Learn How To Add Reaction Roles In Discord

If you manage a server with thousands of active users and hundreds of new members every day, you know that assigning individual roles to each member can be extremely difficult.

Thankfully, some bots allow users to set their roles simply using the Discord reaction. This article will explain how that works, what bots you can use, and how you can add them to your server.

Unfortunately, Discord does not give an effortless method to set up reaction roles. With the Roles setting, you can set roles for members. But that is never going to be as convenient as self-assigned reaction roles.

The Discord feature makes server management much easier. It is recommended that all managers and mods use roles to keep servers safe and managed. Roles are also useful for other users as they help separate VIPs or server staff from other members.

Roles are very useful for Discord but can be even more helpful when responding roles are used. Here is an indication of how you can add reaction roles in Discord.

reaction roles in discord

What are Reaction Roles In Discord?

Reaction roles are a fun element in Discord servers. Yet, as a server owner, you must always be on the lookout to keep your members engaged.

When a user joins your server, they will be greeted with a message they can respond to. The note explains this and the roles that you can give. When the user responds with the appropriate emoji, the bot automatically assigns them a default role.

Every Discord server can configure one or more additional roles. These roles can be related to specific emoji reactions using several methods. When users complete that reaction, they are automatically given the associated role.

Reaction roles assist members in placing themselves on the server in a distinctive manner. If you know how to utilize them, they can be very engaging.

Reaction roles added

On the other hand, Reaction role bots are Discord bots written to automate regular server features. Reaction role bots are third-party integrations that the server owner can only add.

Reaction role bots vary in terms of how they can be configured. However, the end objective of all bots is the same. That is, make reaction roles in the simplest way possible.

Some servers use them to manage surveys and polls from their users. Others use it to determine admins, moderators, and other high-ranking members of the server. Before we show you how to use this feature, here is a quick explanation of how it works and why it might be helpful.

New users are limited in what they can and cannot do on moderated servers until the administrator or mod gives them the appropriate role. It shall take minutes or hours, depending on whether there are moderators online.

If you want to make your server more accessible and efficient and skip this part of the process, you can use the reaction roles.

How to Add Reaction Roles In Discord from a PC?

On Discord, reaction roles are roles users can assign and unassign to themselves by simply reacting to a message with an emoji. You can create roles that do things, such as posting certain permissions, adding color to usernames, changing fonts, etc.

To set up reaction roles, you will need to add a bot to your Discord server. Not all elements are available for free across all reaction role bots. A limit on the number of reaction roles that you shall make. Others charge you for the extra features they provide.

You need to add one of the many bots that offer such a feature to use reaction roles. Here are a few more famous ones, MEE6, ProBot, Arcane, Pancake, Lawliet, etc.

One of the most efficient tools created to aid Discord admins in adding reactions is the Carl Bot. After the bot is completely set up in your server, members can set roles for themselves in just a few clicks.

Discord reaction role creation

I will explain how you can set up a message that will add Reaction Roles in Discord with the steps in an organized way.

  1. Add Carl Bot to Your Server
  2. Set Fresh Roles Under Server Settings
  3. Create the Reaction Roles and Set the Channel
  4. Add a Title, Description, and Colors
  5. Add Names and Emojis to Each Role

1. Add Carl Bot to Your Server

You shall begin Carl Bot‘s command from any text channel and make reaction roles as you choose. The creators also give thorough documentation on command usage. Carl bot lets you make up to 250 reaction roles in the free tier. If you need additional roles or perks, they also have a paid subscription model.

Here is how to add the bot to the server;

  • Access your browser on the PC and see the authorized Carl Bot website.
  • As the page extends, click on Invite at the top of the navigation bar.
  • Next, choose the server you would like the bot to work in.
  • At this point, the bot will remind you to allow it to access the server. Click on ‘Authorize.’
  • Finish the random CAPTCHA to prove that you are not a machine.
  • After taking the steps, you shall find Carl Bot on your server.

With Carl Bot, you can count up to 250 roles on your server. It also permits you to make multiple roles for a user if you wish, making it the number one option for Discord enthusiasts.

To note here, drag it to the top of the list under the Roles tab for every bot you add. It will allow the bot to modify roles for all members below it.

Carl Bot for Reaction roles

2. Establish New Roles Under Server Settings

Once you have confirmed that Carl Bot is now on your server, it is time to create new roles. Here is how to go about it:

Launch your server’s settings section. 

  • Extend your Discord server.
  • Connect with the arrow that appears next to your server’s name.
  • Open the Server Settings.
  • Pick the specific role from the sidebar.
  • Click on + to start a new role.
  • Put a name for your new role; say, “Blue.”
  • At this point, you have to ensure that the server states role members separately from online members. Open Roles and toggle the box successive to this one to do so.
  • See that “Carl Bot” is the first role on the list. If it is not, drag it into position.
  • Press on Save Changes to finish setting up your new role.
  • You shall make more roles by following the steps above. Just be sure to give each a different name to differentiate between them easily.
Discord reaction role

3. Create the Discord Reaction Roles and Pick the Channel

Open any channel, type “?reactionrole make, ” and enter. You can select any medium for Carl Bot taken in all of them as you invite it to your server.

At this point, you shall notice a message prompt from Carl Bot inviting you to select the channel that shall host your reaction roles. First, type the channel name and then hit Enter.

After successfully making the desired number of roles, the next step concerns using Carl Bot to create reaction roles. Doing so will let members assign themselves the roles they like.

Pick channel for reaction role

4. Add a Description, Title, and Colors

  • Enter “roles | {roles}”.
  • Give Enter.

By default, Carl Bot shall prompt you to join a color hex code for your message. You shall see the hex code for any color you like on this website.

If you do not wish your reaction roles to have distinctive colors, enter “none” in the hex code box. After successfully picking the channel to adapt your reaction roles, you must make a title and description.

5. Add Names and Emojis to Each Role

Excluding adding reaction roles, the Carl Bot automates several other processes that can otherwise take a lot of time to do manually. In addition, it comes pre-made with commands, so you can customize it to suit your needs or use the default functionality.

For example, it is very helpful in maintaining a room managed by automating duties like measuring the number of users on the server, clearing spam messages, and starting games.

  1. Give the emoji you want, and then hit the space bar on your keyboard once.
  2. Enter the name of the role, the exact name you added in step 2 above, “Blue” in this example, and press Enter.
  3. Type “Done” to complete the process.
Add emojis and stickers for discord reaction role

You would have just added reaction roles with the use of Carl Bot. However, when a user joins the channel, Carl Bot will immediately request them to choose a role.

How to Add Reaction Roles to Discord From an iPhone or Android

Using 16 million+ servers, MEE6 simplifies server management and enhances the server experience. MEE6 dashboard is your one-stop for managing different plugins that integrate into your discord server.

If you don’t want to get started with typing commands, using the MEE6 bot is the right approach to creating reaction roles for you.

Reaction roles in Mobile - Android/iOS

For adding reaction roles to a Discord server operating Mee6 on your device:

  1. Extend the browser on your device and see the official Mee6 website. You will be encouraged to log in to your discord account.
  2. Next, permit Mee6 Bot to access your account.
  3. Set the Discord server of interest.
  4. Tap on Plugins, pick Reaction Roles, and press Yes to obtain the plugin.
  5. Track the on-screen guide to fill out all the required details. That contains the channel where your reaction roles will appear, a short message guiding users while choosing roles, and the image associated with each role.
  6. Tap Save.
  7. Finally, update the Discord permissions section to allow everyone to Read Messages and Add Reactions.
Reaction roles for mobile android and iOS


It was all bout Reaction Roles in Discord, and I hope this guide helped you set them up in your Discord Servers. Reaction roles are an excellent method to create your Discord server fun and interactive.

Further, if your Discord server is massive, adding roles can be utilized to manage your members. For example, you shall add a “Moderator” role, “Staff” role, etc. 

Adding roles to Discord is necessary, particularly if you like to manage your members. However, manually assigning roles is difficult if you have a massive server.

Hence, a more suitable option is to add self-assignable roles with Carl Bot. By considering a specific channel, your members are now offered the capacity to choose their roles.

You shall also customize a role’s permissions, such as general server permissions, membership permissions, etc. For example, if you have allowed the “Display role members separately from online members” setting, your server’s members shall be organized by their roles.

Discord will display these roles on a user’s profile and the sidebar of a server. But if you like to let your members self-assign their roles, you need to use the Carl Bot.