked by displaying the content shared by different people.

And perhaps that’s what makes it one of the incredible Reddit alternatives. You get to submit different updates and stories, share your discoveries, etc. on the site.

Key Features

  • Curation of image content
  • Users can upvote and downvote posts
  • Option to share posts on other platforms

8. Imgur

You must be wondering what on earth is Imgur doing on this list. Yes, it is nowhere a forum like Reddit but it makes a sound alternative if your hunt is for the content. Imgur brings you an abundance of content in the guise of images.

From tech-studded stuff to sports, trending news, and memes, you will find images on anything and everything on Imgur.

You can also take a hand with different tags available on Imgur that help collect images. In simple words, if you’re more into catching up on content through images.

Key Features

  • Ideal for creating and sharing images, memes, and GIFs
  • Hosts a pool of images from different categories and topics
  • Customizable albums
  • Users can create GIFs using video URLs

9. Slashdot

Slashdot is one the best Reddit alternatives for minds who are always craving technology buzz to dive into.

This is an amazing site like Reddit where you’ll find an enormous amount of technology-based stuff from different sources.

You can explore this place to catch up on the news from different sources. Besides, you can also participate in the comments and discussions to share your thoughts about the given story.

Key Features

  • Features news stories on technology, science, and politics
  • Slashdot Poll for users to voting
  • Users can submit stories and join discussions on the ones shared by others
  • Content moderators can earn random points and rate comments

10. 9gag

9gag is a popular platform that might not sound anything like top Reddit alternatives but on the fun side of the web – it actually is.

Users post useful and informative stuff on 9gag that can really compel you to indulge in a discussion in the comment section. The comment section gets even better if you want a dose of funny conversations.

The platform has tons of sections that fulfill different interests and that makes it a place for everyone. 9Gag is one of the perfect Reddit alternatives to be if you want escapades in the form of funny posts and conversations.

Key Features

  • A slew of informative content on various topics
  • Laugh-worthy content in the form of memes and GIFs
  • Option to filter posts based on popularity, number of comments, and trends
  • Upvoting, downvoting, and commenting system

11. Ather

The next amazing option among the top Reddit alternatives is Ather. Like Reddit, it lets you explore content and offers you the option to vote up or down if you agree or disagree with the content. You can also comment and post images for others to view. 

Key Features

  • Users can hide the content they don’t like
  • Option to filter posts based on popularity, tags, etc.
  • Upvoting, downvoting, and commenting system
  • Badges for achieving different targets

12. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed already has its fair share of popularity among internet zealots and there are many reasons to support that.

One of the best things about Buzzfeed is that it works in a more focused manner as compared to Reddit. 

It features quite a modern design with a variety of fresh topics every day to break into.

From news stories and blogs to quizzes and a lot more, Buzzfeed also has some incredible community features.

You can then start sharing your stories and get people to know you. Moreover, you can also share your stories on social media sites.

Key Features

  • Users can sign up and create posts
  • Features news, trends, viral content, and quizzes
  • Voting system
  • Option to earn points for attracting views on a post and writing comments

13. Hive

Hive has grown increasingly popular over years. It is one of the best sites like Reddit where people can join discussions over a variety of topics.

There are many communities on Hive for you to explore which makes the chances of finding the ones of your choice high.

If you’re looking for more online content to dive in, then Hive is a must-try option.

Key Features

  • Users can post and share content
  • Join discussions on content posted by others
  • Option to filter content based on options like trending muted, etc.
  • Communities dedicated to different categories and topics

14. Retalk

Your next option as one of the best sites like Reddit is Realtalk which surely promises to give you not less than a Reddit-like experience.

What makes it different from Reddit is its simple and straightforward layout.

Basically, Retalk is about re-sharing and discussing trending and important topics. When you find a post that seems worth discussing, you can hit the share button on the site and get the talk started.

Key Features

  • Users can create and read stories on a variety of topics
  • Option to like and comment on posts
  • Communities dedicated to different topics
  • Earn points for gaining votes on the posts

15. Digg

If you are trying your options for the best sites like Reddit, you have to try Digg. From a stunningly clean and intuitive interface to easy navigation, Digg is already in to give users a feel-good experience.

Then, it brings the voting system that simply makes it feasible for you to find the best content. The best features of Digg have to be its fleet-footed functionality and the option to save posts for later along with a fantastic UI and UX.

Key Features

  • Features links to news stories from across the Internet
  • Option to chat with other users
  • Vote and comment on stories
  • Option to save the posts you like

16. Hubski

You can also use Hubski if you would like to treat yourself to some engaging and thoughtful conversations.

Like other options listed in this section, you can vote for the content you find interesting on Hubski.

Moreover, you can create posts and have your own hub of content. Not to mention, Hubski also offers the option to users to follow other members on the platform.

Key Features

  • Option to like and share content posted by others
  • Users can follow other members 
  • No ads 
  • Hubwheel for tracking progress on the platform

17. Headcycle

Are you looking for more of an extensive collection of intellectual write-ups? If that’s you then Headcycle might be what you need.

This link aggregation site is dedicated to content posted by users with a voting system.

Some of the notable features of Headcycle are public and private messaging, and head loops that refer to the groups focusing on select topics.

Key Features

  • Groups for discussions on different topics
  • Users can submit news stories and links
  • Voting system
  • Private Messaging 


Now that you have walked through this list, you have pretty good options to check out when looking for the best alternatives to Reddit.

We have tried to curate this list with a variety of Reddit alternatives based on their emphasis on different categories and fields.

We suggest that you take a shot at different options to help yourself get something that does justice to your hunt and makes your experience of sharing content with others worthwhile.

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