Recording Oracle NCA VUser script crashes IE

Recording Oracle NCA VUser script crashes IE

Recording against an Oracle web-based application, using LoadRunner, the browser crash and disappears.

This issue can be present in Oracle multi Web+NCA and Oracle Web Applications 11i when the JInitiator is used to launch a web enabled Oracle Forms client inside a browser.


Copy the "jvm.dll" file from the Sun Java JRE "bin\client" directory into the JInitiator hotspot directory in "JInitiator_home\bin\hotspot" (where "JInitiator_home" is something like: "C:Program Files\Oracle\JInitiator1.3.1.21”).

Keep a backup copy of the existing JInitiator hotspot "jvm.dll" file.

In some cases there may be a compatibility issue between the JRE "jvm.dll" version and the JInitiator version in use. In this case the JInitiator will fail to launch the Oracle Forms client even when used without VuGen.

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