QuickTest Professional and Flex Support

Support for Adobe (Macromedia) Flex applications is handled by Adobe. Adobe has released Flex Builder 3.0; this release includes the QuickTest Professional Flex add-in. The add-in was developed using QuickTest Professional’s Test Extensibility Architecture functionality. The Flex add-in is developed and owned by Adobe.

Hewlett Packard does not support the Adobe Flex add-in, therefore contact Adobe (http://www.adobe.com) to see about availability, support details, and pricing.

Adobe is providing the add-in via an automation package that is shipped with Flex Builder 3 Professional. Basic information on the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration is here:



Users can download the automation package with QuickTest Professional integration here:


A specific Adobe license is required and needs to be requested from Adobe. No specific Flex license is required on the QuickTest Professional side.

Note: Support for the Flex add-in is being provided by Adobe. Customers/end-users need to contact the Adobe support organization for help with problems or questions related to the Flex add-in.

From the Flex Builder 3 release notes (for an updated version, contact Adobe):

Requirements for Using the QTP Plug-in

To test applications with Flex Automated Testing and the QTP agent, you must install the following:

HP QuickTest Professional 9.1 (no support for Smart Identification), available from HP

HP QuickTest Professional 9.2 and patch 1701 or later if you want Smart Identification support

Adobe Flex 3 Plug-in for HP QuickTest Professional

Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 6 or later

Flash Player ActiveX control, version or higher

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