Best Ways to Recover Snapchat Account

Users of Snapchat have been increasing endlessly every day. With an increasing number of users, the issues with Snapchat have also increased. And the Snapchat builder community is also working parallelly over such commonly faced problems. For the overall user experience upraise. But of all those problems, the top-most issue comes when we want to recover our Snapchat

Solved: How to recover your Snapchat account

How to Recover a Snapchat Account if a Password is Forgotten?

In most cases, people face problems when they want to restore or recover their application. It is much easier to do when you have the password. But if you do not. Then additionally you will have to look for some other alternatives. If you are also the one who has forgotten your password and is willing to recover your Snapchat, follow the below approach:

  1. Go to the Snapchat application. 
  2. Now you will get to see the login page.
  3. Select the options as Forget Password.
  4. Next, you will be required to enter your mobile number connected with your Snapchat ID or your Email address to set a new password for your account.
  5. Complete the procedure for setting up a new password.
  6. Go to the login page again. And try logging into your account using the new password.

How To Recover Snapchat?

As I stumbled upon this question, I recognized that numerous people find it challenging to recover their Snapchat accounts without email or pass to their phones.

Since we can access Snapchat solely by its application, a phone number connected to the user account would make the resetting possibility more effortless.

Thankfully, there are some workarounds to regain a Snapchat password without an email. Here you will learn ways to recover your Snapchat email or your account.

Reset Your Snapchat Password

There are a lot of methods to recover your Snapchat password & thankfully, these measures are easy to take. But, at moments, we wish to reset the Snapchat password even if we already have our account logged in or so forth. You can reset your Snapchat password in any case if you wish to do so. Let us discuss a few possibilities.

When You Are Already Logged-In

When you can already log in to your Snapchat account, you will not be facing any issues while resetting the password. 

  1. Head to the homepage of the Snapchat application.
  2. Tap upon your Avatar, which is on the left top corner.
  3. Tap on the Settings option.
  4. Find the Password option in Settings.
  5. Pick the Reset option to do so. 
  6. Enter a new password, overwriting your previous password.
Set new password for SnapChat

When You Are Not Able To log-In

When you can not log in to your Snapchat account, you want to reset it. Surf through other listed solutions if you do not have access to your registered email or phone number.

Though, you can visit the official website of Snapchat and choose the suitable options. Preserve certainly, that you determine that you can’t log in to your account.

How To Recover Snapchat Photos On Personal Computer

Snapchat permits you to transmit pictures and videos to your friends. But, it does not allow the user to save their Snaps & this is a disadvantage to them. There is a time limitation for every photo, video, or chat. Once the recipient views them, they get deleted automatically by Snapchat. It is somewhat irritating and is a problem.

If you also have mistakenly deleted your Snapchat photos from your computer or any other device. Then, you have reached the correct zone. We will be discussing recovering Snap photos or media from a PC without any third-party recovering tools.

Are Snaps You Send, Saved In Snapchat?

We may consider that once snaps expire on Snapchat, they get eternally deleted, but that is not the reality. Your photos and videos are truthfully hidden in the cache of your phone or computer and not eliminated.

Snapchat may plead that expired or viewed photos automatically get deleted. Regardless, when we share a photo with someone on Snapchat, it is foremost passed through the server of Snapchat before your snap may reach the other device.

It simply means that your data could stay on the server of Snapchat for approximately 30 days. Plus, you can check the mentioned ways to witness how to save Snapchat pictures on the phone:

Screenshot: When somebody sends you a Snap, you can screenshot it to save. But, they will get notified that you have taken a screenshot.

Stories: If you upload a photo on your Snapchat story, it will be available or visible for 24 hours only. But, if you submit it to a Local Stor or Live Story, you will allow Snapchat to save it so later you can view them.

Memories: If you save your pictures and videos in the Memories section, they will never vanish and can be accessed anytime you want.

How To Retrieve Deleted Snapchat Photos On Your PC?

Snapchat pictures are easy to find on the computer. If you have utilized photos from your Android device or iPhone gallery, you can efficiently connect your phone to the computer using a USB cable. Then locate the deleted snaps on your personal computer. For performing a recovery for Androids, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Android phone to your computer and allow the transfer of files.
  2. Find the folder Android and open it.
  3. After opening it, you will; find a folder named Data. Double click & open it.
  4. Find the folder named ‘com.snapchat.android’. You will find some folders and subfolders inside.
  5. Look for the ‘.nomedia’ extension. 
  6. (These kinds of files are not always visible when you attempt to find them on your phone. You will find your lost messages here.)
  7. You have to pick all files within this extension & eliminate the ‘.nomedia’ extension. Renaming them would do the work.

Now, you might be able to see the thumbnails and access all the Snapchat media.

How to retrieve the photos on an Android?

Android devices always store the cache memory of applications installed. You can find the cache memory in the phone memory or the SD card, according to the default storage location of your device. 

The cache files are always hidden somewhere in the folders. You can recover your Snapchat photos using the cache files easily. 

Let us take a look at how we can do that:

  1. Firstly, open the File Manager on your Android device.
  2. Head to the Android folder.
  3. Open the Data folder present in it.
Locating the data folder
  1. After opening the folder, you will see specific folders for all your applications.
  2. Find the folder named ‘com.snapchat.android’. You will find some folders and subfolders inside.
  3. Now, open the Cache folder. 
  4. You will come across a folder named received_images_snaps.

You will see all your deleted Snapchat photos in this folder. Now you can access them and restore them.

Recover Snapchat Photos On A Personal Computer Using Online Tools

You can effortlessly retrieve Snapchat photos if you lose or accidentally delete them from your computer, which conveys your Snapchat photos have been saved on your pc but got misplaced.

Precisely need to recover it from the recycle bin or use a photo recovery tool. But if you do not save Snapchat photos to your pc before, you can try recovering these photos on your mobile phone. To recover deleted Snapchat photos or videos on your phone, you can do so by obeying several ways. 

There are a lot of tools on the internet that can help you recover photos of Snapchat. Some are listed here:

  1. Recoverit Photo Recovery
  2. Hi5 Software Photo Recovery
  3. FoneLab

There are a lot of them you can search for on the internet. They are available for Mac and Windows. You can recover your lost or deleted photos and other media by using these online tools. They generally have user-friendly interfaces, so you will not face complications while performing the recovery.

Note: These solutions will only work if you have priorly saved Snapchat photos to your computer.

Recover Locked Or Hacked Snapchat Account

The account getting hacked and the account getting locked have different meanings. Either somebody has successfully logged in to your account using email and password, or an individual has hacked your Snapchat account.

Possibilities are you have logged in to any other device and have forgotten to log out. Check all the potential resolutions. You might doubt that your data might have leaked from your Snapchat account.

Then, the first thing you should do is to check on haveibeenpwned. After this, modify your password as soon as possible to avoid any third-party access to your account.

If you are confident that someone else has accessed your account and they have only changed the password. You can take control of your Snapchat account back again. You can also take help from the helpdesk on Snapchat, fill out the form & they surely will get back to you.

But, if this is not the case and the individual who has accessed your account changed all the retrieval emails and things, there is nothing you can accomplish now. 

Then it is not logical to find ways by which you can recover your Snapchat account. It has become crucial to keep your account safe and secure by taking measures.

It will only take a few minutes to secure your account & it is pretty easy too. After you secure your account, there are fewer to no chances that your account will get hacked.

You can keep your account by keeping your email ID and mobile number up-to-date, enabling two-factor authentication, and using the best combination of passwords.

How To Recover Your Deleted Snapchat Account

If you have deleted your Snapchat account and you want to activate that again, you do not have to worry much. Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Open the Snapchat application on your device.
  2. Click upon Log In.
  3. Feed your username and the password for the specific account.
  4. Tap on Yes when Snapchat asks to reactivate the account.
  5. Tap on OK.

Snapchat will send you an automated email stating that your account is activated now.

Recover Snapchat Without Phone Access

One of the most typical scenarios is when someone would want to regain their Snapchat accounts but can not access the registered mobile number. In such cases, you can recover your Snapchat account through the email address; linked to your account. Thus, if you can access your registered email, it is possible to recover your account using this method. Follow the steps given below:

  1. Launch the Snapchat application on your android or iOS device and choose to log in. 
  2. Do not feed your credentials. Just go to the option named Forget your password.
  3. After that, Snapchat will offer you the option to reset your password. Just tap on the Via Email option to proceed further.
Formatting the password using Email
  1. You will retain the registered email ID for your subsequent Snapchat account.
  2. Recheck your entered email and verify your preference.
  3. Fill in the CAPTCHA and hit on the Submit button.
  4. Go to your mailbox & open the automatically generated email that you will obtain on your registered ID. 
  5. Open the URL that Snapchat has mailed and reset your password following the link.

Recover Snapchat Without Email

Do not be distressed if you cannot access your mail ID. It is easy to recover your Snapchat account with your registered phone number. Asunder from this, there are times when people can not access their email ID.

In cases like these, you can take the help of the linked mobile number to acquire a validation pin or an OTP to reset your account password. Follow the mentioned steps and recover your account in no time:

  1. Launch the Snapchat application on your android or iOS device and choose to log in. 
  2. Do not feed your credentials. Just go to the option named Forget your password.
  3. After that, Snapchat will display the options to reset your password. This time choose the Via Phone option when it asks for resetting the password.
  4. You will retain the registered phone number with your country code for your subsequent Snapchat account.
  5. Recheck the number you have fed and verify your preference.
  6. A dialogue box will appear asking whether you want to proceed with verification of the account by a call or an SMS.
  7. If you have enabled the Autofill feature on your device, the verification code will get fed automatically. But, if you have not, go to your inbox, find the code and enter it in the confirmation code section. 
  8. Reset your password by entering a fresh password for your account.

See how easy it was to reset the account password using the registered mobile number and when you do not have access to your email ID.


Is There A Possibility To Recover Deleted Snapchat Photos At All?

If you have deleted all the Photos from your Snaps. Then a big no, if you haven’t saved it at some other spot other than SnapChat.

How do you Recover your Snapchat account before 30 days?

Like other social media applications. If you don’t want to close your account and you are still under the 30 days deletion process, then you can just try logging in back to your account which will automatically refuse the request to delete your account.

Can I recover my deleted Snapchat account after 30 days?

No, you cannot recover your deleted Snapchat account once the deadline for the account deletion has been passed.