14 Best Solutions To Fix PS4 Turns On Then Off


If it happens regularly that your PS4 turns on and then turns right back off, you might want to throw it off a cliff. But before you do it, why not apply some fixes that may bring it back to life.

Believe it or not, the ‘PS4 blue light and then turns off’ problem has some simple solutions that you can easily apply. Let’s have a look at the causes and solutions for this irritating issue.

Which Problems Can This Guide Fix?

This guide may be helpful in fixing these PS4 power problems: PS4 turns on and then off instantly, beeps and turns off, flashes blue light for a second and turns off, turns off during gameplay, turns off randomly at any time.

Why Does My PS4 Keep Turning Off? Common Causes

  • Poor ventilation
  • Overheating
  • Dust buildup
  • Damaged power cord
  • Faulty surge protector or power outlet
  • Power supply problem
  • Hard drive issues
  • Corrupted PS4 software
  • Faulty PS4 power button
  • Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) issue

Fixes for PS4 Turns On Then Off Instantly

  1. Unplug PS4 and Check for Power Cord Issues
  2. Remove the Surge Protector and the USB Hub
  3. Use Another Power Outlet
  4. Reset the Power Cycle of Your Console
  5. Test the Power Button of Your PlayStation 4
  6. Check for Power Supply Issues
  7. Insert a Game Disc
  8. Check PS4 for Over-Heating to Avoid Random PS4 Power off
  9. Inspect the Hard Drive of Your Console
  10. Connect to the Internet with an Ethernet Cable
  11. Boot in Safe Mode and Perform PS4 System Update
  12. A Small Washer to the Rescue
  13. Check the APU to Fix the Blue Light of Death
  14. Contact Sony for PS4 Support

Fix 1: Unplug PS4 and Check for Power Cord Issues

A damaged power cord could be causing the PS4 not turning on. For this, disconnect the power cord from the console and the power outlet. Check it for any cuts or cracks. Clean it with a microfiber cloth to avoid a clogged power cord or replace it if needed. After this, reconnect the power cable and try again.

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Fix 2: Remove the Surge Protector and the USB Hub

A surge protector is useful for preventing power issues from damaging your console. Because if there is a rise in voltage, the surge protector diverts the extra voltage to its grounding wire. But a faulty surge protector may not be of much use and might make the PS4 turn off randomly.

plug out the PS4 power cord

Simply, plug out the PS4 power cord from the surge protector and plug it into a wall power outlet. Now, try to turn on the console.

Furthermore, if you have a separate USB hub, it could also be the culprit. Because in some cases, multiple USBs or devices can cause glitches and prevent the PS4 from turning on.

A USB hub with 7 hubs

Perform the same process as we did for the surge protector. Remove the USB hub from your PS4. Plug out the power cord from the outlet. Keep it plugged out for a minute, and then connect it to a wall outlet.

Fix 3: Use Another Power Outlet

Speaking of wall power outlets, like other power cables and strips, they need to be checked as well. The easiest method is to remove your PS4’s power cord from the outlet you’re using to another power outlet. It’s recommended to wait a few minutes before plugging it into a new power outlet.

Fix 4: Reset the Power Cycle of Your Console

Resetting the power cycle means completely turning off and unplugging the device until the saved power on its capacitors is also drained. To do this, disconnect the power cable from both ends – the console and the outlet. Keep it disconnected for one hour and then plug the cords back in and turn on the console.

Fix 5: Test the Power Button of Your PlayStation 4

'PS' button

The power button might be stuck to the case and keep turning off the console right away when you hit it to turn the PS4 on. In this case, replace the power button of your PS4. You should also try connecting your PS4 controller through a USB cable and try turning the console on by pressing the ‘PS’ button.

Fix 6: Check for Power Supply Issues

The power supply is the component of your PS4 that takes power from the power cables and supplies it to the hardware components of the console. If it’s faulty, it won’t be able to provide the PS4 with enough power to turn on.

This could be why your PS4 turns on with blue light for a second and then turns off. Not only that, but a failing PSU is also connected with downgraded graphics, game crashes, PS4 freezes, and the blue light of death.

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A faulty power supply can’t easily be repaired and the only way to go is to buy a new one. Note that when replacing the power supply, don’t turn on the console right away. Keep it in for 10 minutes before you press the power button.

Fix 7: Insert a Game Disc

When you insert a game disc into the drive, the console turns on automatically. It’s a good way to determine if the problem is with the power-related parts or internal components like the hard drive and the APU.

Fix 8: Check PS4 for Over-Heating to Avoid Random PS4 Power off

When your PS4 overheats, it turns off automatically to prevent the console from any damage. For the PlayStation 4 consoles that turn off randomly or turn off instantly after turning on, overheating could be the reason. 

The common external cause of overheating is dust and grime buildup on the console. This reduces the capacity of your PS4 to pull out the hot air from the internal components to the outside, which results in overheating. Use a microfiber cloth and a compressed air can for cleaning the outer and internal parts of your PS4.

Moreover, keeping your console in an open space is also paramount to avoid overheating. It has vents on its back and on both sides. So, keep some distance between the console and other decorative items to ensure proper ventilation of the console.

Fix 9: Inspect the Hard Drive of Your Console

A faulty hard drive can turn your PS4 into a big paperweight. Hard drive problems are one of the main causes of PS4 not turning on.

Unfortunately, hard drives have a short lifespan of 3-5 years. That’s why they need to be checked and upgraded every few years to avoid data loss. Hard drives should be inspected by an expert for problems. You can only check if the hard drive is installed correctly with these steps:

  1. Uncover the shiny panel of the PS4.
  2. Remove the one screw at the outer side of the section where you can see the hard drive underneath.
  3. Slide-out the hard drive and then slide it back in correctly.

Fix 10: Connect to the Internet with an Ethernet Cable

It’s hard to believe but the Wi-Fi module on your PS4 can interrupt and prevent the console from turning on if there is a problem with it. To know if this is the case, connect your console with the router through an ethernet/LAN cable and try turning the console on. 

Fix 11: Boot in Safe Mode and Perform PS4 System Update

Your PS4 is not turning on but it might if you try to boot in Safe Mode. If it works, you can update your PS4 software to troubleshoot the PS4 won’t turn on issue. 

  1. Use a USB cable to connect your controller to the PS4.
  2. For the internet, use a LAN cable. Don’t use Wi-Fi.
  3. Press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps.
  4. Release the button and wait for the Safe Mode options. If the console doesn’t turn on, move to the next fix. If it turns on and you can see the menu, select ‘Update System Software’ and follow the instructions.
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Fix 12: A Small Washer to the Rescue


This is a weird little trick that’s popular on YouTube and tech forums. It can reportedly fix the PS4 turn on and off right away problem. This works for PS4 (2013).

  1. Unplug the power cable from the console.
  2. Remove the shiny panel of the PS4.
  3. Now uncover the matte cover.
  4. Under the matte cover, you will see two screws holding a narrow plate.
  5. Unscrew those two screws, put one washer in each one of them, and tighten them back where they were. If this doesn’t work, use two washers each, and then three.
  6. Put back the covers, plug in the power cords, and turn the console on.

Fix 13: Check the APU to Fix the Blue Light of Death

A complicated reason for the PS4 turns on then off issue could be a problematic APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). It’s a combination of CPU and GPU, and it can only be repaired or replaced by Sony.

Fix 14: Contact Sony for PS4 Support

After exhausting the above methods, there is the option of contacting Sony customer support for PS4 repairs or replacements. Contact them, explain the situation, and they will instruct you what to do.


Some fixes for a PS4 turning off a second after turning on are easy while some are complicated. Apply the easy solutions and leave the difficult ones for experts.


Why Is My PlayStation Turning Off When I Turn It On?

For a PlayStation that is turning off when you turn it on, a faulty power cord or a power outlet could be the culprit. Other reasons can be: the PS4 power supply is failing, the console is overheating, poor ventilation for the PS4, faulty hard drive, and the APU issue.

How Do I Know If My PS4 Hard Drive Is Damaged?

Common symptoms of a damaged PS4 hard drive:
PS4 freezing and lagging
Corrupted downloads and data
Errors in games and applications
The database rebuilding begins on every PS4 restart
Unusual sounds from the hard drive
PS4 starts booting but can’t complete the boot process

What To Do If Your PS4 Keeps Shutting Off?

– Check the cable connections
– Prevent overheating by cleaning the console
– Ensure proper ventilation for your PS4
– Clean the turn on button on the console
– Check for PS4 software updates

What Does It Mean When PS4 Blinks Blue?

A blinking blue light on the PS4 means that it doesn’t enter the power-on state. Common reasons for the PS4 blinking blue light are:
– TV compatibility problem
– PS4 power supply issue
– Faulty hard drive of the console
– Any other PS4 hardware issue