How to View Your Purchase History in Steam

Are you looking for a way to access your Steam Purchase History? This article will answer everything related to that and other questions. First, let’s clear out all the misconceptions. This is your one-stop to learning everything about your Steam account details and how to access it whenever you need it. Yes, we are covering both default steam skin and metro skin. Let’s begin: 

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What Is Steam Purchase History? 

Steam purchase history is a built-in feature in Steam. As you might know, Steam is a great gaming application. PC gamers primarily use it to buy and play games. Think of it as Xbox Live or Sony Playstation Store, but for PC users.

It keeps track of all the games you’ve purchased or played. If there were any sales to participate in, you would have the info. Even the unplayed games are listed. In simple words, any action that you’ve taken on Steam can be found in this. But usually, when you subscribe to something.

You will see the subscriptions, tournament registrations, profiles, and so on. It is kind of like an activity feed but related to anything with money. You can even see trades and records content, chat messages, and broadcasts. This also applies to viewing your friends.

You get complete information on your Steam Library Steam Wallet with the exact date. You can also get the transaction ID.

Steam Purchase History Account Details

steam purchase history account details

When you access Steam purchase history, you see every detail. You can get the information on the payment transactions. Any game or app that you’ve bought through the store will be there. This also goes for any items, goodies, or cards you bought on Steam or the community market. 

You will also get information on:

  • The date of purchase 
  • The payment method and platform that you’ve used
  • You will also see the total amount invested in your Steam account so far.
  • If there was any income through Steam, you could see it, as well.

Interestingly, If you ever get a refund for anything, it will have a separate section for that.  In short, Steam Purchase History helps you keep track of your expenses on the platform. This also includes information on Steam Trading Cards. 

Can You Export Or Download The Table?

Unfortunately, you will have to copy and paste all the details manually. You can use spreadsheet software to make it easier. But, there isn’t any built-in option available for you. You can’t get it through Email or download the files. But, you will get notified of any purchase made. 

A Great Steam Proof Of Purchase

The history tool also allows you to use it as a tool. In case you made a purchase, and it didn’t carry through.  That’s when you can use the steam purchase history as proof of your shopping.

It also comes with other features. You can contact Steam Support,  ask for a refund, and so on. The option works for almost any supplier or marketplace that is on Steam. You can use it conveniently.

How To View Steam Purchase History? 

Make sure that you have the Steam client downloaded. If you can’t find it, go to the official website to download it. Steam is also available on Windows Stores for you to download. 

Once you have it, follow through with these steps. You can also see Steam transaction history with this:

  • Launch the Steam Client.
  • You might have to log in. After that, go to the top-right corner. Click on your Username. This works if you have a default Steam Skin. 
right click on steam account details top right corner
  • It will open an array of options. Click on Account Details.
  • There, you will see ‘Store & Purchase History.’ Right below it is the ‘View Purchase History’ option. Click on it.
view purchase history steam

Now, if you need specific information, you can click on each purchase’s name. This will help you get your ID and more details. If you click on the ‘Community Market’ option, you will get to another history, as well. It also covers other transactions.

Remember, if you’re using Metro Skin, you won’t find the option on your username or portrait. To access transactions, you will have to go to the Context Menu in the top-left corner. 

If you would like to view the Steam screenshot folder then you can easily view them.

How To View Licenses For Other Products?

video account history and purchase on steam guise mobile number

Sometimes, you will have products and purchases from other platforms. But you activated it on Steam. These include gift cards. So, if you want that information:

  • Go to the Account Details section of Steam again.
  • Click on ‘View Licenses And Product Key Activations.’

You will find details on any transaction or purchase that isn’t in the ‘View Purchase History’ option. This includes Games Missing from Steam Transaction History.