9 Easy Solutions for the PS4 Freezing Issue

We all have played on a PS4 once in our lifetime. To tell you a secret, we still do with our friends and family. It’s so fun and engaging, and the product is still going strong this year.

However, it’s no mystery that Sony’s greatest console is aging, and like any electronic hardware, PlayStation 4 hardware is also failing. We are aware of how frustrating gaming can be when in the middle of the warzone or any other game, PS4 just decides to freeze or crash. Don’t worry. We have the solution right here for the PS4 freezing issue in our article.

Fix PS4 Freezing and Crashing

If you are someone who has owned a PS4 since 2013, the chances are that the device has already started to fail and has started to freeze when you try to play newer games such as Godfall or Cyberpunk on it. Sometimes online games such as Genshin Impact freeze on an old PS4.

PlayStation 4 hardware was built in its time to handle lower clock speed games, but the newer games are making the hardware do overtime by making the clocks run faster. It results in higher temperature, which causes the hardware to thermal throttle and freezes mid-game.

Some of the other reasons could be outdated software, corrupted game files, and failing hard drives. But before we go deep into the reasons and fixes, let’s understand the symptom of PS4 freezing and crash conditions.

Symptoms of PS4 Freezing Condition

There are a few symptoms that PS4 imparts when it freezes or crashes, such as error code (CE-36329-3), mid-game freezing, home screen freezing, and retarded speed and freezing.

Error Code (CE-36329-3)

The error pops up when PS4 freezes and is most likely related to physical failure of PS4 hardware such as its internal hard drive, etc. It could be a logical error. You must head to buy a new PS4 internal hard drive or contact the PS4’s expert technician if the error occurs on the screen right after you turn up the PS4. If not, the fix is easy and is listed in our article.

PS4 Retards and Freezes

Some users have reported that PS4 takes a lot of time to load the operating system and games and then freezes and stops completely mid-way without loading the application.

PS4 Freezing On Home Screen

The system might not generate any error code here, and when you turn on PS4, it turns up just fine, and there’s nothing out of the ordinary until you see the home screen. The gaming console suddenly decides to freeze and stop responding.

PS4 Freezing During Gameplay

Until you haven’t started playing your game, PS4 might act like everything is normal, but as soon as you run into the game, the console freezes and stops responding to any command. It is a relatively easy problem to resolve.

Why Does My PS4 Keep Freezing?

There could be numerous reasons why PS4 keeps freezing and crashing, some of which are logical reasons related to the software, and some are physical reasons related to the hardware.

Logical Reasons

Logical reasons or the reasons related to the software of PS4 are fairly easy to resolve without being heavy on your pocket as they don’t require you to buy hardware replacements.

Logical reasons that might cause PS4 keeps freezing and crashing error are:

1. Program conflict: Many of you must have noticed that when we install a different program, sometimes it results in conflicts in our computer and cause it to freeze. Similarly, in PS4, when you install a new game/app, it might not be compatible with the other installed ones and cause conflicts. You must figure out which software is the root cause for the conflict and resolve it to fix the PS4 freezing and crashing error.

2. Unsuccessful Game/App installation: While installing a new game/app, there’s a chance that it isn’t installed properly on the hardware due to some internal hardware issue leading to an installation problem. We would suggest that you uninstall the game/app and reinstall it properly.

3. Corrupted CMOS Memory data: It is a very rare error, but it might happen to a variety of PS4 users. In PS4, the CMOS memory data gets corrupted for some reason, and your should clear out to fix the PS4 freezing error.

4. Incompatibility issue with the current PS4 system software version: It is quite frustrating when things don’t go as planned, isn’t it? Suppose you are installing the latest update of PS4 with the hope that it will fix the old bugs and improve the look, feel, and security of the software. But instead of fixing your problems, after updating the system, a new problem has been raised that causes PS4 to freeze for a few games. Please search for the latest update for PS4 and install it in such a case. If you can’t find the latest update, you should uninstall the unstable update until a new version comes.

5. Incomplete/Unsuccessful Update: While trying to update any new game/app or the PlayStation 4, the software runs into trouble, its speed retards, and it starts freezing often. It causes sudden hardware failures and hence needs to be handled quickly to protect from any further damage. To fix the issue, you need to carry out the process of updating again.

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Physical Reasons

The PS4 internal hard drive generally causes physical reasons behind PS4 freezing error. The hard drive is the weakest component of the whole PS4. So it’s important that you understand the specifications of the PS4 hard drive and the seriousness of its impact if it fails, in which case you should consider replacing it.

Often variables that can cause the PS4 to freeze and crash are:

  • bad controller,
  • unstable internet connection,
  • defective hardware for CPU, motherboard, or Blu-ray drive,
  • heaps of accumulated dust, or
  • malfunctioning cooling fan

The source of the problem for your frozen PS4 can be found with a few tests. Any cause other than the internal hard drive failure can be fixed by you easily with some support. However, if your internal hard drive fails, you must go see a technician or replace the drive altogether.

We have listed the physical reasons and elaborated them for your better understanding:

1. PS4 is overheating: Dust on the fans can cause the box to overheat. You need to open PS4 and check inside whether there’s any dust. Overheating is a very common cause behind PS4 freezing and crashing issues. It is also caused by a malfunctioning PS4 fan that isn’t able to provide enough cooling for the hardware.

2. Defective peripheral device: When you connect a peripheral device to the PS4, it’s possible that the peripheral device is affecting the functionality of the console, causing it to freeze. An external hard drive, controller, headsets, VR, etc., could also possibly be the case for PS4 freezing. Use your discretion to test and identify the cause of the PS4 freezing and crashing error.

3. PS4 internal component generating the error: If you aren’t someone who knows how to fix electronics, then you can try to manage things and properly fix them. We would suggest that to contact the local or expert technician who can understand and fix the problem right away.

4. Internal hard drive defective: More than 90% of total physical reasons are caused by defective hard drives.

PS4 Hard Drive Damage Levels

PS4 hard drive shares the major responsibility for any physical damages that the PlayStation 4 hardware undergoes. We can broadly classify the levels of damage that the hard drive undergoes into two levels: Serious and Easy.

Let us understand the damage levels more elaborately and understand the correct way to overcome and maintain your hard drive to avoid any errors.

Serious PS4 HDD Damage

If your PlayStation 4 hard drive starts to generate a clicking noise, it indicates that the hard drive has had serious damage. The cause for this clicking noise could be numerous. However, the noise generally results from a defective movement of the read-write actuator of the disk.

Under normal circumstances, the disk head moves smoothly to track data on the disk without much noise. But suppose the movements become erratic and unexpected. In that case, the disk controller repeatedly tries to reset its position by bumping back to the home position, causing an audible ‘click’ noise that keeps on repeating as the process repeats.

Solution: If your PS4 hard drive is making such a clicking noise, the only solution is that you must replace the hard drive soon. There is no other way to prevent the PS4 from freezing and crashing because the Hard disk drive is declining consistently and will soon stop working. There are many websites that you can refer to find good PS4 hard drive replacements.

Easy PS4 HDD Damage

If you know the culprit behind your frozen PS4 is a damaged Hard Disk Drive, you will be lucky if the damage level is easy. You can know this if there’s no clicking noise and the PS4 HDD works fine until it freezes.

But what is the damage anyways, and how can you fix it?

It is possible that there are one too many bad sectors on your hard drive that are degrading the performance of the hard drive. A sector is tiny storage space on your hard drive. If these sectors appear defective, they are called bad sectors as they won’t respond to any read or write requests.

There’s reserved storage space on every hard drive containing good sectors that are used to replace the bad sectors. Usually, the drive won’t run out of good sectors during its lifetime (4+ years).

You can check and repair the bad sectors on your PS4 hard drive by following the following simple steps:

Step 1. Take out the PS4 hard drive and connect the drive to a PC. You can either internally hook the data and power cable of your PC to the PS4 hard drive or externally use the external hard drive enclosure.

Step 2. After connecting the PS4 hard disk drive to your PC, you must fully format it. Don’t choose the quick format option. Full formatting of the hard drive will eliminate all the errors on the drive and restore its original performance.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to repair the HDD yourself, you can take it to any computer repair shop in the neighborhood and have the technician look at it.

Fix The PS4 Keeps Freezing And Lagging

After analyzing and understanding the cause and damage level of the PS4 hardware and software, we are now ready to start fixing the “PS4 keeps freezing and lagging” error.

Before you head towards following the solutions provided in our article, you should try the official resolution that the PlayStation’s official website has to offer that many users have found helpful.

For a frozen PS4 console, you can follow the below steps to troubleshoot problems on PS4. It might not be useful for bigger issues requiring rebuilding the database or initializing PS4, but it is worth trying if the cause isn’t deep.

Step 1. Close all the currently running applications on your PS4 and shut down the console.

Step 2. Unplug the console from the power outlet or power strip and wait for up to 3 minutes.

Step 3. Plug the console back and power on.

After following the above PS4 troubleshooting method, here are some more solutions to help you unfreeze your PS4.

  1. Restart Your Playstation.
  2. Make Sure Your PS4 Is Getting Enough Air.
  3. Check Your Game Disc.
  4. Check and Reset Your Internet.
  5. Update Your Games.
  6. Reinstall Your Game.
  7. Rebuild Your Database.
  8. Initialize PS4.
  9. Report the Problem to Playstation.
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1. Restart Your Playstation

The most basic yet effective solution to any electronic issue is to restart the device. It is the basic troubleshooting that can fix any minor issues and glitches automatically. We suggest you should try restarting your PS4 before moving forward with our other solutions.

Step 1. Take your controller and press and hold the PS button.

Step 2. Navigate to the Power tab.

Step 3. Select Restart PS4 from the given options and wait for your console to restart.

Once the console reboots, check if the game still freezes. If yes, let us have a look at whether our device is getting enough breathing space or not.

2. Make Sure Your PS4 Is Getting Enough Air

High temperatures can most likely cause your PS4 to freeze mid-game or abruptly stop. PS4 is also designed to slow down after hitting a certain temperature to protect itself against possible damage like any other electronic device. Increased temperature cause lagging of PS4 and poor performance.

To ensure that the heating issue doesn’t occur and that PS4 should get enough air to cool down, you should check and clear the air vents of any dirt or unnecessary wires. You can also try spraying canner air to blow off the dust.

If you are an expert or know how to disassemble and reassemble your PS4, you can clean the cooling fan by opening up the PS4. Alternatively, you take the PS4 to any nearest service center to get it thoroughly cleaned.

There are cooling stands available in the market that you can buy to further cool down the PS4 in long gaming sessions.

3. Check Your Game Disc

A damaged game disc can cause the PS4 to freeze randomly while you are in the middle of a game. If you have a BluRay disc, it can withstand more damage than the standard DVDs. However, even BluRays aren’t immune to deep scratches and can result in disc failure. It will render your game unusable.

If your PS4 keeps freezing and crashing, you should check your game disc for any smudges and scratches. Please use a soft cloth piece to wipe off any dust, and then reinsert the disc and try using your PS4. However, if the disc damage is too serious, you should purchase a new game disc if you want to play it.

4. Check and Reset Your Internet

While playing online games, it is possible that your internet connection is slow due to low bandwidth. It can cause the PS4 to freeze in the middle of the game constantly.

You can run a speed test on fast.com or speedtest.com to test your internet’s current upload and download bandwidth. If the results are low, but you have taken a higher bandwidth connection, you should restart your network router to refresh its link with the ISP’s server.

If you are getting a lower bandwidth even after performing the test and restarting the router, you should get in touch with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to fix the network issue or upgrade the bandwidth.

5. Update Your Games

Developers frequently release updates for their games to ensure that bug fixes and security patches are timely made available for the users. It will help in ensuring that the game works correctly.

These updates often include optimizations that can enhance the PS4’s performance to reduce temperature and higher FPS. If your PS4 keeps freezing and crashing, you can try updating the games to check if the issue gets fixed.

Step 1. Go to your console’s home screen and select a game that you want to update.

Step 2. Now on your controller, press the Options button to view the available options for that game.

Step 3. Click on the Check for Update button available on the side menu.

The system will then search for the available updates for the game and install any available. Once the game is updated, wait for a few minutes and try playing the game to check if the game is freezing or not.

6. Reinstall Your Game

After updating the game, there’s a chance that things didn’t work out. It could be because some of the game files have become severely corrupted and cannot be fixed by a regular update.

It would be the best action if you tried reinstalling the game which is causing the PS to freeze using the steps given below:

Step 1. Go to your console’s home screen and select a game that you want to update.

Step 2. Now on your controller, press the Options button to view the available options for that game.

Step 3. Please click on the Delete button available on the side menu and fulfill the on-screen prompts to uninstall the game successfully.

Step 4. Head to the PS Store and download the game again. You can insert the game disc as well to reinstall it on your console.

Once the game is reinstalled, you should try playing the game and check if the freezing error persists. Suppose PS4 is still freezing and crashing after applying the above fixes. In such a case, there’s a possibility that the issue is deep-rooted and requires advanced solutions such as rebuilding your PS4 database and initializing PS4.

7. Rebuild Your Database

Many avid PC users know that the occasional defragmentation of your computer’s hard drive can help optimize its capacity by getting rid of unnecessary files and reorganizing files in a way that helps the system to increase efficiency. What most users don’t know is that a similar process can be done for your PlayStation to optimize its performance and increase efficiency.

We highly recommended that you perform this function regularly and consistently. Sony’s PS4 offers a Safe Mode menu which includes an option called Rebuild database that is similar to the defragmentation done in PCs and computers.

PS4s Rebuild Database option defrags the PS4 and solves a host of issues by freeing up space and speeding up your console. The process scanned the PS4 hard drive and created a new database to store content, thereby cleaning the hard disk drive.

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It is a safe process and doesn’t delete any saved data. It simply reorganizes and refreshes the file system to increase efficiency. You can understand the specifics of entering the safe mode and rebuilding the database by following the below steps:

Step 1. Before beginning to rebuild the database, ensure that your PS4 is completely powered down and the Dualshock 4 controller is linked to the console firmly using a USB cable.

Step 2. Press and hold the power button until you hear two separate beeps (about seven seconds). It will now put the PS4 in safe mode.

Step 3. In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, there will be a host of options available o the screen. Choose the “Rebuild database” option. Please ensure that you do not select the “Initialize PS4” option, as it will erase all data on your PS4’s drive.

Step 4. Once you have selected the rebuild database option, the screen will go black while the rebuilding database process is underway. You don’t have to panic as it is normal. Depending on the volume of data stored on your PS4 hard drive, the process might take some time.

Please be patient and allow the console to perform its rebuilding in peace. Ensure that you don’t turn off the console or that it faces any power loss while the rebuilding is underway. It can seriously harm the hard drive.

Once the rebuilding is completed, check if the PS4 still freezes or crashes or not. If not, you will have to initialize PS4. It will remove all data and will restore the PS4 to its original performance.

8. Initialize PS4

If rebuilding the PS4 database wasn’t able to unfreeze the PS4, you might need to initialize PS4. Initializing the PS4 is the last resort that can fix the “PS4 keeps freezing and crashing” error where the software glitches stop your PlayStation 4 mid-track.

The error occurs particularly while booting up the console. Initializing the PS4 will completely wipe out the console’s hard drive and remove all system software.

Before moving forward with this process, you should back up any data such as videos and images to an external device to protect it from getting lost. If you have a PlayStation Plus account, you can back up the data on the cloud.

You can download the full package of PS4 system software on your computer and store it on external storage. You should learn how to download and install the software properly after initialization from the PlayStations official webpage.

Initialize PS4

To begin initializing PS4, you need to access your PlayStation in Safe Mode using the following process:

Step 1. Before beginning to rebuild the database, ensure that your PS4 is completely powered down and the Dualshock 4 controller is linked to the console firmly using a USB cable.

Step 2. Please press and hold the power button until you hear two separate beeps (about seven seconds). It will now put the PS4 in safe mode.

Step 3. In the PS4 Safe Mode menu, there will be a host of options available o the screen. Choose the “Initialize PS4” option to erase all data on your PS4’s drive.

Please be patient and allow the console to perform its initializing PS4 process in peace. Ensure that you don’t turn off the console or that it faces any power loss while the initializing is underway. It can seriously harm the hard drive.

Once the rebuilding is completed, check if the PS4 still freezes or crashes or not. Now follow the initialization manual from the official website and complete the requisites. Once all the process is done, and the error is fixed, you can restore all data from an external hard drive or cloud.

9. Report the Problem to Playstation

Contact PS4 customer service

Users always have an option to contact the PlayStations customer service and get help with resolving the PS4 error. It is a good practice to report the problem because it lets the developers know that users are facing some issue, and they can deliver a permanent fix for it in the next update.

You can also visit your nearest Playstation service center and get your console and controller checked professionally. It’s possible that the PS4’s hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced.


Now that all’s said and done, what if you are still facing the PS4 freezing issue. In such a case, the culprit might not be the PS4 controller but other related hardware parts such as CPU, motherboard, RAM, etc.

You can use our guide to analyze the cause of your PS4 freezing and crashing error. However, if you arent’s able to analyze the cause, you should try all of the solutions provided above. Alternatively, you can take your PS4 to the technician and have them look at it.

PS4 Froze FAQ

What can you do when your pS4 freezes?

– Restart Your Playstation.
– Make Sure Your PS4 Is Getting Enough Air.
– Check Your Game Disc.
– Update Your Games.
– Check and Reset Your Internet.
– Rebuild Your Database.
– Reinstall Your Game.
– Report the Problem to Playstation.

Why Did My PS4 Freeze?

Your PS4 keeps getting frozen if there’s serious hardware damage or corruption in software. There are several tests that you can employ to figure out why your PS4 is freezing, and then you can go ahead to fix it.

Can Full Initialization Fix The Freezing Error In PS4?

The full initialization process reinstalls the system software from scratch and is a good fix for the freezing PS4. It might work if a software issue keeps freezing PS4, but it won’t work if there’s a hardware issue involved.

How Do I Confirm If My PS4 Hard Disk Drive Is Failing?

There are multiple symptoms that you can look out for to know when the PS4 HDD start to fail:
– Unusual and excessive heating
– Repeated read/write error
– Crashes and freezing of PS4
– Unavailable files and folders
– PS4’s inability to recognize the hard drive
– Showing nonsensical characters
– Unusual noises from HDD such as clicking, grinding, or screening