Record Scripts using StormRunner Functional

This article describes how to record new scripts in SRF to use in your modular automation tests.

Record Script

If you are starting from the AUTOMATION tab, first create a test, and click the SCRIPTS tab on the right.

Then, do the following:

1. Click RECORD.

If you’ve started from the SCRIPTS tab, select WEB or MOBILE APPS.

Tip: To record a web script on a mobile device, select WEB.

This enables you to record and run on both desktop and mobile device browsers.

A remote access window opens for your recording session, with a popup to show the environment.

In the popup, click EDIT to change your environment settings.

2. Click to start your session. Use the toolbar buttons to manage your recording and add testing elements.

Tip: If you are testing a mobile device, use the CONTROL PANEL options on the left to interact with your device.

For example, change your orientation, zoom in and out of your device, or send text to your device.

3. When you’re finished recording, click STOP .

4. Enter your script name and save your script.

SRF displays your script, where you can make edits or return to recording.

5. To complete your recording session, click EXIT, and save your script with a meaningful name.

Recording toolbar reference

Use the toolbar buttons to do the following:

Pause your session if you need to take a break or make changes in your application that you do not want recorded.

Click to start recording again.

Stop your recording to fully stop and switch to the code view of your recorded test.

Click to start recording again.

Add checkpoints.
Add an Applitools visual testing step.
Display the recorded code.
Toggle the SRF clipboard on or off.

Use the SRF clipboard when you want to copy text from outside your recording to inside the remote viewer, or from inside the remote viewer to a local file.

For example, to copy your website URL to the browser window SRF, do the following:

1. Copy the URL from your local desktop.

2. In SRF, click the Toggle Clipboard button.

3. Paste the URL into the SRF clipboard field that appears.

4. Click the browser in the recording window to ensure that it’s in focus.

5. Click the Copy to clipboard button to paste it into the address bar.

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