5 Fixes LOL “PvP.net Patcher Kernel Has Stopped Working” Easily

If you are an active League of Legends(LoL) player, you can come across the infamous “PVP.net Patcher Kernel has stopped working” error message. The error occurs when a user launches League of Legends on a PC. Due to this error message, the game refuses to launch and frustrates the gamers immensely. 

That is why one needs to fix this common League of Legends issue that many gamers have reported coming across. There are various reasons why this error can occur when you run LoL. Now, we will illustrate the different solutions to overcome the hindrance and launch LoL successfully. 

pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working

Why Does “PVP.net patcher kernel has stopped working” Error Message occur?

It is important to understand the reasons behind a common error message so that you can fix the problem from its root. Here are all the possible reasons for “pvp.net patcher kernel has stopped working” to occur when you open League of Legends.

  • You are trying to run the game without having administrator rights. 
  • LoL data stored in the memory could have got damaged or corrupted.
  • LoL, game patch files could have got damaged or corrupted. 
  • Antivirus software installed on a PC can prevent LoL files from launching smoothly.

How To Fix “PVP.net patcher kernel has stopped working” Issue?

Solution 1: Run League of Legends With Administrator Privileges

League of Legends is basically a role-playing game(RPG) that is based on real-time strategy. For smooth operation of the game, the user must have administrator access. This allows all the services and processes related to the game can run without any objection. If you are not trying to run the game, not as an admin, you could face an error while launching the game. Here are the steps to run LoL from the administrator account.

  • Find the League of Legends shortcut icon on your desktop from where you launch the game.
  • Right-click on the shortcut icon and click on the “Run as administrator” option from the menu.
  • If the game runs smoothly, you should do it all the time. If not, right-click on the shortcut icon and click on the Properties option from the menu.
  • From the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab and turn on the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox.
Run as administrator option from Properties
  • Click on Apply and Ok button to save the changes. Thereafter, double click on the LoL application icon on the desktop to successfully launch the game.

Solution 2: End Task League Of Legends in Task Manager

If the error occurs while playing the game, you need to terminate the application before launching again. Besides, if the error occurs when launching the game the second time after playing for some time, you need to terminate and restart the game. Here are the steps to terminate League of Legends from task Manager.

  • Right-click on the taskbar from your desktop. 
  • Select the Task Manager option from the menu.
  • Go to the Processes tab and search for  League of Legends Launcher(LoLLauncher.exe). Select the process and click on the End task button.
  • Select Riot Client Patcher (LoLPatcher.exe) and LoLClient(LoLClient.exe) and click on the End Task button.
  • Close Task Manager and restart your computer. Launch the League of Legends game to see if the problem is solved. 
End Task for LoL from Task Manager

Solution 3: Remove Game Patch Files Manually

Legend of League requires game patch files to run the game smoothly. Sometimes, these patch files can get corrupted or damaged. If the above solutions have not worked for you, you can remove game patch files manually. When you remove them, an empty space is created and LoL downloads these patch files again. Here are the steps to remove game patch files manually.

  • Open File Explorer and go to the folder where LoL is installed. It is generally located inside the Riot Games > League of Legends folder.
  • Go to Rad’s folder and go to Projects > lol_air_client > Releases folder. 
  • Go to the latest folder inside the Releases folder, select ‘releasemanifest’ and ‘S_OK’ files, and delete them.
  • Go inside the Deploy folder and delete the ‘logs’ and ‘META-INF’ folders. Besides, delete ‘lol.properties’ and ‘LoLClient.exe’ files.
  • Restart your computer and check if the problem is solved.

Solution 4: Exclude League of Legends From Antivirus Scan

Antivirus software can be the culprit behind error messages that occur in different applications. Thankfully, modern antivirus applications offer an option to exclude any application from scanning. If your antivirus software offers the option, exclude League of Legends from its scanning all the time. If the option is not available, you should disable the antivirus software temporarily. Run League of Legends and see if the problem is solved. 

Solution 5: Reinstall The Game And Run In Compatible Mode

When the above solutions do not work, you have to uninstall and reinstall the game. You can uninstall the game from Start Menu> Control Panel> Programs & Features > League of Legends and click on Uninstall button. After successful uninstallation, reinstall League of Legends by downloading the official game files. After successfully reinstalling the latest version of the game, launch the game as an administrator.

If the problem persists, you need to run the game in Compatibility Mode. This is because the game and the operating system may be incompatible. This happens when you have updated your operating system to the latest version. Here are the steps to run LoL in compatible mode.

  • Right-click on the League of Legends shortcut icon and go to Properties from the menu.
  • From the Properties window, go to the Compatibility tab. 
  • Under Compatible Mode, turn on “Run this program in compatible mode for.”
  • Select Windows 7 or 8 and click on Apply and Ok buttons. 
  • Run the game and test if the problem is solved.
Run In Compatible Mode


Why Has PVP.Net Patcher Kernel Stopped Working?

There could be multiple reasons for PVP.net Patcher Kernel not working. Starting from not running as admin and damaged patch files to antivirus blockage and compatibility issues, any of them can be the reason.