4 Best Ways To Record Sound On Android Smartphone

Record Sound On Android Smartphone

Knowing how to record sound on Android phone may be incredibly helpful, whether you’re using it to capture an important tale of your life or recording your latest song. 

This article will cover how to record sound on an android smartphone. Also, other recording factors, such as background noise, audio quality, and storage options. 

What Are The Causes Of Audio Interference While Recording?

When you sit down and hear the audio you just recorded on your phone, you often realize that your voice isn’t sounding clear enough. Well, there are certain reasons for that.

Let’s take a look at all the causes that might be the reason for your audio recording coming out unpleasant-

  1. There is harsh squealing- If you are aware of something called the call sibilance, you would know that this is a kind of harshness that can be caused due to the repetition of certain syllables. 

These syllables include S, T, and Z. This common cause for disproportionate audios.

  1. Your room has a lot of external sounds- Not being close enough to your microphone gives it enough space to capture all the sounds in your room. 

So, to minimize any background sounds that might get in the way of your audio recording, it’s best to move closer to your microphone.

  1. Your breathing is too heavy- Sometimes, we get carried away with narrating our story or recording our audio with such enthusiasm that we forget that our breathing might get distorted or heavy.

You can easily catch yourself doing this the next time and prevent yourself from facing this issue.

  1. The Plosives issue- Any person who records often has faced this issue. This happens due to the unwanted current that moves towards your microphone when you use the letters ‘P’ or ‘B.’

You can use omnidirectional microphones to overcome this issue as they are less susceptible to plosives.

  1. It’s windy- The wind hitting your microphone’s diaphragm and creating a bass sound is something common you will experience if you are recording outdoors.

Fortunately, a solution already exists the ‘Dead cat.’ This acts like a cover to your microphone while you are recording outside.

Here’s How to Record Sound on Android:

  1. Record Sound on Android Phone via built-in microphone
  2. Using android screen recording apps to capture sound on an android device
  3. Using a capture card to record sound on android (Internal audio only)
  4. Applications for recording audio on android 

1. Record Sound on Android Phone via a built-in microphone

To record sound on an Android phone, you can easily use the built-in voice recorder app installed on the device. Usually, all phones have this feature, which is straightforward and pretty simple to use. 

a sound recording app being dispalyed on the screen

Without rooting or purchasing a phone again from your manufacturer, it used to be shockingly difficult to record audio on an Android phone. But gone are those days.

Now, there exist several versions of android programs, readily available if one needs to record sound on android software, even with extra features, such as audio editings.

Depending on the device’s Android version, the in-built app may differ in design and quality, but I’ve yet to find anyone that is not simple to use. 

Android phone audio recording instructions

  1. Open the Recorder app. There will be a notice with a message.
  2. On the record button, click.
  3. Start the desired audio recording.
Start audio recording
Pausing the audio recording
  1. Press the pause button to end the audio.
  2. Select “Save” or “Delete.”
Save or delete as per your wish
  1. For ease of access, give the recording a name.
Rename file for convenience

The apps on your phone need authorization from you to record sound on Android, use your phone’s microphone, and save data before you can start recording anything. 

When you launch the Recorder app for the first time, you will be prompted to approve those permissions, and you should approve all of them for a smooth audio recording process.

The Internal Audio Recording software in android smartphones is generally excellent, although its functionalities and features might be slightly constrained. 

You can even use screen recording apps to internally record sound on your android phone. 

2. Using android screen recording apps

The only way to record audio back then was through the device’s microphone. That way of recording audio is non-efficient and needs an alternative due to its poor audio quality.

  • Several ways exist to record your system’s audio without the risk of producing terrible sound.
  • The solution I want to discuss under this topic is using screen recording apps to capture sound on android.
  • As an Android OS still hasn’t created its own effective screen recording system yet, I have to look at these third-party screen recording applications to record the internal audio on your android smartphone.

3. Using a capture card to record sound on android (Internal audio only)

Often used by professionals, capture cards act much more than devices used just for screen recording.

  • These cards are expensive but are justified by their ability to record high-quality voice recordings and extraordinary live streams, and the list is endless.
screen record using capture card

4. Best Voice recorder Android App

While some people may find the built-in voice recording app excellent, others might be interested in recording software with greater features.

By visiting the Google Play Store, you can quickly locate apps available to record sound on android that is simple and easy to use and work with your Android phone.

1. Easy Voice audio recording App

Easy Voice Recorder (Also Pro)
  • This application comes off as easy, fun, and convenient to use. You can completely rely on it for any recordings you need.
  • This app’s efficient navigability makes sharing and managing your audio easier.
  • The features undeniably a lot; you can record in stereo, record with your Bluetooth microphone, skip silent parts, and much more.

2. Smart Voice Recorder Pro

Smart Recorder
  • This voice recording app ensures high-quality recordings on your phone where the length of your recording isn’t an issue!
  • The privacy of your data and the security you get while using the app are ensured by its makers.

3. RecForge II

RecForge II
  • RecForge II records the sounds and voices of your choice in MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA, Opus, wav codec, and even FLAC.
  • Use Real-time monitoring using this app.
  • Gain better quality of your audio by disabling AGC 
  • Extract and edit your recordings with an ample amount of in-built features.

4. Rev Voice Recorder

 Rev Voice Recorder
  • With Rev Voice Recorder, record anything you want, and even get a text transcript!
  • The services of this app go above and beyond, auto audio transcription, subtitles for videos, live captioning for zoom, and many more.

5. Hi-Q mp3 Audio Recorder

Hi-Q mp3 Voice Recorder
  • Hi-Q mp3 Voice Recorder is a traditional and free voice recording app
  • It’s ahead of its competitors in the game due to its high fidelity 44kHz audio sampling.c


All the possible ways to record sound on android have been mentioned in the blog to help you with the exact question. As you know, recording audio or voice on an Android phone is simple. 

You require built-in recorders or an app from the Google Play Store. So use them to record entertaining movies, voice notes, reminders, and wonderful memories on your Android phone. Hope you got your answer on how to record sound on android.

Can the Methods for Recording Sound on an Android Smartphone also be used to Add Custom Ringtones on the Device?

Yes, the methods for recording sound on an Android smartphone can be used to add custom ringtones on the device. By using a sound recording app, you can create your own unique ringtones. Simply record the sound you want, save it as a ringtone, and customize it in the settings. Custom ringtones on android have never been easier to create.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Record Just Audio On My Android Phone?

Yes! Most Android phones come pre-installed with a voice recording app in them. But, even if you don’t have such an in-built feature, you still have a bunch of voice recording apps that you can download online and use for voice recording as long as you have a microphone!

How Do I Record Audio On My Phone?

There is a high chance that your phone already comes with a built-in voice recorder, using which you can easily record audio on your phone.

Where Is The Sound Recorder On My Android Phone?

You can navigate the search bar on your android phone and search for a sound recorder or a voice recorder app. There are chances of you to find an in-built app somewhere on your phone. You can also check the applications manager on your phone for a sound recording app.

How Do You Record On An Android?

You can screen record on your android by swiping down from the home screen; in the drop-down menu, you will most likely find an option to screen record your android.