Quality Center (QC) / Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) client components files download

It is known that first time a user connects to a Quality Center (QC) / Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), either via Internet Explorer or another client tool, the required client components files get downloaded, but what other scenarios trigger the re-download of such components, after the first time

Download situations

The mentioned files get analyzed and downloaded, each time ALM Platform is updated. This updating scenarios include the following cases:

A patch is installed.

An extension is installed.

A new test type is created.

ALM Platform configurations are changed.

Background behavior

It is possible that not all files are download, only those not matching ones offered by QC / ALM server (including if client has newer / higher version of a file, is different, so it must be updated).


This task (download of components), requires:

End-user to have full admin rights,

User Account Control (UAC) is Off.

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