10 Fixes: PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

Does your PlayStation 4 constantly keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi? Are you troubled with the constant disconnection? Well, We have got you covered! Here’s how to fix a PS4 that keeps disconnecting from the router.

Why does PS4 Keep Disconnecting From Internet?

Smooth and uninterrupted gaming is every player’s dream and In such Instances, losing a game just because of Wi-Fi connection issues creates havoc.

However, If you are experiencing this kind of trouble with your wireless setup internet connection, you can pretty much assume a ton of reasons that can cause disconnection. 

First and foremost appears to be the interference from other devices connected through the same Wi-Fi device including hardware issues of the PS4. 

How to Fix when pS4 keeps disconnecting from wiFi?

In order to understand the problem at hand, you need to consider the nature of the extremity of the problem that keeps you wary of connection issues! 

We are here to offer you the best solutions to your PlayStation disconnection issues. 

Hence, if you are on the mission to solve all the signal issues, dive into this blog and get to know how to troubleshoot and solve the constant disconnection in a snap!

Below is the list of the most common issues and their fixes with step-by-step instructions:

Solutions To Fix PS4 Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

  1. Perform a Test of Wi-Fi Connection on the PS4
  2. Select Manual Wi-Fi Frequency Band
  3. Update the Wi-Fi Router Firmware
  4. Update the PlayStation Firmware
  5. Delete and Reinstall the Game
  6. Change the PS4 DNS settings
  7. Set up a Static IP Address (stable) for your PlayStation
  8. Rebuild the Database on PS4
  9. Reset Your PS4 Console and Router to Factory Defaults
  10. Attach PS4 using Ethernet Cable Connections if Still Facing Connection Issues

1. Perform a Test of Wi-Fi Connection on the PS4

Sometimes disconnection occurs due to temporary miscommunications between the PS4 modules and the Wi-Fi. In case of such a glitch, it is advisable to perform a connection test. Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Go to the Settings of Ps4 (Remember to place the router 5-6 feet close to the PS4 console while testing)
  • Then select Network Settings of PS4 and open Test Internet Connection.

This connection test determines if the internet is working at all, and in fact displays the download speed. (If the download speed exceeds 25MB/sec, you can positively consider that there is no issue with the Internet connection)

ps4 keeps disconnecting from wifi

2. Select Manual Wi-Fi Frequency Band

As raised by a lot of users, the automatic selection of the band feature from the recent models from PS4 (like PS4 Pro) plays as one of the reasons behind disconnection defaults. 

The old models tend to support a 2.4 GHz frequency whereas the new devices support both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands (PS4 Pro supports 5 GHz). 

The new model always switches between the frequency bands to use the faster one. Which further causes some games to lag and even lose wifi connection for a few seconds. 

Here is how you can fix it:

  • Hop on to the Settings on the home screen of PlayStation 4.
  • Then select Network Settings and click on Setup Internet Connection.
setup internet connection
  • Click the Use WIFI option.
  • Finally, by clicking on Easy, find the Options menu at the bottom of your screen.
  • Now, select either the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band in the Wi-Fi frequency bands section for your convenience.

3. Update the Wi-Fi Router Firmware

The outdated firmware on your router might cause the disconnection of PlayStation 4 from the WIFI. Hence, it is advisable to check for an update. 

This is how you can update the firmware:

  • Open the router’s web portal from a webpage.
  • Then, select the Tools option.
  • Now, select the Firmware tab. However, you will find an option similar to Check for the latest firmware version.
  • Thereby, select an option button that says Check Now. Then and there, you will find whether the firmware update is available or not.
  • Finally, restart the router after the update is successful.

4. Update the PlayStation Firmware

In a similar manner to the router, outdated firmware on your PS4 also causes connectivity issues with the Wi-Fi. However, you can check for an update for the PS4 very easily. 

Here is how you can update the PlayStation: 

  • Open the PS4 Settings.
  • Then, select the System Software Update option.
  • By clicking on the Update Now button, we can check if there is an update available. 
  • Finally, install the update and adjust router settings.

5. Delete and Reinstall the Game

Sometimes it even depends on the game you are playing. Some games download with them malware which creates issues and plays an active role in the disconnection of the Wi-Fi from the PlayStation. 

In this case, it is better to delete and reinstall the desired game that you are playing. 

Here is how to fix and initialize PS4 games:

Steps to the re-initialize game on PS4

  • On the PS4, go through the game section and select the game from the menu.
  • Then, click on the options button available on the PS4 controller.
  • Now, select Delete from the menu. Then delete the game by clicking on Confirm.

However, after the game is uninstalled, you can re-install it by using the physical disc. You can also re-download it from the PlayStation Store.

Delete option

6. Change the PS4 DNS settings

Foundationally, changing the DNS settings (Domain Name System) of the PS4 will produce faster internet speed. Hence, changing the primary DNS settings will solve the connection issue. 

The good news is that there are a bunch of better-performing DNS available on the web. Hence, you get to choose the best befitting option.

(our recommendation: Cloudflare’s or Google’s DNS)

Steps to change the PS4 DNS Settings: 

  • Open Settings on PS4. Then click on the Network option.
  • Now, select the Setup internet connection.
  • Then, select Wi-Fi and Select Custom.
  • Now, select the Automatic option in the IP address settings menu.
  • Select Do Not Specify for DHCP Hostname. 
  • Then, click on Manual, Under DNS Settings.
  • Enter ( for Google Primary DNS and enter ( for Google Secondary DNS.
  • Then, click on Automatic for MTU Settings.
  • Now, select Do not use under Proxy Server. Finally, click on test your internet connection.

7. Set up a Static IP Address (stable) for your PlayStation

The PlayStation 4 comes with a dynamic IP address. Whenever you reboot your router, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) decides to assign you a new address, and the Dynamic IP addresses thereby change. 

However, the static IP addresses will never change as it is more stable. 

Here is how to change your local IP (Note: It does not change the public IP).

Steps to change the IP address on PS4

  • On PS4 go to Settings then select the Network option.
  • Then click on View Connection Status.
  • Now, take a note of the IP address before moving forward.
  • Later note Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and go back to the previous menu.
  • Now, go to Set Up Internet Connection then select the use Wi-Fi option.
  • Then, choose the Custom option and select Manual.
  • Keep the first three numbers of your IP address as usual and pick any number of your choice for your last number (from 2 to 255).
  • Now enter the Default Gateway and Subnet Mask that we asked you to note down.
  • Then, click on Automatic for MTU Settings.
  • Now, select Do not use under Proxy Server. Finally, click on test your internet connection. 

8. Rebuild the Database on PS4

Well! rebuilding the PS4 database is the better solution to fix any software bug. We can rebuild the database on PS4 as follows:

  • Turn off the Playstation. 
  • Now, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. Hence, the PS4 will boot up in safe mode.
  • Then use the USB cable to connect the Dualshock 4 controller to the PS4.
  • Now, press the PlayStation button on the controller. Then, select Rebuild Database using the X button on the controller. 
rebuild database

9. Reset Your PS4 Console and Router to Factory Defaults

Restore default settings

If nothing works for your PS4, one of the best options will be to reset both Router and PlayStation to Factory Defaults.  However, this process might as well wipe out most of the data, including the games you downloaded. 

10. Attach PS4 using Ethernet Cable Connections if Still Facing Connection Issues

Ultimately, if the above solutions did not work for you, then try the last and the best option. The only available option is to connect the PS4 with an Ethernet cable. 

The Ethernet cable connection provides a faster internet connection than the PS4. Hence, it enhances efficient gaming more than wireless devices.

How to Connect PS4 Using an Ethernet Port

  • Connect the ethernet cable to the ethernet ports on the router and then to PS4. 
  • Now, turn on the PS4 and the router. 
  • Go to Settings on PS4.
  • Then, select the Network option and go to Set Up Internet Connection.
  • Now, click on Use LAN Cable, and finally, select the Easy option.


Besides, the PS4 internet connection problems may be hectic to find out, but we hope our guide has covered the most common and rare issues. However, if you are still are in confusion about How to Fix a PS4 that Keeps Disconnecting From Wi-Fi, our top 10 solutions will help you in troubleshooting.

In the meantime, you can also contact Sony Support for more assistance. We wish you great gaming days ahead!