9 Fixes For Razer Kraken Mic Not Working

Razer makes some of the best gaming equipment that a gamer can have. Their sound systems offer an incredible surround system audio experience and the best output sound quality to anyone that puts them on.

The Razer Kraken Gaming headset is an excellent headgear but we learned from some forums that Razer Kraken users were having problems using their in-built microphones. Since, we know how hard it can be to not be able to communicate with your friends while gaming, we delivered. This article will help you fix your Razer Kraken headset’s microphone.

Razer Kraken Tournament Edition headphones

What causes the Razer Kraken mic not working problem?

What causes the Razer Kraken mic not working problem?

There are a few particular reasons that will stop your microphone from working on your Windows 10 Operating System (OS) based PC. These are what could be responsible for this problem –

  1. The microphone could be muted.
  2. A different microphone device could be enabled over the Kraken mic. 
  3. The mic extension is broken.
  4. Faulty audio drivers

Solutions to Fix the Razer Kraken Mic Not Working Issue for Windows 10 Computers

  1. Check the Mute button
  2. Look for damages on the Microphone
  3. See if the headphones are connected properly
  4. Check if the Microphone is disabled
  5. Run the program with Administrative privileges
  6. Update the audio driver software
  7. Roll the Realtek High Definition Audio drivers back
  8. Remove all Razer applications
  9. Troubleshoot the Audio devices

Fixing the Dysfunctional Razer Kraken mic on Windows 10

Check the Mute button

The Razer Kraken headphones have a small mute button on the back of the left earpiece, near the volume wheel. If this button is pressed, you will mute yourself till the button is pushed again. Try pressing this button and see if you’re audible to other players. 

Look for damages on the Headset Microphone

If you own a Razer Kraken headset, you will know that the microphone extension is made of a very thin mic extension. Any forced movement or sudden actions while holding the microphone might cause damage to it. A broken microphone is of no use to anyone. You can have it replaced, with a warranty, or repaired by your seller. 

See if the headphones are connected properly

A loose connection might also result in the audio input or output devices not work. The Razer Kraken headphone has a USB pin and not a 3.5mm pin, like other wired headsets. If the USB ports are not working or loose, the device itself may not be detected. Push the pin inside properly and your microphone should work, in case of a loose connection. 

Check if the Microphone is disabled

When you connect the Kraken headset to your computer, two pieces of hardware are detected by the computer – the speaker and the headset mic. Generally, computers have a default mic.

This is what takes in the audio and broadcasts it. The Kraken headset microphone has to be the default one on your computer and these are the steps to make the Kraken headset mic the default device for vocal input.

  1. Draw the Control Panel window up. You can find it in the Start menu or use the “control” command in the Run tool to open this window.
  2. Set the View by type to Large icons with the help of the small drop-down menu below the Search Control Panel field.
  3. You’ll see all the settings on the Control Panel. Now, select the Sound option here. 
Sound settings in the Control Panel
  1. The Sound dialog box will open. Here, select the Recording tab from the tab bar.
Audio Devices properties window
  1. Right-click on the blank space in the list of devices and check the Show Disabled Devices option in the context menu. 
Show Disabled Devices option in the Recording tab
  1. This will show all the audio inputs on your computer, including the ones that are disabled. Find the Headset Microphone device and right-click on it. 
  2. Choose Enable from the little pop-down menu to enable the microphone again.
The Enable device option in the Recording tab

You can also open the microphone device settings, by double-clicking on it, and select “Use this device (enable)” in the Device Usage drop-down menu. 

Device usage drop-down menu in the microphone settings

Your audio device is now the Kraken headset and the default recording device is the Kraken headset microphone.

  1. Then, go into the Advanced tab and click on the Default format drop-down menu.
  2. Choose the format option that is at the bottom of the list. For most devices, it is the 2 channel, 16 bit, 44100 Hz (CD Quality).
  3. Save these changes by clicking on the Apply button and then, OK. 

Restart your computer after this. Now, check if the problem exists. The volume lines will go up if the computer detects your voice. 

Run the program with Administrative privileges

Sometimes, the application might require to be run as the system administrator to fix the Razer Kraken headset mic not working problem. When an application is run with administrator privileges, it gets access to all parts of the computer. This is what we need since there is a possibility of the game or application not be able to access the microphone on your headset. 

These are the steps to run a game or any other application with elevation. 

  1. Open the Windows File Explorer and go to the file location of the application, that does not have mic access. You can right-click on the program shortcut and choose Open File Location to take you to where the file was installed. This works for Steam too.
  2. Right-click on the application executable and select the Properties option. 
Context menu for the Hitman III game
  1. From the application properties window, go into the Compatibility tab. 
Run this program as an administrator checkbox in the Compatibility tab
  1. Click on the Run the program as an Administrator checkbox. 
  2. Select Apply and then, OK to keep the changes. 

Update the audio driver software

Faulty audio drivers could be holding the audio back on your headphones, including the input ability in the microphone. You will have to get the newest version of the headphone driver software on your computer to avoid this issue. 

The driver software for the Kraken headset can be downloaded from the Razer website’s support page. This is downloaded in the form of an executable file. Open this file and then, install the software by following the instructions on the setup window. 

Roll the Realtek High Definition Audio drivers back

Rolling back the driver means the process of setting a previously installed driver version to remove the issues in the new version. This will make your driver go back to a version and still not cause problems while you use the microphone.

The Realtek audio unit is found on the products of most computer manufacturers’ products and is often the default sound device. This could be causing trouble for the Kraken headset users’ microphones. 

Follow these steps to roll back your audio driver. 

  1. Right-click on the Start button and choose the Device Manager. Since the motive is to launch the Device Manager, you can also use the start menu or the Run tool (devmgmt.msc).
Device Manager option in the Quick Link menu
  1. Open the Sound, video, and game controllers section and right-click on the Realtek High Definition Audio drivers. 
Sound, video and game controllers section
  1. Click on the Properties option to open the Realtek HD audio device properties.
Properties option in the HD audio device pop-up menu
  1. Go to the Driver tab and press the Roll Back Driver button.
Driver tab for the HD audio device

If this option is not available, you will have to update the driver. 

Restart your computer after this process for the changes to take effect.

Remove all Razer applications

The interface applications that are recommended by Razer itself to be downloaded for the device configuration can be the culprit. You will have to delete them to see if your microphone takes in audio again. 

You can use the Apps & features page in the Windows Settings and the Programs and Features window in the Control Panel to locate and uninstall all programs designed by Razer that are installed on your computer.  

Troubleshoot the Audio devices

Troubleshooting a malfunctioning or dysfunctional device is the simplest way to detect issues and fix them without even having to involve much in the process. This is your procedure to troubleshoot the headset. 

  1. Right-click on the Sound icon near the task tray or in it.
  2. Now, choose Troubleshoot sound problems
Troubleshoot sound problems option for the Sound icon

The audio troubleshooter window will open and ask you which device is faulty and which audio jacks they are connected in. 

  1. Select the device and it will troubleshoot it for you.

When this operation completes, the troubleshooter fixes the problem for you. If not, it’ll direct you with how to fix the issue.

These are the different steps to make your mic work. If none of the above-mentioned steps work for you, you will have to consult with customer care or a repair center. We hope you found this article helpful. Happy Gaming!