9 Fixes For Razer Synapse Not Opening/failed to start

Razer makes some of the best sound systems and gaming peripherals. They are known for their realistic audio surround systems. They also have excellent configurational support tools one of which is the Razer Synapse.

This tool might not be launching on your computer and this could mean that you cannot change the settings for most of your Razer peripherals. You need the tool to function normally to optimize your user experience. This article contains all the procedures you can use to open the Razer Synapse tool again. 

What is the Razer Synapse tool used for?

Razer Synapse is the link between the user’s needs from the Razer peripherals and the devices themselves. It lets you carry out a huge number of tasks related to the Razer devices you own. 

Razer Synapse 3 main page window

The following are some of the functions that can be performed with the help of the Razer Synapse tool – 

  1. Set additional or new functions for one or more keys.
  2. Assign macro values to the customizable keys on your mouse and keyboard.
  3. Save the profile’s customized configurations on an online cloud storage. 
  4. Change lighting for devices that have RGB backlight. 
  5. Turn the lighting on and off for RGB and monochromatic backlit devices.
  6. Adjust the fan speed on your Razer laptop and GPU.
  7. Connect with other AI assistants like Amazon Alexa for vocal connectivity.
  8. Rebind keys on your peripherals with secondary functions.

Why do I face the Razer Synapse Not Opening Error?

There aren’t many factors that can stop the Razer Synapse tool from launching on your computer. 

The following are the reasons that can be responsible for the Razer Synapse not opening issue on your computer. 

  • Razer driver issues
  • Razer Surround issues
  • Blocked by the Firewall
  • Incomplete or incorrect installation of the Razer Synapse tool
  • Lack of permissions from the Administrator
  • Out-of-date Windows OS
  • Corrupt or missing system files

Solutions for the Razer Synapse Not Opening Error

These are what you can do to get the Razer Synapse tool up and running on your system, without any issues. 

  1. Remove And Reinstall The Razer Device Drivers
  2. Remove And Reinstall The Razer Synapse Software
  3. Update Your Microsoft .NET Framework
  4. End All Razer-Related Processes
  5. Install The Latest Versions Of The Windows OS
  6. Turn The Antivirus Software And Windows Defender Firewall Off, Temporarily
  7. Uninstall Razer Surround Module
  8. Delete The Razer Synapse Temporary Files
  9. Turn Off Core Isolation
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Fixing The Razer Synapse Not Opening Error

Remove And Reinstall Razer Device Drivers

The phrase “Razer device drivers” refers to the peripherals you use, that are developed by Razer.

  1. Open the Device Manager on your system. You can use these three methods to bring this up on your Windows 10 PC –
    1. The Quick Link menu. Right-click on the Windows Logo (Start button) on the taskbar will open the Quick Link menu. Select the Device Manager option here. 
    2. Search Bar. The search bar can be used for looking for the Device Manager. Click on the best match in the search results.
    3. Run tool. Open the Run tool (Press Windows + R) and execute the devmgmt.msc command, by pressing the Enter key or the OK button.
  2. Locate all the Razer peripheral devices. They are located in different categories in the Device Manager window. The devices are usually placed in the following sections. 
    1. Human Interface Devices
    2. Mice and other pointing devices
    3. Keyboards
  3. Right-click on the device and select Uninstall Device from the context menu. 
Uninstall device option for the Mouse device
  1. In the prompt menu, click on the Delete the driver software for this device checkbox and click on the Uninstall button. 
  2. Do the same until all the Razer devices are removed from your computer. 
  3. After you remove all the device driver software, remove the connected Razer devices and plug them in again. Wait for a while as the drivers automatically reinstall again. 

Remove And Reinstall Razer Synapse Software

You can uninstall Synapse and reinstall it again to see if the application runs again. If you wish to uninstall this tool, use these steps. 

  1. Search for add or remove programs in the search bar and locate the Razer Synapse application. 
  2. Click on it and select the Uninstall option. 
Uninstall option for the Razer Synapse tool
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions in the uninstallation wizard to remove the tool.
  2. After the uninstallation is complete, open a web browser and go to the Razer website.
Download page for the Razer Synapse tool
  1. On the Software webpage, you will be able to download the latest Razer Synapse tool.

Update Your Microsoft .NET Framework

An outdated version of the .NET framework can be responsible for the Razer Synapse failed to start issue on your computer. Without the .NET framework’s latest version on your computer, you may either be facing issues regarding the .NET framework – Razer Synapse software. 

Your only option is to update the .NET framework on your computer. This can be downloaded from the Microsoft website’s .NET page. You just have to check the version and download the latest one. You will have to download the setup, which then has to be used to install Microsoft .NET.

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.NET download page in the Microsoft .NET Framework website

If you already have the latest Microsoft .NET framework version, please skip this method.

  1. Open the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and click on the Processes tab.
  2. Locate all the Razer Synapse processes. 
  3. Click on them and select the End Task button at the bottom-right corner of the window.

Keep repeating this until no Razer process is running on your system. 

Install The Latest Versions Of The Windows OS

Updating the Operating System can solve a lot of issues and is usually done to get rid of bugs and glitches in the OS and for the inclusion of new or updated features. 

Here’s how you can update the Windows OS.

  1. Open the Windows Settings application. You can use the gear icon in the start menu or press Windows key and I together.
  2. Go into the Updates & Security option. You will be taken to the Windows Update page. 
  3. Click on the Check for Updates button at the top of the window and wait for the system to finish looking for available updates.
  4. If there are any updates, you will see a list of them.
Available updates in the Windows Update page

Press the Install now button, after checking your network.

  1. Once the download process is complete, restart the system to apply these changes. 

If there are any available updates, you will see an indication that there are updates pending on your computer. 

Turn The Antivirus Software And Windows Defender Firewall Off, Temporarily

The Windows Firewall is a very useful feature. It stops you from catching viruses from the internet. So does the firewall of third-party antivirus software. But, the only setback for these tools is that they can block other services from connecting to the internet for the fear of inviting a virus or any other malicious file. You can always disable the Windows Firewall and the Antivirus software to check if these are the actual reasons behind the Razer Synapse not opening issues on your computer. 

To disable antivirus, you will have to use the antivirus application itself or the shortcut in the task tray to disable it. As for the Windows Defender Firewall, the Windows Defender settings or the Windows Defender Firewall section in the Control Panel can always be used to turn this off. 

Uninstall Razer Surround Module

The Razer Surround software is used to adjust the volume configurations and the Razer Surround feature of the Razer headsets. The ability of Razer Synapse to control the audio configurations is minimal, that is what the Surround tool is used as an upgraded replacement for. You might also be facing trouble with this tool, regarding the Razer Synapse won’t open issue on your computer. 

The following is one of the procedures to uninstall the Razer Surround tool on your computer. 

  1. Launch the Run dialog box (Windows + R) and execute the appwiz.cpl command. This will take you to the Apps and features window in the Control Panel. 
  2. Select Razer Surround application from the list of applications.
  3. Once this is selected, click Uninstall button.
  4. You might see an Uninstall wizard and a feedback page on your default browser. Close them or complete it if you want.
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After this process, Restart your computer to save these changes and set your configurations to adapt to the absence of this software. If you did not have Razer Surround before just avoid downloading it until the Razer Synapse won’t open issue on your computer. 

Delete The Razer Synapse Temporary Files

  1. Open the Windows Explorer (Windows + E) and go to this directory.


Temporary files in the Temp folder

You can also run the %temp% command in the Run tool.

  1. Now, delete all the files in this directory.

If you aren’t able to delete some files, it means that those files are being put to use by applications on the computer. 

Turn Off Core Isolation

The Core isolation and memory integrity feature is used to accommodate the addition of virtual technology in newer processors. This keeps the viruses and other malware at bay. But when this feature is active, you can face the Razer Synapse won’t open issue on your PC.

To disable this, you have to use these steps. 

  1. Open the Windows Security window,
  2. Click on the Device Security option.
  3. Select Core Isolation details.
Core Isolation window in the Windows Settings
  1. Toggle the Memory Integrity switch off. 

Try running the tool after disabling this feature. 

We added everything you can possibly do to make the Razer Synapse tool run on your PC again. If the above steps did not help you, talk to Razer Support and Windows Support to see if they can help.


Why Will Razer Synapse Not Opening?

Many Windows users complained that they are facing the Razer Synapse not opening issue on their Windows computers. This is because of Razer driver issues, Razer Surround issues, firewall blocks, improper installation of Razer Synapse, outdated OS, and corrupt system files. 

How Do I Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening?

To fix Razer Synapse won’t open issue on your computer, you can try reinstalling Razer device drivers for all the Razer peripherals, uninstalling Razer Surround, disabling the antivirus firewall, update the Windows OS and disable core isolation on your computer.

How Do I Force A Razer Synapse To Open?

For forcing the Razer Synapse to open on your computer, you can try to uninstall drivers of the Razer devices and Razer Surround, reinstall Razer Synapse, disable core isolation and firewalls, and update .NET on your system. 

How Do I Fix Razer Synapse 3 Failed To Start?

If you want to fix Razer Synapse won’t open issue on your computer, you will have to try reinstalling device drivers for all the Razer devices, deleting Razer Surround, disabling the firewalls, updating the Windows OS, and turning off core isolation