How To Use PS4 Safe Mode And Get Out If Stuck

Safe Mode in a Nutshell

ps4 safe mode

PS4 Safe Mode is a troubleshooting tool that helps if your PS4 does not boot normally or faces other problems. Your PS4 console boots with only basic features in Safe Mode. So, you can fix the issues with the PS4’s system software or display resolution and reboot it normally.

Safe Mode Loop – Your PS4 Keeps Restarting in Safe Mode

Sometimes, your PS4 console may get stuck in an endless Safe Mode Death Loop. This usually happens because of problems with the PS4 firmware. If your PS4 gets stuck in such a loop and keeps on restarting in Safe Mode, you should use the methods we show later in the guide to get out of it.

How To Restart PS4 in Safe Mode

If you face problems with the PS4 like blank screens, display issues, slow speeds, or if it fails to boot, you can try troubleshooting the issue by restarting the PS4 in Safe Mode.

  • Press and Hold down the Power button for 7 seconds to restart the console in Safe Mode. Again, you should hear two beeps – the first right after pressing the button and the other 7 seconds after holding the button.
Enter Safe Mode PS4 to Troubleshoot Problems
  • Release the Power button when you hear the second beep. Your PS4 should now boot in Safe Mode.
Release Power Button After Second Beep - Safe Mode PS4 Helps Fix Problems
  • Connect your Dualshock controller with a USB cable to troubleshoot the problem.
PS4 Safe Mode Helps Fix Problems - Only Works with USB DualShock Controller

Fix PS4 Problems with the Options in the Safe Mode Menu

  1. Restart PS4 in Safe Mode
  2. Change Resolution
  3. Update System Software
  4. Restore Default Settings
  5. Rebuild Database
  6. Initialize PS4
  7. Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software)
  8. Set HDCP Mode
  9. Hardware Problems – Reconnect Power/HDMI Cables
  10. Send to Sony Service Centre for Repair

If your PS4 does not boot normally, or you face display and gameplay problems, or if your PS4 keeps on starting in Safe Mode, you should use the different Safe Mode menu options to fix the issue.

Pro Tip 1:

The PS4 Safe Mode Options do not work with a wireless controller. Ensure that your PS4 USB ports are working and that the Dualshock controller connects to the console with a USB cable before you enter Safe Mode.

Pro Tip 2:

Troubleshooting in safe mode can wipe off user data in some cases. Always back up user data before using safe mode options.

1. Restarting from Safe Mode

If a normal restart does not fix a broken PS4 console, you should use the Restart option in the Safe Mode menu to see if it solves the issue.

A Manual Restart from the Safe Mode Menu Can Fix PS4 Issues

2. Change Resolution

Sometimes a mismatched resolution might cause problems with the PS4. Use the Change Resolution safe mode option to try different display resolutions if one of them fixes the PS4. A good trick is to use the base 480p resolution to solve any display-related problems.

Set Resolution to 480p in Safe Mode - Helps Fix PS4

3. Update System Software

If your PS4 still does not start normally, you should update the system software on your console. You can update PS4’s system software with a direct download over the Internet or do it from an external device like a USB drive or disc.

Update System Software Automatically Over the Internet

Connect your PS4 to the Internet via Wi-Fi or a LAN cable, and select the safe mode option “Update System Software”. If the software updates, it could solve the problem.

Update System Software Safe Mode Option - Over the Internet

Manually Updating System Software from a USB Storage Device

Sometimes, you cannot automatically update system software on the PS4. In this case, you should manually update the system software using a USB drive.

  • Connect a USB drive with at least 375 MBs of free space to a PC
  • Create a folder named PS4 in the USB drive.
  • Create a folder named UPDATE inside the PS4 folder
  • Download the latest PS4 System Software Update and save it inside the UPDATE folder on the USB stick
Manually Update PS4 System Software - if Auto-Update in the Safe Mode Menu Does Not Work
  • Make sure to name the downloaded file PS4UPDATE.PUP
  • Plugin the USB drive in your PS4
  • Boot the PS4 in Safe Mode and select the “Update System Software” option
  • PS4 starts system software update from the USB drive
  • Hopefully, when the console restarts, you should be able to use it properly

4. Restore Default Settings

Sometimes you can mess up your PS4 system settings – even unknowingly. It is best then to restore your PS4 console to its factory settings. Chose the “Restore Default Settings” under the Safe Mode menu. Your console will now have its original settings and should work fine.

Restore Default Settings to Fix PS4 Death Loop

5. Rebuild Database

Corrupt game data or database could also cause your PS4 to function improperly. You should use the “Rebuild Database” option to create a new database from scratch. This method is suitable if you face system features issues or some game icon refuses to go away even after deleting the game.

Rebuild Database Safe Mode Option - New DataBase Solves PS4 Not Working Properly Issue

6. Initialize PS4

The “Initialize PS4” safe mode option resets your PS4 console to its original settings. It deletes all user data but does not remove the firmware. As it wipes the entire hard drive clean and returns the console to its original state, this method should work in most cases.

Initialize PS4 Deletes Console Firmware - Fix PS4

7. Initialize PS4 (Reinstalling PS4 System Software)

If none of the above methods works, you should do a hard reset with the “Initialize PS4 (Reinstall PS4 System Software)” option. This method deletes everything on the PS4 hard drive, including the OS and firmware. So, you will start with a blank hard drive if you choose this option and will need to install the PS4 firmware manually. 

8. Set HDCP Mode

PS4 Pro users get an extra option in the Safe Mode menu – the Set HDCP Mode option. If your 4k TV does not support HDCP 2.2, it might not display images correctly and cause the PS4 console to malfunction. In this case, you should change to HDCP1.40 to fix this issue.

9. Hardware Issues

The problem might be with your PS4 console’s hardware or connections. In this case, the above software-based methods won’t work. So you should instead try these hardware fixes.

Fix Loose Power or HDMI Cables

Sometimes, loose power cables or HDMI connections may be why your PlayStation doesn’t work properly. 

  • Unplug HDMI cables
  • Clean both ends softly
  • Plug the cables back again
  • Restart PS4

You should do a similar process with the Power cable.

  • Carefully pull out the Power cord
  • Wipe the two ends clean gently
  • Plug the Power cord back in
  • Boot your PS4

10. Send Your PS4 to a Sony Service Centre for Repairs

If your PS4 still does not work properly, it is best to hand it over to professionals for repair. Some of the chips or circuitry might be damaged. It is best to send the PlayStation for repairs to a Sony-authorized service station.


PS4 Safe Mode is a great tool to solve problems with your console. Most times, the wide range of Safe Mode options fixes any issues with the PS4.

But, sometimes, there are deeper problems with the PS4. For example, you might end up in a Safe Mode death loop when your PlayStation keeps on restarting in Safe Mode. 

Thus, we have created this in-depth guide on PS4 Safe Mode to help you fix all these issues.