12 Fixes For PS4 Keeps Turning Off By Itself

It might be pretty scary when your “PS4 keeps turning off” without warning. Most individuals would turn to their power source first, as they should, to determine whether it is the root of the problem.

PS4 keep Turning Off

However, the truth is that a game machine like the PS4 is far more of a marvel than most people think. They include a built-in self-protection feature that switches the console off if any component becomes too hot.

Why Sony PS4 Turns Itself Off Randomly?

The causes for a PlayStation 4 turning off when you don’t want it to can range from minor to fatal. Overheating, faulty firmware, weak soldering of internal components, a bad hard drive, or simply dust or dirt on the switch are all possibilities.

Causes Of “Why Does My PS4 keeps Turning Off”

It’s crucial to figure out what’s causing the problem. The following is a summary of the reasons for the PS4 issue:

Power Source Issues

One of the most prevalent causes of the “PS4 keeps turning off” by itself issue is a power issue. This issue may occur if there are issues with the power cable or power supply.

Hard Drive Failure.

The hard drive houses several vital files, including the PS4 system and game files. These vital files may become corrupted if your hard drive becomes bad, resulting in the PS4 keep turning off sporadically issue.

Console Is Overheating.

When the PS4 console overheats, a thermal switch is triggered, and the console keep turning off automatically. If your “PS4 keeps turning off” unexpectedly, you should check if the console is damaged.

Issues With The APU

The CPU and GPU make up the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). You may experience the PS4 keep turning off the issue if some APU units are inadequately soldered.

Corrupted Software Program

Another prevalent cause of PS4 difficulties like Blue light of death, SU-41350-3, and CE-34788-0 error codes is obsolete or faulty system software.

Solutions To Fix A Playstation (PS) 4 Console Turns Off By Itself

  1. Troubleshoot The Power Connection Issues
  2. Avoid An Overheating, Cooling, And Fan Issue
  3. Update The PS4 Software In Safe Mode
  4. Remove The Multiple Connectors
  5. Corrupted PS4 Database
  6. Corrupted PS4 System Data
  7. Check The APU Problem
  8. Use Cable Internet Connection
  9. Corrupted PS4 CMOS Data
  10. Malfunctioning Hard Drive
  11. Hardware Failure
  12. Use Static Internet Address

1. Troubleshoot The Power Connection Issues

Troubleshoot The Power Connection Issues

Check if your PS4 system is experiencing any power connection issues. If many appliances are plugged into the same power outlet as the PS4, the PS4 may shut down due to insufficient power.

As a result, you should connect the PS4 to a single socket free of other appliances. Occasionally, power spikes can cause the “PS4 keep turning off” issue.

You might try connecting the console to a different outlet to see if the problem is fixed. You should also look for any issues with power cables or ports. 

  • To do so, hold down the Power button for around 7 seconds, or until your PS4 system is entirely switched off.
  • Disconnect your PS4 console’s power cable from the outlet and wait a few seconds before reconnecting it.
  • Check for clogging in the power port, then use a different power cord to see whether it’s damaged.
  • Connect the power connection cable to the console and turn it on again.
  • Check if “PS4 keeps Turning Off” isue is solved or not.

2. Avoid An Overheating, Cooling, And Fan Issue

Avoid An Overheating, Cooling, And Fan Issue

Overheating is one of the first and most common reasons your PS4 keeps turning off by itself, especially when you’re playing a game. To avoid this problem, the PS4’s fan must be in perfect functioning order.

It is such a prevalent and serious problem. Most gaming consoles, including the PS4, include a built-in mechanism that causes “PS4 keeps turning off” if any components get too hot.

You must first resolve what is causing the heat not to be adequately vented outside the PS4. The most likely cause is a filthy or broken fan. If the fan is shrieking, you should pay special attention to the sound it makes.

  • Make sure the PS4 is in a well-ventilated area.
  • Avoid utilizing the console for extended periods.
  • Prevent accumulation of dirt and lint on the console.
  • Use an air conditioner or a standing fan to cool down the console.

3. Update The PS4 Software In Safe Mode

The Issue is likely the result of a poor update. To fix the “PS4 keep turning off” issue, you can upgrade the system software in Safe Mode. One of the most prevalent causes of PS4 issues is defective or outdated system software. Here’s a comprehensive guide for you.

  • Obtain a USB stick with a minimum of 400 MB of free space. The USB must be erased, and then a folder called PS4 must be created inside of which another folder called UPDATE must be created.
  • Download the PS4 update and save it to your flash drive’s UPDATE folder.
  • Connect the USB stick to the PS4 through USB ports after completely turning off the system.
  • Hold power down for ten seconds for the system to enter Safe Mode.
  • Select the third option in Safe Mode, “Update System Software,” and you’ll be able to easily follow the instructions from there.
  • Check if “PS4 keep Turning Off” isue is solved or not.

4. Remove The Multiple Connectors

Multi-connectors are becoming more widespread these days. These allow the PS4 to be connected to other devices that also require an HDMI connector.

When the PS4 is still functioning, any activity from the other module could trigger it to turn.

  • If the problem persists, try directly plugging the PS4 instead of utilizing connections.
  • Isolate the PS4 from the screen/TV as well.
  • If you have a USB cable attached to the front port, you should remove it.
  • If the PS4’s internal communication is poor, any activity from the port might sometimes cause the console to go down.
  • Check if “PS4 keep Turning Off” isue is solved or not.

5. Corrupted PS4 Database

The PS4 database could be corrupted, causing the machine to shut down on its own. This may or may not be a reasonable solution to the problem, but it works in some cases.

Furthermore, you will not lose anything by attempting it in the quest to repair your PS4. In reality, rebuilding the PS4 database is something that every PS4 user should do to keep the system running smoothly and prevent it from unexpected failures.

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4. For 8-10 seconds, hold down the power button.
  • Connect your DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 system with a USB cord.
  • Press the PS4 button on your Dual Shock 4 controller.
  • Select’rebuild the database’ from the X button on your controller.
  • Wait for the procedure to finish, and your PS4 will begin to boot up automatically.
  • While gaming, connect to Wi-Fi, sign in to Playstation Network, and see if your connection issue has been addressed.
  • Check if “PS4 keep Turning Off” isue is solved or not.

6. Corrupted PS4 System Data

The data on the PS4 may become damaged for a variety of causes, and as a result, the PS4 keeps turning off without warning. The corruption of the PS4 data is not the same as the corruption of the PS4 database.

The latter is readily remedied by just rebuilding the PS4 database. PS4 system data corruption refers to missing or damaged core system file(s) that can create significant problems with the system, such as the PS4 keeps turning off on its own.

The only way to fix this issue is to completely reset the PS4 and reload the system software from the beginning. You can be sure you have a clean and fresh copy of the PS4 operating system that isn’t corrupted in any way.

7. Check The APU Problem

Check The APU Problem

The PS4 console’s APU may not be correctly soldered to the motherboard. It may cause the PS4 to stop working usually and turn off randomly.

Here are some tips on keeping the APU from falling off the motherboard.

  • Ensure that your console is well ventilated. Remove any objects that are blocking the PS4’s air vents.
  • Each PS4 console is constructed with a unique APU unit. Finding a new unit is difficult.
  • At all times, use a standing fan or an air conditioner to provide additional cooling.
  • Avoid using the console for long periods. After several hours of heavy use, put it to sleep.
  • After that Check if “PS4 keep Turning Off” isue is solved or not.

8. Use Cable Internet Connection

Use Cable Internet Connection

The Wi-Fi modules may be the cause of the “PS4 keep turning off” issue. Because of a short circuit in the Wi-Fi module, an influx can occur, causing the PS4 to shut down.

  • Instead of using a Wi-Fi connection, you might use a cable Internet connection.
  • At the rear of your PS4 console, there is no cable Internet access connector.
  • You can connect your router to your PS4 with a LAN wire.
  • After that, see if your PS4 can stay connected to the LAN internet for an extended period.

9. Corrupted PS4 CMOS Data

Corrupted PS4 CMOS Data

When the CMOS data on the PS4 is corrupted, strange things can happen to the machine, including the PS4 keeps turning off by itself. Although there is a high association, many people would not associate the PS4 keep turning off by itself with CMOS data.

  • Turn off your PlayStation 4. Disconnect the PS4 from the power source.
  • Locate the CMOS battery on the motherboard by opening the PS4 casing. It is a CR2032 battery, the same size as a coin.
  • Remove the CMOS battery with care. Push the pin keeping the battery in place with a small flat head screwdriver, then take the battery out of the socket.
  • Replace the CMOS battery after a few minutes.
  • Connect the PS4 to the power outlet, turn on the switch, and wait 5-10 minutes before turning it on.
  • This time delay allows the CMOS battery to be recharged if depleted.
  • Finally, turn on the PS4 and see if everything works properly.
  • Check if “PS4 keep Turning Off” isue is solved or not.

10. Malfunctioning Hard Drive

Malfunctioning Hard Drive

Check to see if it’s correctly positioned and any faulty sectors on the hard disc. Please follow the steps below with caution:

  • Press the power button for at least 9-10 seconds to completely switch off the PS4; two beeps signal that it has been turned off.
  • Remove the power line from the outlet as well as the cable. Disconnect any additional cables from the console.
  • To remove the Hard Disk Drive bay cover (the glossy section), slide it out and away from the system.
  • Check to see that the hard disc is correctly inserted and secured to the computer.
  • Remove the screw and replace the hard drive with a new one if you want to replace it.
  • Remember that you’ll have to install fresh system software on the new hard drive.

11. Hardware Failure

You should have your PS4 evaluated for hardware issues. There could be any reason for this issue, including a faulty power supply unit or your PS4 overheating.

There have also been reports of people’s PS4s shutting down when they get too hot. There’s also the issue of the thermal on-off switch being triggered due to overheating.

It is instructed to take the device to a nearby Sony service center rather than attempting to diagnose hardware issues yourself.

12. Use Static Internet Address

You’re likely utilizing a dynamic IP address if your IP address settings mention ‘automatic.’ The dynamic IP address changes when the router is rebooted or your ISP provides you a new address.

The static IP address does not change over time. When it comes to the internet, static IP addresses are more dependable.

  • View the status of your connection by going to Settings> network.
  • Take note of IP addresses, subnet mask address, and default getaway, then return to the prior menu.
  • Use Wi-Fi to set up an internet connection.
  • Customize > Manual
  • Enter the digits of your IP address, then a number between 2 and 255 for the last digit.
  • You’ll need to write in the default gateway and subnet mask you wrote down earlier.
  • MTU settings are set to “automatic.”
  • Click on the ‘Do not use’ option under Proxy server.
  • Test your internet connection and use Wi-Fi.
  • Check if “PS4 keep Turning Off” isue is solved or not.


If your PS4 keeps tuning off, you should try this article’s tips and tactics to fix the problem. One of the twelve given solutions anyone will work for you, and you will be able to solve the “PS4 keeps turning off” problem.