PS4 Hulu Data Corrupted: 6 Expert Solutions

Were you in the middle of a thrilling scene when you encountered a corrupted data error on Hulu for PS4? There could be various reasons for you to face such an error. For instance, your internet connection might be acting up, or you might not be in the signal range. 

PS4 Hulu Data Corrupted

If you want to figure out the root cause and the solution for the PS4 Hulu Data Corrupted error, then read this article. It will give you insight into some handy quick fixes. So, let’s find out the solutions by proceeding in a straight course. 

Solutions For PS4 Hulu Data Corrupted

  1. Check You Internet Connection
  2. Restart Your PS4 Console
  3. Clear The Hulu Data From System Storage
  4. Ensure That Your VPN Is Working
  5. Reorganise The Data Using Rebuild Database Option
  6. Initialise The PS4 Console 

How to Fix Corrupted Data For Hulu On PS4

1. Check You Internet Connection

Internet Connection Status Windows 10

Streaming Hulu means that you need a fantastic internet connection. So, if you are facing a corrupted data issue, you should check your internet connection. Make sure that you have a strong connection and bandwidth. There are a few things that you should check for or keep in mind when it comes to network:

  • Connect your internet with another device to test whether the signals are strong. You can connect your laptop or a mobile phone and browse anything online. Streaming videos can give you a better idea about the connection.
  • If there’s nothing wrong with your connectivity, you can move ahead to your console. Check whether your PS4 has an active connection or not. Sometimes weak connection results in abrupt disconnection. If that’s the case, reconnect your console to the internet.
  • Ensure that the position of your console and router is such that it offers strong signals. Also, look out for anything that’s coming in the way of both the devices’ signals.
  • Sometimes the official website of Hulu is down. As a result, you might face corrupted data errors on your PS4 while streaming Hulu. All you can do is wait for the website to start functioning again in such circumstances.
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If there is a connectivity issue, then the above-mentioned steps should work. But if they do not, then you need to move on to the next method to fix the issue.

2. Restart Your PS4 Console

PS4 console

One of the easiest ways to fix the issue of corrupted data on Hulu is to perform a power cycle. Restarting your console can eliminate the corrupted files. This way, you get rid of the issue without losing any data. So, to restart your PS4 console follow the given steps:

  • To turn your PS4 off, long-press the Power key on it.
  • Switch off the power supply and remove the plug from the socket. Wait for 7 to 10 minutes, and then press the power key for around 30 seconds. This action will drain your console off of all the energy.
  • Once your console has no power left, you can plug in the cables and tap on the Power key to reboot your PS4.

After you have switched back on your PS4, launch the Hulu application. This time the error should not arise. If it does, then you can try the other solutions explained below.

3. Clear The Hulu Data From System Storage

Application Saved Data Management PlayStation Settings Options

If the corrupted data is the cause of the error, then you can overcome it by clearing the stored data in Hulu. Many users have also reported fixing this issue by deleting the database in system storage. So, trying this step to solve the error wouldn’t harm anything. To clear the data, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the dashboard from the home page using the thumbstick.
  • Click on the Settings option and tap on the X key on your console.
  • You will see a list of options; choose the Application Saved Data Management option. You will find the option in the Settings window.
  • Now tap on the Saved Data in System Storage option.
  • Click on the Hulu Plus option and then click on Delete.

Once you have cleared the data, you will need to log in again. Log in with your credentials and check whether you encounter the error or not.

4. Ensure That Your VPN Is Working

Set up internet connection on PS4 dashboard

Oftentimes people prefer using a VPN for uninterrupted service. So, if you were doing the same with your PS4 console, then you might as well check whether it’s doing the job. It is possible that you are facing a corrupted file error because your VPN is not active. 

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Also, Hulu could be blocking your VPN services. As a result, the signals might be obstructing the path. Thus, it could be the reason for the error too. The only thing you can do in this scenario is to turn the VPN off

5. Reorganize The Data Using Rebuild Database Option

rebuilding database option on PS4

You should proceed with this solution only if you have tried out all the previous solutions. If nothing seems to work, then rebuilding the database should work as it reorganizes the data. But, the process might take a while or even hours in some cases. 

So, before going along with this solution, you should bear in mind that it could turn into a long process. You can follow these steps to rebuild the database on your PS4 console:

  • First of all, you need to switch off your PS4, press the Power key to do so.
  • You will need to long-press the Power key until you hear a beeping sound. It usually takes 7 to 10 seconds.
  • Take a USB cable and connect it with DS4.
  • Now take your controller and hold the PS key on it to enable the Safe Mode.
  • The Safe Mode window will be displayed on the screen. Choose Rebuild Database from the given options.

Once you have performed these steps, the process will carry out on its own. After the completion launch, the Hulu app again checks if the problem continues. Also, rebuilding the database won’t delete or remove any of the files, so do not worry about that.

6. Initialize The PS4 Console


PS4 settings Initialization option

Before jumping into the steps of this solution, you must know the meaning of “initialize.” It is a procedure that wipes out all the saved data and files of the games on your PS4 console. Thus, it’s obvious that it will solve the corrupted data error as there would be no data left to begin with. 

This is the final solution that comes into play when you have lost all your hopes. But, if you do not wish to lose your saved data, then you can visit the service center. They would have a way to fix your problem while keeping the data intact. So, despite all the consequences, if you still wish to continue, follow these steps:

  • Open the Settings of your PS4 console.
  • Tap on the Initialization option.
  • Now go into the Initialize PS4 section.
  • Choose the Quick option to avoid the format of the hard disk.
  • To finally start the initialization process, tap on Initialize. Remember, once you tap on this option, there is no going back from here as it will start formatting your PS4 console.
  • Your PS4 will reboot by default, and the initialization process will take place.
  • Once you have completed the whole process, you will need to install Hulu again.
  • Launch the Hulu app and log in with your credentials.
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You should no longer encounter the corrupted data error as you have formatted your PS4. Thus, there is no data left to encounter this issue. But if you still do, then it’s time to seek professional help.

Conclusion – PS4 Hulu Data Corrupted

These were some easy to apply solutions that might be useful in solving the corrupted data error. Also, to identify the origin of the error, you can log in to your Hulu account on another device. If the problem extends there, then something is wrong with your Hulu account. 

Otherwise, the issue resides in the downloaded application on PS4. But, if none is the case, then update the driver of your PS4 console. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the Hulu application. Nonetheless, you can always go to the service center if nothing seems to work as it’s the last resort.   

FAQs – Hulu PS4 Corrupted Data

Is Hulu On PS4?

Yes, since the 3rd of March, 2020, Hulu has been available for PlayStation 4. But, to stream it on your PS4 console, you need to subscribe to its services. 

How To Use Hulu On PS4?

The foremost thing to do if you want to use Hulu on PS4 is to get its subscription. After you have subscribed to its services, download the Hulu app on your PS4 console. After it’s downloaded, log in to your Hulu account. You can enjoy the Hulu services on your PS4 till your subscription lasts. 

Is Hulu Plus Service Worth It?

Hulu offers some great services for families and individuals that are into sports. So, it’s worth it for sports lovers and people who like to have family time. 

How To Turn Subtitles On Hulu PS4?

To turn on the subtitles on Hulu, go to Settings from the playback bar. Now, select the on option that’s visible under the Caption & Subtitles heading.