3 Best Fixes PUBG Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

PlayerUnknown’ s Battlegrounds or PUBG is a well-known combat video game out there on the internet.

Today, we will help you fix PUBG mouse acceleration and sensitivity settings in Windows 10 so that you can be the best shot in any heated match and save yourself from being embarrassed in front of your audience.

PUBG Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

This is not a simple process. There is a surprisingly large number of sensitivities that you want to tamper with using additional mouse options for Windows 10 to achieve that smooth optimal state.

For a normal game player, the default options available for PUBG mouse acceleration could not be bad. Still, well, for those like us calling ourselves professional gamers or pro-gamers, we require some pretty significant fix to enjoy the video game to the fullest.

Here we bring you a step-by-step guide to help you understand as well as fix the DPI setting, disable mouse acceleration, and update settings to get the best mouse sensitivity without compensating for your performance.

Let’s get started.

PlayerUnknown’ s Battlegrounds or PUBG Mouse Acceleration in Windows 10

Going further in this article, we will be explaining the below given four aspects and how to achieve them in Windows 10:

  1. Turn PUBG Mouse Acceleration OFF
  2. Dots Per Inch or DPI Settings
  3. Get the Best Mouse Sensitivity in PUBG game

1. Turn PUBG Mouse Acceleration OFF in Windows 10

Before we tell you how you could fix this, let us first understand why is Mouse Acceleration is such a big issue and why it is an aim-wrecking feature?

Well, Mouse Acceleration, as the name suggests, is a feature that increases the movement sensitivity depending on how fast your mouse moves on the mouse mat.

While playing PUBG, often we have to look around quickly to engage in surprise combat or move much slower to scope the battlefield stealthily.

We need to use the same degrees of mouse movements done on the same mat for both these movements.

So, it is important to fix the PUBG mouse acceleration settings so that your view doesn’t suddenly go off-kilter while being jumped by another player.

Step-by-step PUBG mouse acceleration in windows guide:

Before you change your mouse settings, you should check whether you have mouse acceleration or not.

To do this, keep your mouse on the left or right edge of the mat. This is your initial position.

Now, slowly move your mouse left to right or right to left across the mat and quickly whiz it back to the initial position.

If mouse acceleration is enabled, your viewpoint will change from your initial position, and if not, the viewpoint will remain the same after whizzing the mouse back.

This problem in PUBG especially occurs after the Windows 10 Creators Update.

You can solve the issue in PUBG by three methods:

  1. Disable Enhance Pointer Precision
  2. Set Up Mouse Keys
  3. Disable Vertical Synchronization

Method 1 – Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

After you check the acceleration status, you can disable it with this method.

Step 1: Press the Windows icon and search for “Mouse.”

Disable Enhance Pointer Precision

Step 2: Click Mouse from the displayed options and go to Mouse Properties.

Step 3: In the properties, click on the Pointer Options tab and uncheck the Enhance pointer precision. Keep the slider adjustment bar in the middle.

Step 4: Update your DPI setting to 400-600-800-1000 and restart your computer to disable enhance pointer precision.

The above DPI setting is for those gamers who may want access to big arm movements.

Method 2 – Set Up Mouse Keys

As an alternative option related to this issue, you can set up mouse keys to adjust the acceleration.

Step 1: Press the Windows icon and search for “Control Panel.”

Press the Windows icon and search for "Control Panel."

Step 2: In the control panel, click on Ease of Access and click on Ease of Access Center.

Step 3: Now click Make the mouse easier to use and then click on Set up Mouse Keys.

Step 4: Adjust the Pointer Speed to change the mouse acceleration accordingly to set up mouse keys.

Method 3 – Vertical Synchronization

If the acceleration issue still exists, you could try the following steps.

Step 1: Open graphics settings

Open graphics settings

Step 2: Go to the configuration menu or game settings.

Step 3: Disable Vertical Synchronization (Vertical Sync).

With just a few click, you can get the most appropriate acceleration settings that you like.

2. Dots Per Inch or DPI Setting

Dots Per Inch or DPI Setting can be different for different gamers and is related to their personal circumstances, aptitude, and physical comfort preferences.

DPI means the number of pixels the mouse will move on screen depending on the number of inches it moves on your mat.

For example, a DPI set at 1000 will move 1000 screen pixels when you mouse the mouse 1 inch on the mouse pad.

The higher the DPI, the lower the movement of the mouse should be on the mouse pad.

Generally, gamers with large mouse pads like lower DPI settings have way more room to move the mouse and get less on-screen movement, allowing them to have more arm movement.

Now before you start tweaking your mouse DPI settings, you must understand that DPI settings affect mouse performance outside of the game as well.

However, these settings can only be found on a mouse that you buy independently of your PC and for the specific purpose of gaming.

The bog-standard mouse supplied by your PC manufacturer might not allow you to change your DPI settings by keeping its rights reserved.

3. Get the Best Mouse Sensitivity in PUBG game

In PUBG, we must be able to take a 180-degree view of whatever’s in front of us in one mouse sweep all the way across your mat.

But since there are different viewpoints, all of those will need to be tweaked differently with the use of a point of reference.

By default, PUBG sets sensitivity settings for all its users at a level of 50, which, you may find, is frequently changed by many well-known players.

Now before you go tweaking, let us first understand the different types of sensitivities and their optimal settings:

  1. General or Average Sensitivity – This is the standard sensitivity used to look around the environment. It is best to set it at 43, which is slightly lower than the default sensitivity, 50. This is done so that you can have a little more control while scrolling your mouse over your terrain and easily identify enemy movements.
  2. Targeting Sensitivity – When you are aiming, this is sensitivity to be tuned. It is best to set it at 40 while aiming at stationary targets and targeting moving enemies. This will give you a steady sight instead of the shaky hand you get when it’s set at 50.
  3. Scoping Sensitivity – Depending on your zoom level, this sensitivity helps you aim down the sight better and have better muscle memory over time. It is best to set it at 40, the same as targeting sensitivity.

You can adjust these sensitivities as per your comfort using a frame of references such as a window or a fixed object inside a building.

Taking a window or object as reference, you need to do a full-width mouse pad sweep so that you are looking directly behind the window or object regardless of whether you have a normal free look or an aim down sight.

Setting mouse sensitivity might take time, but it’s worth the effort.

Final Words

With the above guide’s help, you could adjust the speed and precision in PlayerUnknown’s s Battlegrounds or PUBG without any need to make much effort.

This article’s advice can be easily applied with a few clicks to other titles and play FPS games along with PUBG.

The above-given levels of sensitivities in this article are based on comments received from posts on various gaming boards as well as comments from lead PUBG players.

You can also use the muscle memory you have from other games but do not have any bad mouse acceleration habits from those other online shooting video games.

You can always share the mouse sensitivity and mouse acceleration settings you have grown accustomed to in other games by using the above guide and improving your efficiency.